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  By: knellstrongarm1  Age: 58  Country: United States

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Categories: Transvestites, Force/Rape
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

we haved lived in a new housing development for a couple years. i meet the woman next door and she tells me that she and her husband are into thresomes and invites me over. i explain my wife would never allow or condone such behaviour.she says on the sly is perfectly o.k. with them.she also say that they would like me to be very submissive and dress as a girl. i agree because i have been secretly dressing as a girl for years. as soon as the wife takes a business trip deb comes to the door and tells me tonite to walk over after sunset and come to the back sliding glass door.

i was surprised; she must have been watching the house and talking to the wife to know exactly when she was gone.

after sunset i dress in lingere, put on an overcoat an walk in heels over to the sliding glass door. thru the door i see deb with a dildo and she uses it to wave me in. her husband is nowhere in site. i drop my overcoat and she fondles my breast. she gropes my cock and lubes my ass. places a plug in and tells me to sit down on the kitchen chair.

her husband comes from back somewhere in the house and the begin to smooch. she then tells me to put my hands behind the chair. she cuffs me . they begin to smooch both completly naked and walk very close to me. she says she does not like to suck cock. she grabs her husbands cock and places it it my mouth and tells me to warm him up for her. they go back to kissing and carressing with me working his cock. he cums in my mouth and they release. she starts kissing me he leaves the room. after his cum is gone from our mouths; she hand jobs me to climax. she releases my cuffs. i am told that she will be watching the house as she removes the plug. i am told that i must come over when she sees the wife is gone and she calls.she says next time there will be a present for me. something that will make me more girllike.

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