Tied up and helpless... but its all my pleasure   added 7 years ago
  By: Dragonfly  Age: 50  Country: United States

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What came to me in my dream last night I fantasized over several times today... and long to fulfill with my man soon, but first I have to share with him my desire and here is what I am gonna say....

Baby, Last night I dreamed of being tied up and completely helpless before you and you were licking my pussy, and tounging me deeply... Sucking my clit as you pinch my nipples hard and continuosly. You then slide your finger into me slowly fucking me with one then two.... then three fingers as you are still sucking my clit and your tounge dancing upon it as you pull it between your lips...sucking me till I cum so hard, now ejaculating my hot juices for you to suck. Then quickly you move to plunge your cock deep into my hot gushing pussy as hard and deep as you can... reaching that depth only to stop and feel the gripping of my orgasm squeezing your cock, grinding into me hard then giving a deep hard thrust once and then again, till I am cumming no more and near collapse

Then you pull away from within me and you stand over and before me, and I am still unable to move from the ties, you take your substantially hard pulsing cock into your hand and you start stroking it long hard and fast, you know how much I love watching you get yourself off so you really get into it. As you are stroking long and hard, you move closer to me and begin to jerk off right up in my face, slapping me with your cock several times then bringing the tip to my lips slowly back and forth you slide it only to pull away as I start to open my mouth and you continue slapping me more as you go back to stroking even harder and faster.

You grab my head pulling it back and aiming your strokes once more to my mouth now hitting my lips, you tell me you are about to cum and ask me if I want it, Just as I begin to part my lips and open my mouth you begin shooting your cum upon my lips, you push my head hard so that your cock fills my mouth hitting the back of my throat and you continue to shoot your cum down deep against the back of my throat, and you begin fucking my mouth forcing your thrust, hard and deep then I gain control enough I begin to suck you while you fuck my mouth and shooting the last of your load, thrusting now slowly I suck the last drop from you, you pull your cock from my mouth once again in your hand and you slap it against my mouth stroking a couple more times, and I gently kiss the head on your last stroke.....as my pussy drips yet again from the cumming of the orgasm created by just watching you.


I sure hope he will make my dream cum true......

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