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When I think about it, my Husband has always been very proud of me – puffed up almost, when we’ve gone out and about, he has always taken a keen interest in what I wear and always loved to lavish me with sexy lingerie and expensive perfumes. Consequently, over the years, my self confidence has grown, he has made me feel sexy, attractive, desirable and I have become rather flirtatious – which kind of turns him on!!

It wasn’t until quite recently that I began to understand what was really exciting him…

I had been invited out for the evening to meet one of his new acquaintances, Steve. Phil was paying particular attention to what I was going to wear; “stockings and suspenders look so much hotter”, “I’d love to know that your wearing no knickers”, “your Channel smells soooo sexy”, “I think a shorter skirt.”, “here, let me stiffen up your nipples before we go!”

When we got to his flat, to pick him up, Steve was still in the shower. His flatmate let us in - on his way out for the weekend - and we were greeted by the sound of moaning! Someone had left the telly playing Porn to itself, so.. we made ourselves comfortable and entertained ourselves whilst we waited... I sat in the gap between Phil’s legs, leaning back against his chest whilst he teased my nipple with one hand and felt for my stocking top with the other, and we both watched the in-flat entertainment! We were quite relaxed and horny, I had almost forgotten where we were, until I heard Steve behind us. My reaction was to try to sit up and look innocent, but Phil kept a firm hand on my stockinged leg and tightened his grip on my nipple holding me there for a moment – as if to say “look what I’ve got!”

Steve caught a glimpse of it, just a glimpse, before Phil let go. “would you like a drink, before we go –or…. we could stay in, I’ve got the place to myself this evening” I could see the uncertainty cross his face, so I stood up (slightly embarrassed) “I’d love o-o-one...” the pitch of my voice rose as I felt Phils fingers slide straight up the inside of my thigh and bury themselves into my sexed up pussy – just for a moment. Steves mouth dropped open, and I could see his cock strain against his Jeans as he stared at Phil, I turned to catch a glimpse of him licking his fingers as if he had just finished a sticky feast.

Phil stood up behind me, and before I could stop him, pulled down my already low cut top to display my tits. My nipples were erect with shock, excitement, anticipation and from behind, he started to squeeze, rub, and bounce them, “wouldn’t you just love to feast on these?” Steve needed no more encouragement, as Phil handed them over to him, he devoured them hungrily, licking, sucking, biting, squeezing. I revelled in the sensations, holding them out to him, feeding one to him whilst pinching the other, demanding harder and rougher attention, forgetting that Phil was still in the room – but he was! He watched me getting hotter and as I reached down to sooth my aching clit I felt his hand grab my wrist and he pulled me away from Steve, who was hot and flustered and hard as hell!

Phil had stripped off, his hard cock begging to be sucked, had me crawling over the settee to reach it. As I wrapped my eager mouth around him, tonguing and sucking the fat head that I love so much, I felt a stinging slap on each of my bum cheeks and his firm grip lifting and pulling them apart, displaying my beautiful gash as an open invitation…

I felt new fingers exploring me; feeling my lips, pulling them aside, searching out my clit, testing out my fanny for stretch and then a new tongue, eagerly lapping up the taste, flitting from clit to arse. Phil held me firmly in place as he fucked my mouth, my moans and groans stifled by his cock as Steve sucked and fingered and rimmed me. I could feel the familiar swelling and pumping of that cock head in my mouth, Phil quickly pulled it out and clung to its base for dear life to stop his load cumming. “Would you mind just fucking my sexy hot wife for me for a minute whilst I cool down”. Without hesitation, Steves massive erection, slowly but firmly, pierced open my eager, wanton, hungry pussy and pushed its way in to its full extent. He held it there pumping and swelling his huge head, stretching me to desperation as I rocked my hips and thrust my bum at him. Slowly he pulled his length out, I could feel every inch of this new hard cock leaving me... desperate for a good hard fuck, I pushed myself back onto it and he started to firmly screw me. I was melting in ecstasy when I heard "Thanks.. I'll take it from here..." and Steve pulled out...

I was still on my knees, bent over the sofa, eyes closed, savouring the stretched feeling, when I felt the warm drip of lube running over my arse cheeks - oh yes, I know what comes next!! I opened my eyes to see Steve nursing his swollen cock in front of me as Phil started to stretch my arse from behind, first the very end of his cock just nudging in and out of that tight hole, loosening and exciting me enough to persuaid me to let him go further. The deeper he went the more wanton I became until I was screaming for more and more and more... again he withdrew!!! "I'm sure you'd love to help satisfy my whores desperate needs Steve, if you come and sit here..." I eagerly straddled his cock, his hands on my hips held me down on its full length as Phil pierced my arse again - pushing him out. And so the battle began - Steve thrusting back into my cunt, Phil gaining ground up my arse - I rode them both harder and faster straining for more stretch and more depth, my head spinning at the sensations, lost in the ecstacy, screaming out as I climaxed, crying out for more!

Phils spunk dripped from my arse as we watched steve empty his load in a final desperate wank...

"Well what do you think? didn't I tell you my wife was gorgeous?"

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