How I turned my wife and sister-in-law into sex fiends. II   added 7 years ago
  By: EroticSammy  Age: 42  Country: United States

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She slowly starts stoking my cock as she asks me different questions about what I had done to them. My cock is throbbing rock hard when she takes my hand and slides it between her legs. She is dripping getting wetter with each question and answer that is given.


I begin telling her in great detail of the events starting with the first time I had thought about it. Seeing them both laying out by the pool with nothing on. Watching them from the upstairs window rubbing my cock as I watched them. She interrupts me as she says we hoped you like the show. You knew I was watching? We planned it so you would catch us. When you didn’t try anything when you came out we were a little worried that this wouldn’t ever happen. You, you both wanted this to happen. Well yes not exactly like it has started but the three of us together ya we planned it. She goes on to tell me who do you think helped her pick out her toys and of course I had to show her how to use them. My cock is starting to drip with pre cum. She doesn’t miss a beat as she licks the tip of my cock taking the cum from my cock. My hand is soaking wet with her juices. I’ve had her dripping before but nothing like this. Not even the night I slid my cock in her ass for the first time was she this wet.

I began telling her how we reached this point again. I tried it out in you first I told her. A small dose to measure how long the effects last how long it took them to take effect and how deep it put you to sleep. After I slipped it to you and was sure you were asleep I began bumping into you laying on you rubbing and scratching against you just to make sure. I took your panties off and began rubbing your pussy slide my finger across your ass then my cock. The first time I lubed you up and slid my cock in your ass I didn’t finish inside you so you would hopefully have no idea that it had happen. If you didn’t shoot your load in me where did you finish. In the small of your back right as I was about to cum I pulled out and jacked off on your back. I washed you off dressed you back and acted like I was asleep when you woke up. I was bolder the second time I videoed the whole thing from start to finish. You were out I set the camera up and began filming I took pictures of it to. I started by licking your pussy through your panties they were soaking wet from my tongue as well as your juicy pussy.

I got our toys out and started sliding it in and out of your ass. (AS I continued to talk her hand continued to stroke my cock. She slid her other hand up her shirt and began to play with her nipples. My fingers were sliding in and out of her now soaking wet pussy her legs open wide and her head was pressed tight against the pillows in deep satisfaction.) I slid a vibrator in your pussy and a 7” dildo in your ass then started taking pictures. With the dildo securely stuffed in your ass I slid between your legs and rammed my cock in you making you take me in one hard long stroke. I knew how long I had this time so I wasn’t afraid of cumming in you I knew that you would not know that it had happen so I didn’t hold back. I was able to fuck your pussy then get myself hard again and slam it in your ass. The second time you took me and the dildo in your ass. I put a towel under you to catch the cum as it ran out of you. I laid there after I was done and watch the video your naked body lying next to me I had to jerk off and cum all over your tits. I have seven videos of you and me and four of you me and Katy. She rolls over on top of me “DON’T stop keep telling me”, she says as she slides on top of my swollen throbbing cock. “By the way you better not cum” she tells me with a little grin on her face.


Well the first time I actually fucked you both was about ten days ago we were out by the pool you and Katy got dressed and went out before me. I was left inside to get ready and I did just that, gathering the toys I planned on using and the lube and moving it down stairs for easier access. “No tell me about each time later we will watch the videos and you can show me the pictures.


The third time lasted all night since I gave you a full dose which lasts for about nine hours. It’s really good medicine working to relax your muscles and knock you out. I fucked you six times that night. Twice was with our strap on while my cock was getting hard again. Every time was at least double penetration the strap on in your pussy and my cock in your ass. Twice was triple penetration since I used a dildo to fuck your ass at the same time I pounded you with my cock and the strap on. (The whole time I talked she was grinding into me riding my cock her pussy was so wet her juices were all over my balls and my ass. My hands were caressing her tits racing over her body. My hips thrusting up to meet her I had to keep my eyes closed or I would not have been able to hold out from cumming deep inside her.)


The next time was by the pool you were lying out sunbathing Katy was do over but you didn’t wait for her and I almost got caught. As soon as you were out I was inside you since your suite was tied on the side it made it easy for me. I set the camera up I actually thought you saw me do it since you were still awake while I did it. I had just got your suite back on and things put up when Katy got here. My cock was still wet with your juice on me and still fairly hard and noticeable. You were just waking up when she walked out she diverted your attention by giving you a hard time about not waiting for her. Which give me time to clean up better while you and Katy were outside. I went up stairs and watched you and her from the window for a little while. I watched as Katy untied her top she looked around before she did to make sure at the time that I wasn’t looking now it sounds like she was looking to make sure I was.

She laid it on the table between the two of you where yours was already laying and casually laid down on her belly. You were laying on your belly as well I could tell you two were talking and I thought I better get back out before it became suspicious. I came back out and got right in the pool hoping the water was cold and would get rid of my raging hard on from watching the two of you from the window. (Monica my wife reached over to the night stand making sure not to let me slide out and pulled out her favorite vibrator. She set straight up on top of me and began playing with it against her clit as she rocked back and forth on my cock.)

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