My wife is a total slut (part 10)   added 7 years ago
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Location: A bed
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

The day after my early arrival home Leslie and I were laying in bed. We were both just waking up from a long night of fucking. She greeted me with her sleepy smile; my mind was immediately drawn back to the events that lead up to our marathon session and I wanted more. We kissed as I felt her hand find my hardening cock. She moaned her approval as she began to stroke me.

"You turn me on so much, baby" I managed.

"mmm, yeah?" she asked.

"Mmm,hmm" I agreed.

"What turns you on?" she asked as she slid her way down my body, taking my cock into her mouth.

"EVERYTHING!" I exclaimed.

She paused her blowjob, she replaced her mouth with her hand as she stroked my dick.

"You sure it's not watching me get fucked by someone else?" she teased as she gripped tight on my cock.

"OOOh FUCK, yes. I love that too!" I bellowed.

"Oh yeah, really?" Leslie questioned as she kept stroking and moved up to kiss me on the lips. "You don't have a problem with you're sexy wife fucking around on you?"

"Not at all baby, in fact it turns me on" I admitted.

Leslie smiled, "Good, because I kind of do it a lot" she confessed.

"I kind of figured" I shot back.

Leslie stopped stroking me and slapped me in the face "don't be a jerk".

"I wasn't" I said trying to sound apologetic.

"Good, because we can have a lot more fun if you want, but I don't want everyone knowing about it" she said as she slid her mouth back down to my cock. I felt her slide my whole length to the back of her throat and then some.

In my mind it seemed like just about everyone already knew my wife was a total slut. I thought it ridiculous to try and hide the fact, but I thought I'd play along for now as she kept sucking me.


Later that day Leslie had gone shopping and I was attempting to plot our next perversion. Leslie had made it clear earlier in the bedroom that she wanted to be in charge of the situation. It was fine with me, I always figured I could manipulate situations to favorable outcomes for me too. Plus it's not like I hadn't been fooling around too, but that wasn't my concern at the moment.

Leslie came through the hallway with shopping bags from different boutiques. No doubt full of new lingerie and sexy attire. She greeted me in the study kissing me on the lips as she sat in my lap.

"What happened here" I inquired as I eyed up all the bags.

Leslie smiled and said "Someone was very nice to me and bought me all these sexy outfits" as she returned my credit card to me. "I figured it's the least you could do for the performances I gave you last night and this morning" she jested, and I couldn't deny.

"I ran into your friend Erin" she said as she got up and began collecting her bags.

"Oh yeah? How is she?" I asked.

"She's good, but I thought it was a little awkward" she said.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"I don't know, it was just weird... a little... I just kinda thought that she was maybe checking me out."

My curiosity was piqued, "well she is a lesbian... so maybe she was" I added.

"Hmm, but doesn't she have a girlfriend? I mean she's so cute" she said.

"Wait a minute who was checking who out?" I asked.

"Well maybe it was a little mutual... listen I'm going to put these clothes away lover" Leslie said kissing me as she bounced out of the room. I was left with visions of Erin and Leslie dancing in my head.


For days I was obsessing over the idea of my wife and my friend together. I was out at a bar one night when I ran into Erin. We chatted and caught up, she even mentioned running into my wife the other day. She asked me how things were going and my mind began forming a plot to get her and my wife together. We went outside for a smoke when I broke the news to her that I think my wife might be cheating on me. Erin tried to console me, and asked what made me think that. I launched into a series of suspicions, some true some not. I ended it with saying "if only there was some way to get some kind of definitive proof" as I discarded my third cigarette.

We paused for a moment, before I broke the silence. "What I need is a friend I can trust".

"What do you mean?" Erin asked.

"I don't know, someone who I could trust to tell me the truth about my wife, I suppose".

"Like if she's cheating on you?" Erin asked.

"Yeah, I guess..."

"You want someone to try and sleep with your wife?"

"No, I want to know if someone slept with my wife" I corrected.

"Wait, let me sort this out. You want someone to try and sleep with your wife and then tell you about what happened?" she asked.

"Essentially yes, I need to know if my wife would do that so the person would have to be willing to go through with it and then be able to tell me the truth about it" I clarified.

"Huh," Erin paused as she and I lit up another cigarette, "did you have anyone in mind for this job. Are you really going to ask one of your friends to stick his cock in your wife, and then think he's going to tell you about it?" she asked.

"It sounds a little suspect I know, but I don't really know how else I could know."

Erin took a drag of her cigarette, "What if I did it? Do you think she'd sleep with another woman? Is she into that?" she pondered.

Bingo, I thought. "I know she's been with women before, she did mention that you were cute the other day." I said trying not to sound too over enthusiastic.

"Really? Well then, what do you think about it? I'll try and seduce your wife and I will even tell you all about it. Every detail if you want it" Erin stated.

I took my time letting the scenario play out in my head as I took another drag of my cigarette. "You'd do that for me? I'd be grateful, and I think I'd even feel better knowing it was you at least".

"Hey what are friend's for" she joked as she hugged me, "let's go back inside and work this thing out" she said taking my arm as we walked back inside.

"I owe you Erin" I said.

"You sure do" she laughed back.


Erin and I had cooked up a scheme to have her run into my wife at a bar one night. I would call Erin and let her know where Leslie was going and Erin would run into her and try and work her magic on her. Knowing Leslie I didn't think it would be too difficult. I watched Leslie get dressed to the nines. She looked hot and fuckable. She was wearing a short white dress that showed off her stocking tops and garter belt. The dress was so low at the top you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, and I imagined it was the same for her panties. My dick was hard and every time she walked past me I found it impossible not to grope her or fuck her right then and there. She spurned my advances, and left for the bar. I called Erin and our plan was set in motion.

Leslie did not come home that night, and in the morning I got a call from Erin telling me to come over to her place. I was so excited on the way over it was all I could do to stop myself from playing with myself as my mind wandered about what things my wife and my friend were up to.

I finally arrived at Erin's and knocked on the door. Erin greeted me with a smile and a warm hug as she let me in. We went to the living room, and by the way she was glowing I could tell her and Leslie must have had a fun evening. I looked around a bit half expecting to see Leslie still there, but Erin informed me that she had just left prior to me getting there. Erin told me to make myself comfortable if I still wanted the details. I did as Erin sat across from me on the couch.

Erin was still giddy and smiling when she finally managed to say something, and admitted to the deed.

"So I fucked your wife" she said with a smile and a grin. She was obviously happy I was smiling back.

"Your wife is a total slut, every suspicion you have about her is most likely true" she paused as she tried to gauge my reaction. I said nothing at first, trying to keep things cool and on the level. Erin patted the couch seat next to her and motioned for me to come sit with her. I sheepishly went over. Erin put her arm around me, and asked "so do you still want to hear all the details?"

"Yeah... I have to know what happened" I said.

"I figured you'd say that" Erin said as she held me and put her hand on my leg and then began to speak softly into my ear.

"She was at the bar when I got there, there were a few guys standing around talking to her probably buying her drinks. I thought I was going to have my work cut out for me, and I didn't know how I was going to get to her through the sausage fest around her. I sat at the bar for a minute, biding my time trying to come up with a plan. Your wife is really sexy and I couldn't stop watching her, or wondering what was under that dress. She was dancing real sexy with some of the guys, I even caught her making out with a couple of them. I thought she might be taking one or more of them home" Erin paused for a moment to see how I was holding up, she saw no change in me so she continued.

"I eventually saw Leslie going to the bathroom alone, and decided to follow her in. I was a little drunk and wasn't really sure what I was going to say. As I got in Leslie was standing at the sink checking out her makeup. I walked over and introduced myself, pretending to recognize her for the first time tonight. She seemed happy to see me even, and so we chatted each other up for a bit; we even talked about you. Then she asked me to keep quiet about the guys upstairs. I told her it would cost her and she asked what the price was. I gathered up my courage and told her a kiss. Leslie blushed and then we made out in the girls bathroom for a bit. It was hot, your wife is a great kisser.

Our bodies pressed against one and other as our hands began feeling around each other. We started getting comments from the peanut gallery in the bathroom and decided to vacate. Leslie took my hand as we went back upstairs and she dragged me onto the dance floor. We pressed up against each other again, it was very sexy, but we soon started getting attention from the guys she had been with earlier. I pulled her aside and told her this really wasn't my scene and I was going to go. I began to walk off the dance floor when she caught up to me and she asked me what my scene was. I told her 'my place' and we got a cab and came back here". Erin paused again, she was stroking my leg ever so gently. I was hoping she wouldn't notice the tent I was getting ready to pitch in my pants. Erin continued on.

"We made out in the cab the whole way back, I thought I was going to fuck her in the cab, but the cabby started yelling at us. He didn't seem so cool with it, we got him to pull over and told him to fuck off and we walked the rest of the way to my place. We got in and I offered your wife some wine, we split some red until she spilled it on her white dress. I told her to take it off and I would wash it for her. We were both really drunk by now, and your wife was seeming a little shyer than I expected her to. I offered her some of my clothes and told her we could have a sleepover. She laughed at the idea, but we both changed into some skimpy panties and tiny tops. I had a matching sets, a pink one and a hot pink one. Your wife took the pink and I changed into the hot pink one." Erin paused to show me the colour, she was still wearing the underwear underneath and then pointed out the other discarded top and bottom on the floor, my wife's I assumed. I was really getting turned on as I hung onto her every word and leg stroke.

"I even had these stupid matching hairclips that we both wore as I put her dress in the washing machine. I came upstairs into the living room here, Leslie was standing there just smiling at me, I knew what she wanted and I walked over to her and we held each other and kissed and made out right here." Erin said motioning to the floor in front of us. My mind was recreating the whole scenario as she spoke.

"We were kissing and we were soon pulling and tearing each other's clothing off. Your wife was ravenous as she pushed me over to the chair (the one I had at first been sitting in) and knelt down between my legs and began licking my pussy. I spread my legs wide and let her do it. Her tongue flicked over my budding clit as I slid it back and forth on her face. I was thrusting into her and she was licking, flicking and sucking me with her lips, tongue and mouth. Your wife really knows what she's doing and brought me to orgasm almost instantly. I was holding her head down into my snatch as I rode her like a pony. When I finally let her up for air she was shiny from my juices; she let me taste them as we kissed" Erin paused and seemed to take a real interest in my leg and what was happening in my pants. Erin was a very attractive girl, but I was having a real problem thinking that she wanted me because I always thought of her as a lesbian, which she is. Erin seemed to be getting turned on recounting her evening with my wife and watching me sit there submissively listen to it.

"Your wife then started to suck on my tits, teasing my nipples and her hands began to wander around and play with my pussy. I pushed your wife back onto the floor, her legs up in the air as I leaned off the chair and stuck my face right into her sweet love box. She smelled and tasted so good, at first I thought I might be tasting a bit of you there but looks like I had her before you did! I felt so dirty licking a married woman's cunt like that, and my friend's wife too no less. I face fucked her very enthusiastically as she ground back on me, until I finally made her explode her wet orgasm all over my face. I kissed my way back up her sweaty body, our tongues meeting once again. I really wanted to feel her tongue back on my pussy so I straddled myself over her face and dropped down. I let her lick me as I rode her for a minute, but then dove right back down on her as we 69'd to multiple orgasms. We lay there sweaty, and recovering as we held each other naked on the floor. We started kissing and fingering each other again, when I got up and began to lead her to my bedroom" Erin was almost kissing my ear at times as she told the story and she was ever so lightly stroking my now hard cock, she had even positioned her leg over mine and was humping me gently when she said "let's go upstairs so I can continue this story".

Erin got up and pulled me by the hand as we made our way up the staircase and into her bedroom. Erin jumped on the bed and told me to sit in one of the chairs. She paused sitting there, just looking me over for a second. I knew she wanted to ask me something, but she seemed to have trouble spitting it out.

"So what happened next?" I asked. Erin smiled and laughed and finally spit it out.

"Do you want to jerk off while I tell you the rest of the story?" she politely asked. I was shocked, I didn't know how to respond.

"It's cool if you don't... no pressure... I was just looking at the straining your pants were doing and thought you'd..." she trailed off as I pulled it out. Unexpectedly she seemed to be staring at me while I was doing it, I wasn't sure what the expression on her face meant.

" it is big..." she said gawking, before focusing back on the task at hand "As long as you stay over there everything is cool. I have a thing for big cocks and I figured you had one. I'm also figuring that this whole thing was a set up, you know you're wife is a slut and you get off on it, don't you? Why am I asking of course you do, look at what you're doing. But fortunately for you, I'm a dirty perv too and this is totally getting me hot too, so if you don't mind I'm going to play with myself while I finish this story. Your wife is so fucking hot, I can't wait to make her lick my snatch again" Erin said as she stripped down to her underwear, apparently the same one's from last night. My dick was hard, but I was stroking it slow this was a lot to take in and I hadn't even heard the end yet. Erin sat on the edge of the bed watching me play with myself as she felt herself up as she continued the story.

"So we get in here and we're both kneeling on the bed. I start licking your wife's tits. Her hands are all over me. Eventually I can't resist the thought of kissing her again and our mouths meet. Our tongues are exploring each other, we were more licking inside each other's mouths than kissing at that moment. Leslie put her hand on my hips as she pulled me closer and then she started licking my tits. I eventually slid my fingers down over your wife's pussy and began to rub it. We stayed there rubbing each other and kissing, until I kneeled down in front of her and began fingering her pussy. Leslie then began to lay down with me and we were fingering each other on our sides." Erin laid down on the bed to demonstrate as she fingered herself to mimic the story.

"I then rolled Les onto her back and spread her legs high in the air. I began tonguing her clit, she was moaning like a wild woman again. Leslie started to lick and suck on her fingers as she then joined me as she rubbed them in a circle over her clit as I started to finger her; two fingers" Erin placed two inside herself and began to finger herself in front of me. I was having trouble what was making me hotter at the moment the tail of my wife, or watching my friend masturbate in front of me.

"Leslie was really panting and moaning as I finger fucked her, she grabbed my head and pushed it closer to her clit as I put my tongue onto her clit for good measure. As I'm fingering and licking her, your wife then takes two of her own fingers and shoves them inside with mine. She's arching her back on the bed and licking her lips. I can feel her getting ready to loose it soon, and then she does. She's bucking and thrusting, and I'm just trying to keep up. I want her to enjoy it and she does, I wondered if I could make her squirt as I licked and fingered her. I sucked down her juices until she finally simmered down. Leslie takes a breather for half a second and the next thing I know she's kneeling on the floor and has me spread eagle on the end of the bed as she starts to go down on me." Erin repositioned herself and was now naked, spread-eagle and fingering herself in my full view. Erin was playing with her tits with her free hand as she looked at me while continuing her story.

"As your wife is giving me head, her hair keeps falling in the way, so I hold it out of the way for her as she licks my slit. She's giving me slow long strokes for a bit and then eventually suctions herself to me. She's pressed right up against my vag as she's licking my clit and sliding her tongue in and out of me; fucking me with it. I'm already going crazy, she feels so good when she then slides two fingers inside me as she continues her pussy tongue fucking. It feels so good to have her paying so much attention to my pussy. She's really good at oral, but you probably already knew that? I was getting so worked up that I started to loose control and now I was was the one writhing on her face. I felt like I was loosing control of my body.

I was rubbing my tits hard and holding your wife's face to my cunt as I rode it out to orgasm. My clit was painting her face as I ground down on her, she sure seemed to like that. Once I released her she dove back up onto the bed and we kissed again. I could taste myself all over her. We sit up as we make out and she's straddling my leg as she rubs her pussy all over it, riding me. I held her hips, helping her slide back and forth. I could feel her wetness on my leg. Then she got on all fours, as I moved in behind her. I began to finger her, as I fingered myself." Again Erin moved into this position, and mimicked the act. She turned her head to face me as I watched from my chair as I had been instructed.

"Leslie reaches down and starts pinching, stroking, playing with my tits. My nipples are so hard, she turns me on so much... We're both getting so wet and panting. She finally slumps down into the mattress, leaving her ass high in the air. I stop playing with myself and concentrate my efforts fully on your wife. I'm using both hands to pleasure her. I'm licking her clit, rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy as she reaches down and starts to finger her own asshole. I keep my tongue and fingers moving as she reaches another full orgasm. It was so fucking hot!"

"Once she recovers, she pushes me down into the same position she was just in. My ass high up in the air as she begins to lick and finger my asshole. It felt so hot and dirty. I reached down and started playing with my clit and I felt like an orgasm was coming soon. Leslie then moved herself underneath me into a 69. I hold myself wide open as your wife licks my box. I'm doing the same to her and we're both on our way to orgasm as we scream it out into each other's pussies" Erin says breathing hard as she orgasms right there in front of me, she calms down and continues the story.

"I slide back up and we kiss upside down my fingers exploring your wife's vag, she lay there recovering as we tongue kissed. My hands my tits as I licked and pinched them, enjoying every ripple of stimulation from being pressed against your wife as she writhed underneath me. It felt so good knowing I could make your wife feel that good, and I wanted to make her feel better still. As I notice her coming back to life I go and grab my favorite dildo, but Les snatches it out of my hands and pushes me onto my back! My legs were high in the air..."she tells me as she pulls out what I imagined to be the same dildo from under her pillow and begins rubbing it on herself as she continued.

"Your wife just pushed it right inside me and began to fuck me with it as she put her head down and began licking my clit. It felt so gooood... I couldn't control myself, I didn't want it to end. I grabbed your wife by the head and held her at my pussy as she fucked me until I came all over her beautiful lips." Erin was cumming as she kept telling her tale. I was hard and feeling like I could burst, it was torture to watch her masturbate as she recounted her evening with my wife; I was ready to burst as she kept going.

"We switched up and it was Leslie's turn. I licked and sucked on the dildo before I began fucking your wife with it, she was playing with her clit as she watched me suck on it" as if to tease Erin sucked her pussy juice from her fingers to give me a better visual.

"I slide it in your wife as she's still playing with herself, and almost instantly she's spasming around the fake cock inside her. I move in and begin to lick her, I can taste her sweetness already. She's already soaking wet, my saliva, her juices and her sweat are all mixing and running all over her as I fuck and suck her. I move my tongue down and I start teasing her asshole with it. She really seems to like that, and as it opens for me I decide to move that plastic cock south and fuck her gaping asshole with it." Erin to further tease me has placed her freshly sucked on fingers at her asshole and begins to finger both her pussy and asshole with it. This kind of cruelty has to stop, I want to hear the end of the story, but I also want release.

"The dildo slides in easy, as I keep licking your wife's cooze, she's still stroking her clit with her thumb as I pick up the pace of slamming her asshole. She's taking it breathing hard and cumming all over my face as I bring her off to another furious orgasm." Erin pauses to cum. It's to much for me to take and I start breathing hard and telling her I'm about to cum. Erin tells me to cum on myself. I slide down the chair as I pull myself off, hoping that I'll spray all over my stomach. Erin sits up and watches as I spurt all over myself, jet after jet of jizz marks my body until I've finally had enough and slouch down even further into her chair, exhausted.

"Wow, I'm spent again just retelling that story. You look like you're a little worse for wear too" she jests. I say nothing as I can't even think. Erin speaks again.

"After that we were spent too and we just kind of collapsed into each other's arms kissing as we fell asleep" Erin begins to gather up her things like none of this has happened. I'm sitting in her chair a sticky mess, when she throws me a towel and tells me to clean myself up and that I better get home and see what my slutty wife is getting up to.

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