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I was at a friends house down my street in nice house. I walk in pretty stoned and a lil drunk as there is an aquarium on my right and a movie theatre on my left. We slide the door open to find a totally sexy theater room, with black rectangular but smooth leather couches and 2 dark love sacks. Anyways we were in the middle of watching a movie 3 girls walk in it was pretty dark I couldnt tell their ages but one girl in a similar state I was in comes over and grabs the back of my head gripping my hair to put her lips up to mine to find nothing but a joint in between us as she shotguns me, as I to find out she was my friends step-mom. They were both Asian but she was way too young and hot to be his mom.

So as her and her 2 friends on their love sacks whisper in the corner as his step-mom comes over. She comes over to the empty black leather couch I was relaxing in, as she stretches her legs out and moves her legs casually but slowly find her feet to my lap, I could feel her feet on dick as I can feel it the blood rush to my dick. She holds on to it with her foots and starts to stroke it. She slowly stokes it back and fourth on my incredible hard and pleasurable dick. I look over at her and she stares at me with a sexual I want to fuck the shit out of you right now. I stare at her back and give her the same message. She then puts her right foot on the base of my dick as she is rubbing it back and fourth. As shes begins to do it more and more roughly, I look over at her as she gets up to leave, shortly after I follow her.

As I closed the door behind me to I look up to find her standing there naked. At a double door bedroom with a huge bed with a black suede comforter and mirror on the ceiling and wall. She pulls me in the bedroom and unbutton and unzip half way down as she slides her warm soft hands down my pants as she slowly leans up to kiss my neck. then in my pants I begin to feel the hunger, I take off my pants and take her to the bed. I can feel my dick as hard as a rock and its driving my crazy as I can feel my body awaken. I almost tackle her in to bed as I can feel her hands gripping my ass as I gently land as she lays halfway propped up by the black pillows behind her. I slide my hands softly to the back of her neck as I slowly rub it and grab her hair. I slowly rub her pussy with the palm and finger tips of my left hand. I can hear her warm juices behind her soft full lips. I slowly slide my fingers in her as she tightly grabs my dick she then grabs my and kisses me passionately as she tightly grabs my cock and pull me into her.

Omg, I can feel her so good from the inside. I slowly put it in a little more as she kisses me harder and harder as I go deeper. I am now completely inside her as she begins to move her hips up and down with a feminine curvature. She continues to slide up and down on even harder she sinicly giggled and softly moved her lips to my ear as I feel her lips freely touch my ear lobs while she whispers -I can feels your veins- and she moves to kiss me and starts to ride me harder as she sucks my lips. She begins to grab me and moan riding me harder and harder, I then grab the back of her head grasping her with her hair and my left caresses and slides down her lower back. I then start to slide in and out of her passionately with long and powerful deep thrusts. She then begins to scream something in vietnamese or something as I have both hands now reach behind her back shoulders as I begin to fuck her even harder as I am facing her with her well in my grips as she grabs my tight but to say Humja Kieto, Humja! I then grab her and thrust so hard and deep and I feel my control and tenseness and stiffness get Exploded pulsating through my body as I can feel warm ejections leave my body, as I keeps coming and coming the intensity as almost enough to knock me up as I casually enjoy the feeling.

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