The joys of cunnilingus and fisting   added 7 years ago
  By: ora_lee  Age: 52  Country: United Kingdom

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My legs are held apart, I can feel the air around my exposed fanny, someone is beginning to explore my lips. Another has found my clit for a moment but has been pushed away. My lips are opened from one side and the other as if at least two people are trying to get a look in, there goes my clit again from another angle, and then a very determined tongue fights to hold its place against the competition. I can feel the heavy breath and tonguing of my clit as quite a small cock dips in and out of my cunt. My lips are being spread again whilst a bigger head is probing at the opening of my cunt, trying to find a way in, at the same time that tongue is back on my clit. The bigger cock has just slipped and slid up pushing open my lips and hitting my clit, making way for an even bigger cock to enter in its place. I can feel the hard base and tight balls screwing against my tightly spread fanny. I can feel the heavy head of someone wanking on my clit now whilst those tight balls are still screwing against me.

Just as I start to lose control and feel the wonderful flood of an orgasm begin to rise all of those sensations are taken away leaving me desperate for more…my gaping pulsing fanny is reaching out for more..wanting to be stretched again..wanting to reach that promised climax..but it doesn’t come.

Then a cooling pool of lube pours over my throbbing clit, I can feel it flow between my swollen lips like a sudden unexpected spunky cum from one of those cocks. It softly starts to mix together with the juices pouring out of my sloppy cunt, stirred by the massive cock head probbing the opening of my stretched aching hole. I can feel my throbbing walls desperately trying to open and envelope this huge head which is slipping and prodding, rubbing against my bum, stretching and pushing at the entrance of my cunt.. too big to go in..

As the tension builds from the mass of sensations I feel the heavy shaft ride up between my lips, the heavy balls tight up and hard inside me and massive head rubbing against my clit, I can feel the juicy/spunky/lube splashing against my thighs, and hear the sloppy mess as that wanking cock swells and reddens, heavy and desperate…

My whole body is hot, tense, stretching and pelvis is knotted in a painful desperate ache, the muscles from my pubes round to my bum are beginning a rythmical throb, building in strength and my clit feels as if it will explode..Suddenly I feel a powerful shot of hot spunk hit my clit..and another and another… all the tension that has been building centres on my clit which begins to pulse and thump heavily, followed by a squeezing heavy pulsing in my fanny which seems to come from my core.. the strength of that pulse cramps the muscles in my guts.

Then I feel him, eager to reclaim his rightful place, filling me to my depths with his fleshy over excited hard member. The pulsing and tension, rather than subsiding, peaks again in response and I find myself unable to take enough of him in.. I want to be fucked and fucked, for this feeling to go on and on until slowly it is replaced by a warm contentment and a gentle tickling throb..

My Cunt still aches from all that stretching and fingering and is as slippery as hell from all that lube.. perfect for rippling up and down that the real sex can begin!

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