Orgasm on a washing Machine   added 7 years ago
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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She was a quiet woman during sex. Never made a sound except tiny, tiny moans during sex.
She went to her parents each Saturday morning to do her laundry. This saturday I went with her. They were gone. We were in the basement. She put in one load into the washer and turned it on.

I started to kiss her and hold her while we waited in her parents basement. Soft kisses turned to passionate kisses. She held me tightly, I stroked her all over. She wore a thin blouse and tight jeans over her very nice ass.

I started to stroke her breasts through her blouse. Her nipples were so hard. Soft strokes then firm squeezes of her nipples. Finally I let my hand roam to her pussy. she parted her legs so I could stroke through her jeans. Firm pressure on her swollen mons.

I unbuttoned her blouse and sucked her breasts into my mouth. sucked and flicked them. Her hand held my head.

I could not wait. I unbuckled her jeans and watched that sexy hip wiggle that shrugged then off.
I picked her up and sat her on the washer. The cold mettal made her gasp. I immediately went down on her sucking and nibbling her pussy through her panties.

Deeper breathes and small moans. I lifted her ass and jerked off her panties and planted my mouth again on her pussy... tongue just at the opening and so very slowly slid it up between her pussy lips all the way to her clit. Now I suck at her clit for a little while then back to a long lick up her slt to her clit... and the sucking. She held my head which was not characteristic and her moans were louder than usual. Then I realized it was the vibrations sent up through her legs and ass to her pussy.

I sucked and licked and she was more and more excited... licks and vibrations... moans louder than usual. She supported herslf leaning back on one arm and holding my head to her pussy... moans louder than normal... my cock leaked precum and ached and ached...

Then it happened.... The washer hit the spin cycle... She made an open mouthed groan, then pulled my mouth so tight to her pussy that I could hardly breath... but I sucked more and harder... Then as it wound up faster and faster... I licked and sucked to keep up with the washer and the juices that flowed. now she made sounds like grunts... each one choked back trying to contain the sound... and the effort just made the sounds more arousing because she was losing the control she wanted... choking sounds closer and closer... not loud but getting louder...

THEN it happened....

Her mother and father walked in the backdoor calling her name. Not 20 feet from where we were. This hit her like a physical blow and that's what it sounded like, air rushing out when punched. Luckily they turned and went into the kitchen. She held even tighter, pulled my mouth and tongue harder against her clit and pussy... and made an ahh ahhh ahhhh sound, hips pushed up against my face quivering... quivering. Slowly then she let go of me and said... ohhh, god, ohh god... go talk with them.....

I ran upstairs while she dressed. I talked with her parents and hoped my shrinking hard on did not show and that the pussy juices on my face and hands did not give off enough odor to give us away.

I made her relive this later.... this time I was the one holding her head.

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