A Threesome Fantasy - Part 2   added 7 years ago
  By: Slayzee  Age: 40  Country: South Africa

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur, Identified partner, Masturbation, Oral Sex
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Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

After drifting around on our fluffy, orgasm-induced cloud for what seemed like an age, we slowly began to surface and return to reality.

I found myself lying in the middle of the two women who had shared me between themselves, the women who had experienced the pleasure of each others bodies, the women who I had shared quantities of body fluids with, the women I now felt intimately attached to.

I looked over and looked at my wife. Her eyes open, gazing back at me, a look of pure satisfaction on her face. I turned my head and looked at Elena. Her eyes began to open and she stared back at me, that same look at satisfaction spread across her face. I knew that my face mirrored both of theirs.

“Anybody hungry?” I asked
“Mmm,” came the stereo reply
I went for the phone and ordered three double cheeseburgers from the local takeout. Elena and Michelle made sure they were out of sight when the delivery arrived. I answered the door in a pair of shorts, keeping the guy outside. We didn’t need him seeing the mess we had made of the lounge!
I closed the door and two giggling women appeared from the bedroom, both now very hungry. We sat down and began to eat.

These burgers were renowned for their juiciness and abundance of sauce. Halfway through her burger, I saw Elena look at me, look back at her burger and then back at me.
“Michelle,” she started, “Watch this”
She moved toward me with her burger still in her right hand and a sly grin on her face. She pushed me back against the couch and raised her burger above my crotch. Squeezing slightly, I watched her coax some of the sauce from the bun until it dripped down in globs onto my cock.

My cock instantly hardened and I watched Elena move her head towards it. Michelle caught onto what was going on and brought her burger too. The two women coated my cock with burger sauce and then proceeded to lick it all off.
I knew how much Elena enjoyed sucking cock so I was not surprised when her mouth was first on my waiting hardon. Opening her mouth wide, she took as much into her mouth as she could in one gulp. Bobbing her head, she spread the sauce all over my cock with her lips while my wife watched intently. She put her burger down on a plate and used her hands to massage my balls encouraging them to produce more cum for later. Michelle was kneeling behind Elena and was gently massaging her tits while she worked her mouth all over my cock. She moved her hand down Elena’s body toward her pussy. I watched her legs open slightly to make space for Michelle’s hand. My cock was now a mess of burger sauce and spit, the liquid dripping off my body onto the carpet. I loved the feeling Elena’s mouth was giving me and my deep moaning mirrored that feeling.

All at once, I pulled Elena off my cock, lifted her up and walked to the bedroom with Michelle close behind. I lay her down on the bed and Michelle began securing Elena’s wrists and ankles with the restraints that had been waiting.

“What are you two doing?” Elena asked us
“We are making sure you can’t go anywhere so when the pleasure begins, you won’t have any was to stop it!” I replied

Michelle went to the bedside table and retrieved her dildo from the drawer.
“I want to watch you pleasure her,” she stated as she sat down on the bedroom couch, opening her legs.
I looked over to her and smiled. I was going to enjoy this.

I looked back at Elena, watching her pulling against the restraints, testing them. She could hardly move!

I started at her feet. I love a woman with beautiful feet and Elena’s were perfectly manicured, soft and smooth. I began kissing her toes one at a time, underneath and on top. My tongue darted out every so often to lick her skin. I could feel her twitching.
My tongue licked between her toes before I took her big toe in my mouth and sucked it like a cock. When both her feet were thoroughly licked, I moved up her leg, kissing her calves all the way up to her knees. Moving up to her thighs, I rained gentle kisses all over her skin up to her waist and back down again. Being careful to avoid getting too close to her pussy.

My lips moved up to her stomach where I inflicted more pleasure on her delicate skin. Moving away from her, I took a satin blindfold out the bedside table and placed it over her eyes. All she could do now was feel.
I resumed my kisses on her stomach and moved slowly towards her breasts, ignoring her nipples…for now.

I kissed and licked up to her neck, her ears, down to her shoulders. Her breathing was short and shallow. I moved back to her face where I planted my lips firmly onto hers. Her mouth opened instinctively and my tongue slid in.
We kissed for an age savouring each others mouths. My hands had yet to touch her.
I moved back to her tits and gently bit into her flesh, eliciting gasps of air from her. Elena’s nipples were now very hard and aching to be sucked, but I wasn’t ready yet.
I licked a trail between her tits back down to her stomach and onwards to her pubic area.
I bit her flesh all around her groin causing her to breakout into large patches of goosebumps. Her hips began to rise to meet my mouth, I knew she was getting rapidly closer to where I wanted her.

I looked back at my wife who was slowly fucking herself with her favourite toy. Her legs were wide apart and she was squeezing her tits hard. She loved playing with her big tits while her pussy was being pleasured.

I moved back to Elena’s tits and instantly began sucking her erect nipples. The contact my mouth made caused her to gasp uncontrollably. I sucked each nipple deep into my mouth and pulled my head away from her, stretching her nipple out causing wonderfully pleasurable pain.
She began to moan softly.
After a few minutes of gentle nipple torture, I figured it was time to lick something else.
I retraced the trail between her tits towards her groin but this time, I didn’t stop.
I licked all the way to the top of her pussy and began to lightly flick my tongue against her clit. I licked down some more until I was able to suck her pussy lips into my mouth. I sucked hard, duplicating that pleasurable pain she felt on her nipples.
Moving to the center of her pussy, I slid my tongue into her. She lifted her hips into my mouth forcing my tongue deeper into her, my top teeth pressed hard against her clit.
Her moans had got louder, her mouth was wide open sucking in air.

I brought my left hand up to her cunt and I effortlessly stuck two fingers inside her. I curled my fingers up and began to massage the front wall of her pussy, pressing against that spongy surface behind her pubic bone. My mouth clamped over her clit and I sucked it into my mouth. The combination of my fingers and tongue quickly drove her over the edge. Her orgasm hit hard and I again received a splash of pussy juice on my face.
I moved up to her mouth and kissed her again, forcing her to taste herself on my lips and tongue.
She devoured my mouth hungrily, licking her own juice off my face.
I removed my fingers from her, then turned around to straddle her face. I pressed my cock down towards her open mouth and slid it in. she accepted my cock willingly and I began to fuck her face. Bending my own head down, I carried on licking her pussy wanting another orgasm from her before I fucked her again.

Her mouth stretched open to accommodate the thickness of my cock. I didn’t want to move too quickly but I wanted my cock all the way down her throat.
All the time I had fantasised about her mouth, nothing could compare to the actual feeling. Her mouth was warm and wet, just like her pussy. I wanted to shoot my hot cum down her throat but I didn’t want to cum yet. There was still too much pleasure that I wanted to inflict on her.

Sliding my fingers back into her, I fucked her deep and fast. The faster I fucked her, the faster I fucked her mouth until I realized that she had taken my entire cock into her mouth. Her nose kept bumping my balls whenever I thrust in. the sensation was incredible.

I decided to try and fit a third finger into her which I did with almost no effort. Elena was so wet, I could probably fit my entire hand inside her.
I looked over at Michelle again who now had the entire nine inch dildo buried inside her and was rolling her hips in desperate circles, urging her orgasm on.
“Should I fist her?” I asked my wife
“Do it,” she replied, “get that whole hand into her.”
I obeyed and slid a fourth finger into Elena’s soaking little cunt. Getting all four fingers all the way in, I figured it was time for my thumb also. The final digit took a bit more effort but she was very willing and thrust eagerly against my hand, pushing to get it all in. finally, with one last hard thrust, my thumb disappeared into her pussy and I watched my hand move past the knuckles into her pussy. I was fisting my best friend while she sucked my raging cock and my wife fucked herself on the couch.
I knew that it would be very difficult to beat this.
The feeling of my whole hand inside her pushed Elena to another orgasm. I felt her start to cum and I pulled my hand out, only to watch another long stream of girl cum squirt out of her. Michelle had meanwhile moved to the foot of the bed and was rewarded with a face full of her friends cum.

I climbed off Elena and moved between her legs, positioning my cock against her waiting pussy. Michelle lay down next to her, the dildo still inside her, and rested her head on Elena’s chest. She wanted to watch me fuck her.
In one motion, my cock slid all the way in and began fucking her in a way she would not soon forget.

Thrust after thrust I pounded into her, out pubic bones crashing against each other. The bedroom had become a crescendo of moans and cries of ecstasy. Sweat poured off our bodies. Michelle fucked her dildo faster in and out of her pussy, in time with my cock.

Elena’s limbs strained against the ropes that held her in place.
My balls were bouncing off her ass as my thrusts gained momentum. I was going to cum again soon. My hands gripped her waist, lifting her up off the mattress. 

“Are you two ready?” I asked
“Yes baby,” my wife replied, “cum for us. Shoot your cum all over us!

The encouragement sent me straight into my orgasm. I pulled my cock out of Elena’s pussy and Michelle grabbed hold of it and jerked it off.
A long stream of white hot cum shot out from my cockhead, hitting Elena squarely in the face. The next stream landed across Michelle cheek and Elena’s tits. Another three jets ensured that the two women were liberally covered in my cum. As my orgasm subsided, Michelle’s orgasm began. As it started, she clamped her mouth over Elena’s and the two shared a passionate kiss.

Her dildo popped out of her pussy and she removed the straps that held our Elena’s hands down. They embraced each other, their skin making exquisite contact, my cum spreading over them and they continued to kiss.

I loosened the legs straps and the three of us collapsed on the bed, a pile of bodies once again coated in bodily fluids.

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