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Categories: Big Black man, Being Taped, Oral Sex, Anonymity, Group Sex / Threesome
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later
I had that feeling again at work. Flirting, chatting online, then I realized I was squeezing my legs together. My pussy was hot again. Sometimes I swear I think about sex more than anyone I know. Even guys, and that's saying a lot.

I started looking around at my coworkers like pieces of meat. How big would his cock be? What would his expression be if I were on my knees swallowing his load? Thinking like that only made that heat worse. Fuck!

As usual I couldn't clear my head. I didn't WANT to clear my head. I wanted to be satisfied, goddammit. Even just once today, completely. Why not? I'm married. I'm not dead. I've got decent tits, eager mouth, and insatiable pussy. What guy wouldn't like that? Even just once.. hum. Once. Okay. I pulled up the local casual hookup page. Before I could have second thoughts I posted:

24YO SWF. How do you satisfy someone insatiable? If you know, contact me.

There. Close the window, get back to work. Think about something else.


Emails started arriving. God these people can't spell. I wonder if they're out of high school. Then one that caught my eye.

"Satisfaction Anonymous: We garrauntee complete and total satisfaction. Please fill out the following questionaire. We'd be happy to take you as a client."

I actually laughed. A joke maybe? Who would set up a company like that? The questions asked things like fantasies, how many times a day I masturbated, how many times in a row I liked sex, that kind of stuff. Fine, you asked, I answer. Bet these numbers will suprise you!

A couple hours later I was eager to get out of there. Twenty minutes left. At least there was no one at home. I could lock the door, get myself off in front of the tv. Yay for porn, huh? I checked my email one more time.

"Satisfaction Anonymous: If you were honest in our survey and require immediate assistance, we have an opening today at 6pm. Specify if a nuetral location or your home is preferred."

You gotta be kidding, right? I'm betting there's some teenager feeling really clever about this crap. I can scare him off though. I replied with a big YES, and gave my home adress. Dare you to show up, I thought.

I drove home thinking about my ad. Could I really do it with some random person? I bet I could. Besides, what's the difference between that and a plastic toy? A real cock is more exciting. And a lot less pathetic. Without the hangup of a relationship to screw things up I bet it would be amazing. Yeah, yeah I could do it. Someday.

I got home. Empty house. I stripped out of my clothes and got on a nightgown. I got nowhere to go anyway, might as well be ready for bed. Grabbed my bag of toys and flipped on the tv. I had just fingered my clit enough to slide my big toy in when the doorbell rang. Shit! I grabbed the remote and hit mute. Who the hell- ? Oh, wait, that punk kid with the "business!" Wow, he's got balls. I smiled. All right, little boy, I'll show you what you wanted.

I flung the door open, standing there in just the nightgown. Half a second too late I realized it could have been a relative- no, I don't know this guy.

GULP. Crap, this was a GUY, no kid. A six-foot black guy. A six-foot black guy, checking out my tits through the thin lace. He smiled. "Hi, are you Leigh?" I stared at him. "I hope so" came another voice behind him. Oh. A six foot black guy with FRIENDS. Who were also getting an eyeful.

"Yes?" I managed. This gang was looking at me in the doorway like- well, how I looked at guys at work! In spite of the cold air making my nipples stick out like erasers, I felt my face get hot. And my cunt. Damn my sex drive.

The black guy smiled wider. "We're from Satisfaction Anonymous." He leaned forward to put his lips near my ear- my breathing stopped. "And it looks like we're just in time."

"What-?" I said. The big black guy took my arm and led me back inside. "I'm Steve. I can answer all your questions later but let's get to work now." My heart was pounding. He sat me on the couch, moving my toy bag. I swear I saw him smirk at my favorite big one I was about to use.

"Let's get you ready," Steve said. He stood in front of me and expertly pulled my nightgown over my head. I couldn't believe this was happening. Now I was breathing so hard it felt like panting. Steve put his hands on my ankles. "Relax," he said. Then he propped my legs up on the couch so I was spread wide open. He smiled at me and planted a firm but almost polite kiss on my slit.

My pussy was on fire. I ached for release. I'd already gotten myself going before, now this was something out of a fantasy. I tried to grab his head and keep it there. Steve laughed, pulling away. "Not yet, Kitty."

He took my hand and stepped aside. I realized someone was standing there- no, five people. The crowd outside was now in my house. And undressing! Steve squeezed my hand reassuringly as the first one approached me.

He was maybe twenty-five with a smiling, eager face. Brown hair, average build, and naked. His cock was in his hand. I stared at it. 4-5 inches long. Already hard. My stomach felt tight, my hands shook a little. He stroked himself for a few seconds, eyes locked on my naked skin. I saw a tiny drop of precum on the tip of its head. I closed my eyes, trying to control my breathing. This is what I wanted, right? But I can't! Not like this. Not when-

Suddenly I felt that strange cock sliding up and down my slit. My breath stopped. Time stopped. I think I felt Steve squeeze my hand again. Then it entered me.

I kept my eyes closed at first, like it was some kind of dream. The nameless guy pushed all the way in, then slowly started fucking me in a steady rhythm. My whole body quivered. I will never get over the feeling of a new cock inside me. If you aren't an experienced woman, you have no idea. Each one feels different. Each experience is amazing.

After what only seemed like a few minutes, I felt he was going to come. I didn't need to see his face to know. His grip on my thighs tightened, his legs got tense, and the strange dick inside me got even harder. Wait, wasn't he going to pull out? Shouldn't he be using a condom? What was I DOING?? My eyes shot open just in time to see his head tilt back. I felt that hot pumping stream empty inside me, filling me. In spite of myself my hands tightened their grip (Steve on one side, the couch on the other) and I came with this nameless guy. "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhh!" Was that ME?

The guy pulled out. A little cum dripped from his now soft skin as he stepped back. Before I could have another thought, another guy took his place. I felt my wet pussy lips part for another strange cock.

This guy was older. He was in great shape, but from his graying hair I guessed near 40. Like some kind of businessman. His thrusting was businesslike too. Firm fast and no nonsense. His cock felt a little bigger than the last guy. It slid easily in my soggy hole. He kept his hands behind his back like I'd seen on some pornos. Just thrusting away. He slowed down a coupe times when he was going to come, then started up again faster. I guess I wasn't too wet because when I felt my pussy tighten again to come, he looked surprised for a second and blew his load.

Almost before we both stopped coming the businessman slipped out and was replaced. The newcomer (funny huh?) had to be about nineteen. I got the impression of a skinny good-looking kid with a long cock that curved kind of upwards. Then my eyes were rolling back as he shoved it in me.

That cock was definitely bigger and hit just the right spot. I arched my back. I tilted my hips. I wanted this kid to bang into my walls until I screamed.

He was definitely a younger guy. I got fucked like a jackhammer, effortlessly. With his force my clit was being pounded too. I wrapped my legs around him. He put his hands on my breasts and squeezed. My whole crotch felt soaked. Sloppy. I loved how I felt like such a whore. A wonderful dirty insatiable nasty perfect whore. I felt the orgasm building. I closed my eyes. This is what I wanted. This is what I needed. How could a piece of plastic and AA batteries compare to THIS? He rammed into my cunt faster now, harder- no, wait, I want more! Not yet! He moaned- and I felt his explosion. He kept moving slowly, pumping more and more into my overflowing snatch. Damn it I was right on the edge! Almost there and this kid couldn't hold it in! I think I even whined because Steve chuckled and squeezed my hand again.

The kid pulled out with a big grin. His long dick was coated like a glaze. I'd never seen that much cum before! I wonder how much of that was his? I felt warm wetness running out of my hole. Slicking my pussy. Making my inner thighs slippery.

Another replaced him. I'd lost count now but who cares? I was nearly there. When he got in position I wrapped my legs around him. His cock slid in me without needing any guiding. He started riding me. I felt more juice spurt out between us with each thrust. I didn't bother with details anymore. I stopped thinking. I didn't care who was fucking me anymore. I just wanted that release. That feeling began building again. I bucked my hips in time with his. I put his hand on my tit and squeezed it there. I couldn't feel his cock as well- my pussy was like an oil slick. But the excitement of this was taking over.

Then he stopped moving and grunted. "No!" I cried. He didn't seem to hear me. Ever so slightly I could feel a pulsing that wasn't me, adding another load of juice to my oozing cunt. I shut my eyes trying to cling to the incomplete building orgasm inside me.

"Leigh." Steve's voice, laughing. What was so goddamn funny? This was torture! I opened my eyes.

Steve had undressed. His cock was the biggest I'd seen. And more importantly, hard. Ready. And inches away from my hungry pussy.

"Are you ready to be satisfied?" he smiled.

I grabbed Steve's cock with both hands, trying to maneuver it into me. It was warm and oh so wonderfully thick! He chuckled again pulling my hands away. I whimpered again, language lost to me.

"No, it's time to have your fill, Leigh. Come here."

My eyes went to his face for a split second then back to that beautiful veined mast of his. Some girls don't think cocks are attractive. In porn I guess I agree. But to have one in front of you, to touch it, feel it react- it's a bigger turnon to me than muscles or money. I let him lead me up off the couch. Gravity pulled gobs of liquid down the inside of my shaky legs. My thighs slid instead of chafing as I walked. I didn't care. My eyes couldn't stop following his big brown cock.

He sat down. His dick stuck straight up like a pole. I stood for a second transfixed. Steve waited patiently for a minute. Oh. That's MINE.

I climbed on. Holy hell it felt good. I wonder now if it would have fit okay had I not been so lubed up. I felt him everywhere. Not just on my G-spot. Not just around my pussy lips. Not just against the back wall on my cervix. All of those and more. Everywhere. That unfinished orgasm immediately started building again. I shifted slightly and felt like that was all I needed to do to. I could explode just from being impaled like this.

Fuck no, I'm not passing up this opportunity!

I started riding him. He layed still, letting me do the work. Oh, I can do the work here, I thought. In and out. Up and down. I was afraid to grind my hips around like I normally love to. I didn't even think about touching my clit either. Maybe that had something to do with how big it was, and the fact it was already brushing against Steve's pubes. He looked like he was concentrating, his eyes closed. Trying not to come. Is that the game? I smiled.

I braced myself on his legs, leaned back, and really started fucking. I must feel like a tight little virgin to this guy, I thought. I pounded him like I was a teenager again. I threw caution away and ground circular motions, skating around on the sweat and cum between us. He smiled but stayed still. I clenched my pussy around him and went faster. That building inside me was off the charts. Any second now.. My game forgotten, I heard myself start crying out. "Yes- yes- YES- FUCK! YEES! Oh my GOD!!"

Leaning back further my body rocked with wave after wave of pleasure. After a second, somewhere deep inside me I felt a different throbbing- Steve shooting load after load of jizz into me. I swear I felt it hit inside me like a water gun. My head tipped all the way back now. My eyes closed, watching the fireworks of color and extacy flash behind my lids. It was like neither of us could stop cumming. We fed off each other. Each jerk triggering another. Each shudder starting another spasm. I thought that young guy had come a lot!

Finally I'd milked him for all he had. Even limp his cock felt great in me. I realized I was laying completely back now with my eyes still closed. The world spun in a hot, breathless way. I shifted a little and smiled. Think you can keep from cumming huh? I make EVERY guy cum. Hell, I just made five- no, four- other guys fill my cunt with their-

Something clicked in my head. 4? 5? I opened my eyes to look at the upside down room.

Eager guy, businessman, the young kid, and whoever that last one was had dressed and gone. One guy was left, still clothed. He'd been behind the others, then silent as I fucked Steve. It was now getting dark and my head was still swimming but there was something familiar about that guy. As I squinted he approached Steve and I in our post-quoital sweaty panting bliss.

It was my husband- Chris.

What happened next? You'd never guess. I know I wouldn't.

Steve got up and got dressed, real casual. I was frozen, trying to think of something to say to Chris. He just kind of stared at me. Steve started to leave- then on his way out shook hands with Chris! "Thanks, man," my husband said. I think my jaw hit the floor.

Chris came over to me. Then he grinned. Then he explained.

Steve really did have a business called Satisfaction Anonymous. He and Chris knew each other from school and still kept in touch. Horny guys paid cash, went through screenings, testing, and ended up getting a chance to fuck a truly horny girl bareback. I guess dead fish prostitutes that fake it don't do it for some men. Normally there's a bit more of a proccess than what I went through but Steve recognized my name. He got a hold of Chris. Surprisingly, he got pretty turned on by the thought, so he vouched for me had Steve rush it through (clean, on the pill, etc). I found out later he even had a camera on me some of the time!

What was my reaction? Well at first I was shocked. Mostly at myself for how I acted. Then at Chris for being okay with this. He told me he wasn't stupid- anyone good in bed has been with at least four people. Guys sleep with hundreds if women if they can and brag about it. As long as I was safe, he said he just wanted whatever I needed. Plus it was a hell of a turn on to watch!

Come on, what other marriage could be this fulfilling? Getting the best of both worlds is everyones dream. Every once in a while Chris still calls up Steve. I haven't had another event like that happen yet but it's amazing to know I could at any time. Just the thought of it still keeps things hot between me and my husband. Besides, it's more exciting to think it could happen any day I come home... maybe tonight


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