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I once dated a girl who had a fantasy about watching 2 men together or having a threesome with two guys who touched her and each other.

She loved the idea of doing 69 with one guy while the other fucked her from behind. She envisioned the guy behind her would pull out of her once in a while so that the guy licking her pussy could take the cock in his mouth a few strokes before going back in her pussy.

Sometimes we would 69 and I would lick her pussy and fuck her with a dildo. In the middle of it I would pull out the dildo and taste it, when I pushed it back into her pussy, and licked her clit.... she would cum immediately.

Sometimes, in the dark I would tell her, as we touched and kissed, that I could feel the heat on my body of her invited friend ( who I made up for her fantasy). I would stroke her, tease her clit and tell her how he was stroking my body and legs and thighs. THis would always excite her more. Finally, I would move between her legs, kissing and stroking.... and I would slid just the head of my cock into her pussy, then suddenly I would fain surprise... "He is behind me.... I can feel his hard cock on my ass... he's stroking my asshole.... no, no. he's putting lube on me... ohh.. he's shoving his fingers into my ass.... wait.. ohh, god... he's pushing his cock against my asshole...."

Then I push slowly all the way into her... push my cock in all the way.... Then I continue he fantasy... "I can't get away! If I pull out of your pussy, I'll have to push against his cock." then I pull out of her, just a tiny bit, and I continue my monologue. "I can't pull back, his cock is going in!!" I go back in all the way, and pull out just a little. "No! It's going in more! Ohh God, I want to fuck you so bad, but he'll be fucking me! Ohhh... ohhh God... he's pushing his cock up my ass. He's starting to fuck my ass" and I would move a little like I'm being moved by his stroking.... Here she can't stand it. She would demand to be fucked.... "let him fuck you . tell me how it feels... fuck me NOW." I would start moving inside her. "God, I feel so full. His cock is all the way in. I can feel it sliding in and out... it's a strange feeling... It feels strange, but good. My cock is on fire." (I go faster inside her) "He's going faster. He's fucking me hard. Ohh God, he's going to cum in my ass. He's cumming. It's hot. I'm going to cum in your pussy!"

Just when I said he was going to cum in my ass, she would cum... hard, screaming, grabbing me hard and bucking.

I knew when I could make it good for her, It would be good for me! ;-)

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