Seduced by her Strap-on   added 7 years ago
  By: Rider  Age: 61  Country: United States

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I met a lady who hadn't really thought about using a strapon, but she admitted that she had one and liked to wear it around the house. Sometimes in clothes sometimes naked. Once she wore it out on an errand.

It was kind of stiff, but flexible. Very Cock-like she said. Sometime later, we got together for a drink and she asked me to come back to her house for another. She went the bathroom and came out without her pants.

She was wearing the cock. She was just waiting for a reaction. I asked if she had been wearing it in the bar. She said she had. I said, "good for you!" She was delighted.

I asked why she liked wearing it.... she explained that she liked being a woman, but had always wondered what itwould be like to have a cock. She admitted she would wear it around the house stroking it, then when she finally went to bed she would jack it off. She said that when she pushed down on the cock it pushed against her clit and finally she would have a huge orgasm.

She also told me she lloved to jack off her boyfriends..... and she loved to see them jack off.

I had never thought about being fucked like that, but when she said she had always wanted to fuck someone like that, I had a little twinge. Surprised me.

I asked how she fantasied about it. she described her fantasies in detail when she saw I was so accepting.

I could she she was getting very aroused talking to me and handling her "cock". Her panties were damp. I admitted that just then I was curious myself.

I told her I had had a prostate massage once while being stroked and it was great. This gave her the idea. She tried very hard to seduce me. I made her do a lot of work, but I gave in.

She put a condom on it, I lay on my back. She spent a long time lubing and playing with my asshole......

Finally she pushed it in slowly. As soon as it went in she was lost in her own world. She slowly fucked me while stroking my cock. Then suddenly she started going fster and stroking my cock faster....

Her breasts turned so red.... my cock was on fire.... I knew I would shoot all over. I could feel it in my cock and all around my ass. OMG

She started cumming almost screaming and pushing it in with her clit against it as hard as she could. I shot all over. all over.... then she leaned forward and gentle sucked every drop of cum from my cock.

Later she said it was like having a real cock. Holding my cock felt like having her own and actually fucking and cumming and seeing me cum was unbelievable....


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