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It's a hot sunny day, a day where you want to stand in the middle of the highway just so the passing cars provide you with some comfort if even for a second. I look outside our bedroom window and there's my car up on jack stands, hood open with my wife's tight ass staring me in the face as she bends over working on tuning our turbo's. Off in the distance and getting louder what could only be described as a car with one hell of a flu comes coughing and sputtering down the street only to backfire with a sonic boom and come to a halt directly in front of our house.

With steam billowing out from under the hood of a mazda miada, the door opens and out steps a panic stricken asian girl. Straight black hair trimmed in the front, blouse, shot black flimsy skit and all, absolutely perfict. I see my wife poke her head around from under the hood of our car, wondering what all the comotion is. "Don't open that hood" she yells at the little asain girl, as she beds over to open the hood of her car. "What? Why not" she asks with her cute little voice. I cant' help but notice that since her car is so low, and like wise her skirt you could almost make out the bottom of her ass cheeks. I could already see the top of her G string poking out from the top, and I could almost feel my heart pounding as my wife went walking over to her.

I know my wife well, not only every five feet ten inches of her toned body, and double zero waist, but I also know how much she can't resist asian girls. Not only do we have the same taste's in each other but we share the same taste in toys as well. "If you open your hood right now you'll get a face full of steam and you'll burn your face" my wife sais to her as she gets to the girls car. "I don't know what's wrong with it" she sais. "Well here you steer it, and we can push it into our driveway right there and I can take a look at it. I'm already dirty from working on our car I can see what I can do". "Wow that would be great! I've never seen a woman mechanic before". She yells at my wife while steering the car into the driveway.

"Well see how there's not much steam coming out from the hood now? It's safe to pop the hood". I hear the hood latch pop, the car door open, the girl get out, and my wife being smart as she is walks around the car to watch her get out. She glances up and see's me catching her checking out the girls ass. With a wink and a smile she walks out of my sight to show the girl what the problem is. The moans I could hear shortly later were testament as to how much labor was really involved in getting that motor running again.

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