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Nurse Sarah's personal slave.

Sarah was a nurse of the ripe age of 20 today she was turning 21. She wore a nurse outfit and went to work every day. She wasnt a normal nurse though. She worked for a very hard very strict Mistress named Alice. Alice was a very gorgeous Mistress. Alice knew a lot about being in control. She was always pushing Sarah just as hard as her slaves. Poor sarah was a very elegant looking thing. She stood out from the crowd with her chest that poked out quite nicely from the corset she was told to wear before going to work.

Alice loved her job in many ways. She always got to strap down the subject to the table. She got to help her "doctor" Mistress with all the fun little toys at her side. She was living a good life. Until one day...

Sarah was walking down the street on her way to work. Her eyes settled on a very lovely boy. He was 5'8 and very cute. His soft short straight brown hair barely covered his eyes. He wore a very simple t-shirt and pants. She was taken by the way he was. There was no way to explain this feeling toward him. Her eyes and heart beated heavily just as he sat there. He was apparently waiting for the bus. probably heading down town or something.

She gave a great sigh wondering if she'd see the beautiful male before her once more. She ended up at work seeing a male at the "waiting room" with a magazine. She couldnt tell who he or she was for that matter. She sat down at her desk and ruffled some papers so the male knew to ask for papers and that such.

The male stood up put down the papers and got up to the desk. It was a round desk like those you see in a office except this office was more like a doctors dark chambers. Sarah was taken back when she looked up to see. That young male she was watching from the other side of the road. Sarah thought to herself. "boy i should have taken that bus wow."she laughed lightly then noticed the male was rather perky. She asked him the usual questions. "do you have any attachments with you know what we do here... You should sign the release form...Do you know where you you know your place in the fetish community. So many other questions but one really stuck out and that was "Are you single?"she gave a soft smile and her cute young dimples showed. "i err..i mean are you happy..i mean err.."she said as she studdered. The boy only answer was a shy "no."

The Mistress Alice came into the room and laughed hearing sarah get all flustered. Alice stood tall like she always did. She loved to be above all else. She took the boys cute looks and laughed softly." you wont be cute after im done with you.."she said as she picked up his papers and read them over. "ooh this wont do young man..."she scratched off some of the stuff he wrote down. "your mine signed the papers."

Nurse Sarah straighened up her dress as she stood up. Her simple nurse outfit was of a translucent latex and a hat, gloves, boots and skirt. She followed the two down a hall that was dark yet it had a hospital like touch. She entered a room upahead of the two then set down some tools. She arranged them then yelled down the hall. "your rooms ready Mistress."she almost skipped out the room to watch the two walk down the hall. She watched the young boys package and she'd giggle.

She stood infront of the door as the two entered. Mistress Alice took the males collar she fastened onto him then laid him on the cold medical bed. She watched him squirm a little then as usually Sarah would make sure he was secured to the table. Sarah noticed something written on his arm. "Sarahs toy." was written on his arm. She gasped then looked up at her mistress. "thats right sarah he's all yours and he's very willing too." said Mistress Alice.

Sarah was over joyed to hear she now not only had a slave of her own but he was just what she always wanted. Sarah gave a squeel then giggled. "mistress oh thank you mistress!"she shouted and hugged her tightly. Very unprofessional like of course.

Mistress Alice loved Sarah like a over active daughter. She cared for her just the same as well. Mistress Alice slapped the boys ass then walked out the room for the two to talk and such.

Sarah was just so over joyed by the male who was now hers. Sarah sat down in the doctors chair. Which mind you she was never allowed to do. She beamed brightly checking him from head to toe with a great smile on her face. He had a slightly oh boy look on his face but you could tell he was happy to be hers for now...

Nurse Sarahs Personal Slave part 2

Today was the day after her birthday. She was excited to see her pet in his little cage when she got to work. She skipped to work excitedly. Her eyes were on the prize. A very nice package indeed. She popped open the door. Of course Mistress was already there sitting eating something and drinking her morning coffee. Sarah cleaned herself up and sat in her chair. It was her first day owning her own slave. She wasn't sure if she was supposed wait, or feed him. She just was not sure what to do. She sat in her chair briefly then checked her paper work. She then excitedly got up to check on her slave.

Her slave was happily sleeping in his nicely made room. Even she didn't have it this nice she thought to herself. His cage was a little nicer then most she had seen.

"Mistress wants me happy i guess." She said to herself."

Mistress Alice gave sarah a nice slap on the ass as a greeting. Usually it was a kiss but that'd turn the slave on now wouldnt it? Sarah jumped some but then looked up at her Mistress.

"Thank you Mistress for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!"Sarah exclaimed.

Mistress Alice laughed lightly and spoke in a soft voice."he comes with great responsibility you've got to make sure he is well kept so i figured if i gave him nice stuff and he disobyed you may take away some of his stuff slowly."

Sarah beamed then nodded. She took off a leash from the rack then moved over to her slave. She still had not given him a name. She herself that to be very odd. She thought deeply then hmmed. "I still need a name for you" she said to the still sleeping slave. He was apparently a heavy sleeper. He snorted some then curled up a little. "ooh i know puppy!"she laughed as she shouted his name. He jumped and yelped hitting his head on the cage bars. "oww..."he rubbed his head as he said that. Sarah giggled then rushed in to make sure he was okay. He gave and smile. "Apparently mistress knew your name all along huh?"she said as she rubbed his head where he hit it.

"He likes to speak out of turn sarah." Mistress Alice said as she entered the room laughing."i taught him a little about some things, hes going to need a LOT of work." She said directly to Sarah.

"Ill do my best mistress!" Sarah said with great pride in her voice. Sarah stood up and hugged her mistress then tended to her slave "puppy".

"puppy okay mistress Sarah."He shook his head some then yawned.

Sarah laughed and nodded then shook her head. "call me something else, i am no mistress. I may own you sure, but a mistress i am not. Call me" she thought about it for a bit. " You may call me sarah."she smiled then pulled puppy into her lap to give him soft rubs and kisses on his cheek and all over."now im not like most owners, not only am i new to the scene but you shall also be punished on a regular basis. Starting now!"she turned him over and rubbed his ass cheeks. She spreaded his legs appart and gave him a nice square slap to his balls. She rubbed them lightly then circled her hand over his left ass cheek. She smiled and slapped his ass heavily. She had a hard hand for a young girl. She smirked. "your not counting puppy!"she squeeled at him the slapped his ass. He yelped out a couple of numbers as she forced one slap after another. She enjoyed seeing him in pain.

After a dozen or so slaps his ass was cherry red. She was surprised how easy he turned red down there. She thought to herself. "even the other slaves dont turn this tomatoe red so quick."

You could hear screams down the hall. Mistress had a Altering medical proccedure today. Sarah wasnt asigned to it today thank goodness. She hatted to see such odd transformations. Sarah held her puppy tightly as she heard a scream of a male she jumped and held puppy tightly in his cage.

She and her puppy stepped out of the cage. "At least he stays still" she thought to herself. He rubbed his ass then wondered what other stuff was planned for him later in the day. Sarah noticed the day was already done. Sarah blinked and the day was over? Sarah gave puppy a nice pinch to his nipples and tugged him back into his cage. "we'll play again tomorrow!"she smiled and left.

Puppy noticed the cage was unlocked. He sighed softly then looked up at Mistress who had on a heavy latex doctors outfit for her last proccedure. She sighed as well and locked up the cage. " Ill give her a nice little talking and punishment when i get home. Ill call her and tell her to get over to my house. Im taking you home tonight Puppy. I know how you can be a switch, one thing sarah forgot to do was read the paper work."

Nurse Sarahs pet Part 3:

Sarah got home and turned on her answering machine to hear that she was told to go to Mistress Alice's house and she would be picked up by a limo. She had only been there twice. Once for a hard canning for a bad make up job on a slut. Another for messing up a clients papers. She knew it was not a good sign.

The Limo came right after the message. Sarah didnt like the idea of limos. She thought they were much more important then they seemed. She gulped changed into her most slutty outfit then got in. She was quickly taken to Mistress Alice house.
She noticed no normal stuff in the limo like food or any liquor. It was a pretty empty set up.

Sarah stepped out of the limo after it stopped infront of Mistress alice house. Alice was in front with a stern yet calm like face. She stepped back as Sarah came up to the door. Sarah stepped up to the door and entered slowly as Mistress Alice backed up against her railing of the stairs, sarah was rushed by her slave puppy. Puppy was not so friendly however. Pinning her down shutting the door, puppy had tied Sarah up tightly in a very uncomfortable position. Sarah was then knocked out cold.

Sarah awoke to some soft music and very little movement. She was apparently tied to the bed rather tightly. Sarah struggled some and as she did so puppy came up to the bed post. His soft yet very toned look glistening with some oils. Mistress Alice was standing over Sarah as well. "So Sarah, you forgot to do something tonight before you left. Sarah had gasped then remembered back. She did say anything but puppy did. "So you dont remember what you forgot to do?"puppy gave a smirk. "ill help you remember..."puppy laughed with Mistress Alice. Mistress Alice handed puppy a nice leather whip. Puppy took it in his hands and lashed out at Sarah. Sarah jolted some but Mistress Alice held her tightly. Puppy took another slash of the leather and slapped it across sarahs soft body. Sarah screamed out. "okay okay i forgot to close the cage door and lock it!"she whimpered feeling the heavy welts form. Both of them held sarah up and sighed softly to one another. "Well atleast now you know..."they both said. Sarah gave a nod. "Mi..mistress and im sorry i forgot!"she whined. "well its to late now girlly..."mistress alice said. Sarah bowed her head in shame.

Sarah lay in the bed with the two of them.
Her eyes locked on Puppy for a bit wondering why mistress picked such a switch. She just gave a heavy giggle and wrapped her arms around Mistress and stared off into the distance. Sarah felt Mistress' heavy breathing. She felt the stomach rise then fall deeply. They were both in a rather deep sleep. Sarah kissed both of them and drifted off into sleep.

Nurse Sarahs pet or is that nurse sarah is a pet? Part 4

Sarah awoke in her own bed with a heavy sweat. She wondered was this all a dream? Did what i did last night really happen? Sarah paced back and forth about her bedroom. She ah ha'ed then headed to work early. Sarah wore her usual outfit. She walked with the same pace but this day hurt more. It was harder for her to walk. It had to have happened."It did" she said to herself. Sarah walked with such elegance even for having soft sore legs. She got to work did her normal ritual then jumped up from the chair greeting people as they entered.

Today was rather boring for sarah. She did her work greeted her mistress chatted to some of the slaves and watched her slave on some break times. She gave heavy thought as opened the cage then sat inside with puppy. Sarah stroked his head like anyone would do a lap dog. She was in such a deep thought she forgot to adminster his morning punishment which she was supposed to do. "Oooh Sarah" Mistress Alice called out in her deeper yet charming voice. Sarah called out "oooh yes Mistress Alice?"Sarah yelled back. "Sarah dear, did you check your list i left you on the table?"Sarah stood up closed puppys cage door then took the note from the table. Sarah read out loud. "give puppy his food. give Puppy his canning. Give puppy the attention he deserves." Sarah read some other stuff but Puppy was bolded.

Sarah walked back to puppy who was laying on his back waiting for a tummy rub. Sarah rubbed his tummy then got this sudden sick urge. "lets take it up a notch today shall we?"sarah said as she rubbed his tummy for a bit. She then got up moved to her surgical table, where she grabbed a tray and set it down besides him. "your mine and as such i may do as i pleased?"she said with a question yet it wasnt a question at all, was it." Sarah tied puppy to the top of his cage which wasnt small they both stood up in it just fine. She tightly did a knot as so the only way to take it off was cut the rope. She then took some rope and pinned his cock to his stomach. She tied the rope around his waist and held his cock upright. She ran her fingers along his stomach and pulled on his nipples teasing him. She made some soft comments about how she was his owner. She flicked his nipples to get them slightly harder.

She took some suction small nipple suction cups and pumped his nipples to a ripe size. She then flicked the suction cups a couple of times. He gave heavy moans and wiggled his bottom. Like a good puppy should do. Sarah moved her hand down over his tied up cock and hanging balls. She flicked them a couple of times then laughed lightly. puppy winced some then smiled. "that hurt a little?"she said as she did it again. puppy nodded then whimpered. Sarah slammed her fist into his balls and he cried out. "good"she commanded. She snapped on some medical gloves then pulled out a shock unit. She also took a converter box and set that aside. She pulled his cock so it was showing the head.

She prodded it a couple of times to see how sensative he was. Sarah then pushed the tens unit up to her slaves mouth. She commanded one word. "lick" Which he did and he took it into his mouth. She pulled it out then slid it about his cock. She teased his urethra hole and then with a easy glid slid that thing right into it. He screamed out not expecting such a large tens unit push deep into him. "now...shall we begin?"she smirked at him. She knew she was in control now. She took some clips with holes at the ends of the clips and clipped them to his ball sac. Then some surgical rubber slidding the tube between the holes and then she took the tubing above on the cage and latched it to a section on the cage bars. She watched as he tensed a bit. She pulled on it to make sure he really felt the sting as it pulled on his sac on each side.

She then took four more clips then clipped them to each nipple and the head of the cock. She clipped a special loop to the shock unit then to the converter box. She turned it on low and watched him twitch. She turned it off and flicked his cock a couple of times with her latex glove. She pulled the rubber between his balls to make sure he felt a little sharp pain there. She dragged her nails up and down his body and watched him breath heavy. She took his legs tied them upward on the cage ceiling then took some anal lube and lubbed up his ass. She pulled out a tail like butt plug then rubbed it against his lubbed ass. She took the tail and quickly and abruptly shoved up into his hole. He cried out and wiggled some which caused the nipples to pull which caused his cock to be pulled which caused his balls to be pulled as well.

She laughed and untied his cock and pulled out the shock unit. She licked it clean and laughed tasting his pre. No he wasnt going to cum..not yet anyway. She smirked and undid his legs. She set both the legs spread eagle then bent down to suck on his teased cock. It glistened with her sweat and his pre. She licked and lapped at it before watching it twitch trying to release. She slapped the clips off his nipples and sac. She laughed as he cried out in agony as the sting of the clips were wiped with the sensation being pulled off quickly. She punched his balls then laughed. "no you dont get to cum!"she shouted at him." She straightened out her hair letting it drop then she undid his rope from his wrists. She kissed him on the lips and kicked him square in the nuts then she gave a nice swift kick to his butt plug. He cried out and whimpered as he lay there on his soft pillow. Atleast he had that for comfort. She walked out of his cage then locked the cage up tightly. She smirked. "now..whoes the boss?"she grined and hopped off to her Mistress Alice.

Nurse Sarah's pet, part 5.

Mistress Alice was busy cleaning up a mess from a slave earlier that day. It was a ball buster and she even had to wear gloves to keep from the mess. She made a pretty mess. She even emasculated him! Nurse Sarah knew about all the appointments but she had no idea he was going to be emasculated. She shuddered at the thought and spoke up. "mistress, im really sorry about the other night." Mistress Alice gave a sigh then smiled."we all make mistakes dear. Just try not to do it again. A good Mistress must always take care of her pets before she leaves. Is that understood Sarah, dearest pet?"Sarah nodded then sat down in the chair next to the bloodied spot where mistress really gave it to the slave. Sarah stepped in it with her high heels then sighed. Sarah looked up from the mess at her mistress who was straightening and cleaning off the table. She was glad she didnt have to much. The plastic she used was always laid on the floor and all over. Sarah got up and headed to her desk. Sarah sat down and thought to herself. "To be a good mistress, you must, I must learn more."

Sarah sat up and realized work was over for the day. She got up and walked down the hall to puppys cage. He wasn't asleep but he was all awake at the moment. His crotch still bugged him but he just shrugged it off. Sarah walked up to the cage then got into it closing it she laid down next to her puppy. He curled up to her and smiled. His eyes shut tightly and he fell asleep with ease. She thought to herself. "everyone needs love...everyone needs a mistress...then theres control in the land.."she sighed and rubbed his cock softly. He twitched a little but mumbled a "thank you mistress sarah". She stepped out of the cage quietly then locked the cage up tightly. She walked down the hall to Mistress who was asleep at her desk. Sarah gave a soft giggle then wrapped a warm blanket around her. A female slave was standing in a bondage cross on the other side of her table. Sarah smiled to the young girl then left to go home. Sarah got home and took a nice hot bath. She put on a long t-shirt and no panties. She slid into bed then fell asleep...

Part 6

Sarah awoke to aromatic smell in her bathroom. She got up and walked to the bathroom to find out what that smell was. It was a rose petal and sensual candle. She noticed a note and took a look at it. It read: Good morning Sarah, I hope today goes well for you. Please head to the kitchen for a nice little surprise. Sarah walked down her small hall to the kitchen. She saw two blurry figures, she was quite all there and awake just yet. Sarah smiled politely as one was cooking and the other one was sitting at the table eating pancakes. "mmm my favorite!" sarah giggled. She took in a deep sniff to smell all the syrup and pancake smell. Sarah then got a closer look and noticed her slave puppy cooking and Mistress Alice sitting in the chair. Alice turned around and smiled. "morning sleepy head." Alice said as she finished off a pancake. Mistress Alice pointed to the ground. "To my feet girly." Sarah quickly kneeled before Mistress Alice. "good girl.."she patted her head then said "you may now sit at the table girly.." Puppy set down a plate for Sarah. Sarah sat there and was just slightly confused as to why they were there. Sarah yawned and stretched a bit. Her petite breasts bounced a little. Sarah took her fork and pushed it into the pancake drenched in syrup. She took a massive bite and chomped cutely. Puppy watched and smiled. "How was that Mistress Sarah?"she nodded and giggled. "A-Mazing!"she snickered. Sarah looked to her mistress and blinked. "wh..why are you guys here?"she blinked some. "because today, is your check up with doctor Liz Heartly" Sarah gasped and shuddered. The last time she had a check up with the doctor they kept her for more then  a day...made her into a baby..and she was a doll for another day. Sarah shuddered and shook her head. "ooh dont worry" Mistress Alice said. "Its not really for you this time, but i want you to feel at piece, its Puppys turn."Mistress Alice continued. "i know Doctor Liz is a all female doctor but i told her how special your puppy is to you and to be honest i think Liz likes you more then any of my clients. You are special to me after all hun." Puppy sat down at Sarahs feet and smiled softly. He yawned a bit and looked up. Sarah patted him then attached a leash to his neck. "we'll leave as soon as you get dressed in this." Mistress Alice held up a very pretty Lacey black dress, very see through. Sarah slipped on the light lacy black see through dress then took hold of the leash. She got up and walked off with Mistress Alice to the limo then off they headed to the Hospital.

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