A sadistic morning...   added 7 years ago
  By: Jacepk  Age: 27  Country: United States

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Categories: Masturbation, The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: TnD
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Humiliating

I woke up and you were there over my bed. I tried to sit up but you were sitting on top of my chest and my hands were tied to the bed post. Your light size was just enough to keep me pinned down either way. You took hold of my hair and pulled my face to your chest.

"lick between my double D breasts".You demanded.

Of course i did as i was told being the submissive that i was. You push me down with force and shake your head.

"That was horrible!". you shout at me.

I gave a soft whimper as you turned around your lovely back to my face. You pull off my covers slowly then stare at my hard cock. You flick my cock a couple of times."

"Did mistress say you could get hard?".
You say as you flick it once more.

"I think you deserve to be punished for getting that little dicklet hard.."You tell me as you grab it rather roughly.

You bend over showing your ass crack some. My mouth just out of reach of your ass. You smelt rather pleasant like a bed of roses just out of the garden.

"my little slavey needs to learn its my dick and not his."

You blows on my cock lightly and i give a gasp. You slowly jerk it up and down with the tips of your finger, To add to the humiliation you turn on my web cam for all to see.

"see you only get the finger tips because your penis is so small. Such a tiny thing.." You flick it once more and i jump some.

You shake your long hair leaning against my chest resting your head briefly against my shoulder. You kiss just above my cheek but dont touch my skin.

"do you deserve to cum today?" You grin. "maybe...maybe ill let you..we'll see."

You sit up and put your index and thumb tips against my cock. It wasnt small but you just wanted to get out the point that it was in fact small to you.

"Shall my slave cum this morning..hmmm.."

you repeat and edge me off. You then slap my balls and lean down to bite on my cock. I yelp and you put a now slightly wet hand to my mouth to shut me up. You stand up slightly on my bed. My cock just slightly erect from the play..yet it hurt so it was slightly flacid. You press your pantied crotch to my cock and rub about it some. You edge me off this way then stand up above me to adjust yourself then you sit back down on my stomach and edge me off with your two fingers yet again.

"you must be really wanting to cum my slavey eh?"

You shake your head.

"well to bad..because i dont think you should get to cum..."

You laugh and stand up check the cam and wave to it. You get up and grab some coffee from the kitchen then return watching me squirm as you eat my cake i recently made and sip my coffee i usually have in the morning. "

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