My Slut Roommate, part 1.   added 7 years ago
  By: Ashley  Age: 28  Country: United States

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Freshman year of college was a pretty wild time. Lots of self-discovery, lots of trying new things… and lots of fun times with horny college boys. And, at times, girls. My roommate, Jenn, was one such chick: she craved sex constantly. Funny thing about her was that you’d have never guessed it—she was a model student, partied modestly, and generally seemed pretty laid-back. But I was her roomie and I knew what she was up to late at night. After midnight on any day of the week, she’d come into our room with a guy wrapped around her, and they’d go at it. Always a different guy. Some I’d had class with, others I’d seen around campus, and I could’ve sworn there were a few older guys mixed in there. Sometimes I’d sleep through it, but most of the time I’d pretend to be asleep and I’d quietly watch my otherwise innocent, sweet roommate get fucked. Seeing her get pounded by different guys always turned me on, and I was always content to watch.


That all changed the night Jenn caught me peeking. It was a Wednesday evening, and both of us had finished an econ midterm we wanted to forget. I got in bed early, dozing off, but of course Jenn had other things in mind. Well, whatever, I thought, as I drifted off.


I awoke to Jenn’s low moaning, something I’d become accustomed to. Jenn’s fuckbuddy of the evening—I think this one was a soccer player—had her straddling him on her bed, riding his cock hard. Her hands were planted firmly on his chest as she rubbed her hips roughly over him. I watched his face contort with pleasure; no doubt he was enjoying Jenn’s pussy—I had to give him credit for not making any noise. I watched in anticipation as he lifted Jenn’s hips just the slightest bit and started to push up with his hips, using his legs to power his cock into my roommate. His hips slapped her ass harder and harder, and Jenn’s whimpers intensified.


By now, I was pretty wet. My hand had strayed to my own pussy, rubbing it in rhythm with Jenn’s fucking.


Suddenly, the silence broke. “YEAH, take my cock Jenn!” The boy’s groan penetrated the quiet, and Jenn stopped cold. She whispered, “Aidan, please, my roommate’s asleep!”


“Oh, I—“ as Aidan started to respond, Jenn turned towards my bed. Lost in my own world of excitement, I had kept rubbing myself. I tried to cover up, but it was too late: Jenn saw my eyes wide open and my hand down my panties. Then her eyes flashed right back to Aidan, who clearly hadn’t noticed. What was she thinking? What was Jenn going to do now that she had caught me?


“—I’m sorry. I forgot…” Aidan stammered. Jenn’s eyes flickered back to me, and I could’ve sworn I saw her wink. But before I could react, her eyes were back on Aidan.


“Oh, it’s alright, never mind…” Jenn responded. “I’ve learned that, ahem, she’s a pretty heavy sleeper.”


Aidan smiled and resumed fucking my roommate, and the two of them made lots of noise, Jenn’s groaning being answered now by Aidan’s loud moans. They built in intensity, and I kept pace, stroking my clit harder and harder as I built toward my own orgasm.


I could tell Aidan was getting close, because his strokes came harder, more deliberate, more measured. Jenn whispered loudly, “Aidan, come inside of me, I want to feel your hot cum inside of my pussy, I need your cum inside of me…” That was enough for Aidan, who moaned, “Oh GOD Jenn, I’m coming!” as he buried his cock deep inside of her. His muscles shook as he shot his cum into my roommate, pushing his cock in and out of her for the last few times. At the same time, my own orgasm washed over me, pleasure rocking my body in waves as I watched my roommate wind down. Jenn collapsed on top of Aidan, and I heard her breathing deeply, her energy spent.

After Aidan had cleaned up and left, Jenn put on a robe and headed for the door. I assumed she was going to wash Aidan’s cum out of her pussy, but she didn’t say anything about it. She turned around, a small grin on her face. My heart raced--what did she have to say? She only had one word for me, the only thing she’d said to me all evening.


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