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A few years ago I had a roommate that I fantasized about a lot. He was about ten years younger than me, in college, and I was working my way up the ladder in a stressful job. We used to get high and drink together a lot, and we were good friends. The kind of good friends that would sometimes flirt when we were fucked up, talking about sex and porn and getting a little handsy. But it never went anywhere, he had girlfriends, and I masturbated thinking about him a lot. One time I heard him jerking off in the shower, which was right next to my bedroom with adjacent open windows, and it turned me on so much that I had to get off, too, lying on my bed and rubbing my pussy and moaning, wondering if he heard me from in the shower.

In fact, I masturbated a lot when he was home, always letting myself moan and sometimes even daring to say his name, wondering if he could hear me, wondering if he was in his own bedroom playing with his cock, getting hard while he listens to me get off. Sometimes when he had a girl over, I'd lie in my bed thinking about them fucking, him between her legs licking her pussy, sliding his dick into her cunt, and I'd fuck my own pussy on my hand, rubbing my clit so fast. I'd always come hard thinking about him fucking into her hard and coming. I knew they used condoms, so I knew he would never come in her pussy, and it always made me perversely glad. Yes, I wanted to fuck him, and I was a little jealous.


One time when he had gone out of town for the night, I did my usual thing and took advantage of the empty apartment to masturbate loudly all over the place. I jerked off in the living room in front of the open windows that looked directly into the apartments across the street. I jerked off on the couch facing the door, thinking about him coming home and walking in to see me spread open and fingering my pussy. And then, after I took a nice hot shower where I fingered and soaped my ass, and rubbed and pinched my nipples while my hands were slippery with soap, I was all warm and turned on, and I knew I wanted to do something special.


I went to my roommate's bedroom naked, hair still damp, and I spread myself out on his unmade bed. His room was messy, and it smelled strongly like sweaty stale boy, dirty clothes all over the floor and sheets clearly unwashed. I examined a couple mysterious stains on the sheets, and felt my cunt tingle, thinking about him lying right there where I was and jerking his cock until he spilled come on the sheets.


A breeze blew in through the open window, making my nipples tighten, and I rubbed my hand down between my legs and over my cunt, feeling how hot my pussy was as it tingled. I lay back on my roommate's rumpled sheets and slid my finger between my wet cunt lips, moaning as my pussy got even wetter and I rubbed my finger up and around my clit. I felt so dirty and naughty, fingering my cunt on his bed, getting off on the smell of him around me, on thinking about him there with his dick in his hand. I played with my cunt for a while thinking about him, rubbing my clit and pushing my fingertip down over my tight hole until I started wanting to feel something fucking inside me.


I sat up when I could feel my pussy start aching with wanting to come, my breath panting harshly as I ground my cunt up onto my rubbing fingers. I didn't want to come yet, it wasn't quite enough. I looked around his room and saw a pair of his boxers on the floor by the bed. I picked them up and buried my face in the crotch. God, it smelled so much like cock. It made me cunt throb and my mouth water thinking of him wearing those, of his thick cock getting hard in them before he pushed them off and jerked his dick until he shot jizz on the sheets. I kept them held up to my face with one hand and rubbed my pussy a little again, feeling my fingers slide easily into my wet slippery cunt hole.


I really wanted to get fucked, so I looked around again and saw a small flashlight on his desk, the plastic head rounded perfectly, I thought. I grabbed it and rubbed it in my pussy, groaning when it slid over my wet clit and shouting out when I pushed it over my hole and the head slid into my cunt, my hole clutching around it and my hips fucking up to push it deeper. I lay back again and pulled his dirty boxers over my face, inhaling the smell of his sweaty cock as I moved my hands back down to finger my clit and fuck the flashlight in and out of my pussy. I fucked it in and out me faster and harder, breathing in the smell of my roommate's cock, rubbing and rubbing at my clit, and I let myself groan and shout loud when I started to come, crying out my roommate's name and fucking myself as fast as I could with the hard flashlight, then holding it hard up my cunt as it spasmed and throbbed and squeezed around it, my fingers rubbing fast at my clit, making myself come and come, wishing it was my roommate's cock in my face or fucking up my pussy.


After I finally stopped yelling and coming all over my hand, I pulled the flashlight out of my pussy and wiped it off on his dirty boxers. I put it back where I'd found it, knowing it still smelled like my pussy and wondering if he'd notice next time he used it. I lay back on his bed again and let myself drift off to sleep, naked and spread out on his bed, my cunt hot and tingling still. When I woke up later, I couldn't believe I'd let myself fall asleep on his bed--even though I knew he wasn't coming home, it still felt dangerous--but I was also still pretty turned on. I decided what the hell, and I masturbated again, just with my fingers that time, rubbing myself off as quick as I could with my face in his dirty underwear again.


Ever since that night, I've fantasized about what would have happened if he had come home early and walked in while I was getting off on his bed. Either time really. What would he think if he heard me shout his name and moan from the courtyard outside. If he let himself in the apartment quietly, wondering what the hell was going on, and opened his door to find me naked on his bed, fucking my cunt hard with his flashlight and rubbing my clit, his dirty underwear over my face.


"What the fuck?" he'd shout, and I'd open my eyes and struggle to sit up, the boxers falling away and the flashlight still hard up my pussy. I'd be mortified, and I'd freeze, unable to say anything. I wouldn't know what to say. There would be no excuse. He'd be staring dumbfounded at me, his eyes roaming from my face to my breasts to my pussy. Then he'd look at the boxers on the bed by me, and back at my cunt, eyes widening when he sees the end of the flashlight sticking out of my hole. "Seriously, what the fuck?" he'd ask again, and he'd step forward. That's when I would notice his dick tenting out the front of his baggy cargo shorts. My heart would pound, and I'd still feel like I couldn't move or speak, but I'd feel my pussy throb and clench around the flashlight when he steps closer again, my eyes glued to his hard cock pushing out toward me.


He'd reach out and push my face up to look at him. "Really?" he'd ask again. "With the--" and he'd wave his hand at the boxers and my cunt where the plastic of the flashlight is glistening with my cunt juices. He'd laugh a little and reach down to adjust his dick. I'd make a noise, and he'd look at me again. "Well, fuck this," he'd say, and he'd open up his shorts. I'd see the dark bush around his cock, and then he'd hold it out to me, bringing it up to my face and rubbing it over my cheek and my lips. I'd lean in and sniff at it, dragging my nose down to his curly sweaty hair and breathing deep. I'd moan at the smell of him, letting my tongue out to lick and lap all over his dick until he's groaning and trying to fuck it into my mouth. I'd open up and let him push the sticky swollen head of his prick over my tongue, starting to fuck in and out of my mouth while I suck him, letting my tongue rub all over while he fucks his thick hard dick between my lips.


After a couple minutes, he'd pull his cock out of my mouth and push me back on the bed, climbing up to kneel beside me. He'd push my legs open and run his hand up to my cunt, feeling around the hard plastic flashlight still in my cunt hole. I'd whimper a little and spread wider when he fucks it in and out of me a few times. When he pulls it out of my cunt altogether, I'd look up at him and whine, grinding my cunt up at empty air. He'd laugh at me and push two fingers right into my hole, making me gasp, laughing again when he starts finger-fucking me and my whining turns into deep groans while I circle my pussy up onto his fingers.


But after only a few moments of that, he'd pull his fingers out of my cunt, too, and I'd try to lie still, waiting to see what will happen. I would still feel off-balance, unsure of how okay it is that I got caught masturbating on his bed, that he knows I get off to the smell of his dick, that he must know I want so badly for him to fuck me. I wouldn't really know what he'd be thinking of me, what he'd want from me. So I'd keep still, leave my legs spread open wide for him, letting him look at my wet pussy, my soft tits with hard pointed nipples, panting and sweaty and clearly hot for him.


He'd climb over between my legs, smirk down at me, then lean his face down close to my pussy and inhale deeply. "Mmmm, you smell like hot pussy," he'd say, then laugh at me again. "I can see it, I guess." He'd smirk again then lean down and push his tongue between my cunt lips, licking between them and up to my clit. I'd buck and grunt, and he'd get down and really bury his face in my pussy, pulling my cunt lips open with his fingers so he can lick deeply into my cunt, tonguing my hole and licking up over and over my clit until I'm groaning and fucking his face. He'd lick me and lick me until I know I can't help coming, and I'd twist up and grab his head, holding it on my cunt, closing my legs around his face as my pussy starts spasming and clenching and flooding hot come all over his tongue as he licks it out of me. I'd come long and hard like that, grinding my pussy on his tongue and holding his head hard in my cunt, not letting go of his hair until my cunt has stopped throbbing and tingling. He'd sit back and wipe his face, my cunt juice shining all over his lips and chin. I'd be panting and shivering and really hoping he's going to fuck me.


"Get up," he'd say, and pull at my ankle. I'd be confused, but I'd push myself up until I'm sitting. "Up," he'd say again, and pull my arm until I'm up on my knees. He'd turn me around, and I'd get it, going down on my hands and knees and leaving my cunt and ass spread open toward him. My pussy would throb a little as I'd think about taking it from behind like that. I'd moan when I'd feel him run his fingers up and down my wet cunt.


"C'mon," I'd say, "just give it to me." I'd push my cunt back at his hand and go down on my elbows, arching my back so my cunt spreads open more for him. I'd want his cock in me so bad, and I'd repeat, "C'mon." I'd hear him reaching to open his desk drawer to go for a condom, but I wouldn't want it. I'd want his come in me, so I'd reach out to stop him. "No, fuck no. I want you to come in me. I'm on the pill, and I'm clean. If you're clean, then no, no condom." He'd look hesitant, but would finally put it back, and I'd put my head back down as I hear him move back behind me.\


"I'm clean," he'd say, "so I'm going to fuck you raw and come in your pussy. Is that what you want?" He'd shove two fingers back up my cunt as he asks me this, and I'd shout and then moan loud as he starts finger-fucking me, trying to say "yes" but only able to whine and groan as he rubs deep in my cunt and lets his thumb start circling my clit. I'd be so ready to get fucked, and I'd take his fingers and try to wait patiently for his cock.


"Is it?" he'd ask again, and pull his fingers out of my pussy. I'd feel him pull my ass open, and I'd tense, wondering, then his tongue would lick right over my asshole, licking over it hard once and then returning to push inside and start tongue-fucking my ass. I wouldn't be able to believe he was really eating my ass, but my cunt would be twitching and getting hotter, and I wouldn't be able to help squirming my asshole back onto his mouth. He'd lick my ass for a few minutes, until my asshole was getting loose and really wet, and then he'd lick down to my cunt, rubbing his tongue over my clit and making me shout and fuck my pussy back at him, suddenly wanting to come so bad.


He'd pull his mouth away and I'd feel him sit back. My ass would be wet, and the breeze from the window would feel cool brushing over my asshole, making it twitch and clench. I'd hear him inhale sharply and then feel his finger brushing over my asshole again, pressing in a little and making me whimper. Then suddenly he'd be kneeling behind me, and I'd feel the head of his cock pushing on my cunt, circling my hole and then shoving sharply inside, making me take him suddenly and hard, his thick long cock pressing steadily up my pussy until he'd be buried deep. I'd grunt and squirm a little, my cunt throbbing around him, and he'd hold my ass hard and pull his cock almost all the way out of my cunt, teasing the tip around just barely in my hole. I'd be frustrated, whining and trying to push back, but he'd hold onto my ass and keep teasing my pussy, growling, "God, you're so fucking easy, I just want to fuck you until you're crying for it, fuck," and he'd shove his prick up my cunt again, making me take it hard and deep and starting to fuck me smoothly, pumping my pussy full of his cock until I'm panting and fucking back onto him.


"You looked so fucking nasty when I walked in, do you know that?" I'd hear him grunt at me, and I'd feel myself flush hot with shame, remembering what it felt like for him to see me like that, see how much I was a dirty slut for him. "You and that fucking flashlight, what the fuck?" And he'd shuffle closer and pull my ass up, so he can fuck my cunt deeper. I'd spread and try to keep taking it, feeling my pussy get sloppier and hotter as he reams me. "And you liked it when I ate your ass," he'd laugh, sliding his fingers over to spread my ass cheeks open. "You fucking loved my tongue up your ass, what was that? Who knew you were so fucking dirty?" I'd moan loud as he rubs his fingers down over my asshole, pressing the fingertips in and rubbing hard over it. I'd feel him lean forward and put his fingers in front of my face. I'd lean in and lick all over them, drooling and slobbering and getting them wet. After a few moments, he'd lean back, and rub his fingers on my asshole again, pushing two of them up my ass, the spit making it easier, but leaving enough friction to be a little uncomfortable.


He'd stop pumping his cock up my pussy for a moment, leaving it buried deep inside me and his two fingers pushed hard up my ass. I'd hear him rummaging around on the bed, and then he'd mutter, "aha" and sit back up. I'd feel his cock slide out of my pussy, leaving me empty and throbbing. I'd try to sit up and turn to see what he's doing, but he'd push my shoulder back down, shaking his head when I turn to look at him. I'd put my head back down and then I'd feel something hard and plastic pushing on my cunt. I'd feel hot with embarrassment again when I'd realize he's fucking the flashlight into my pussy, giving it to me hard, fucking it deep and fast in my sloppy wet cunt. After only a minute of fucking me with it, he'd pull it out, and I'd feel his dick pushing up my cunt again. He'd fuck me a few times, making my tight pussy open up for his thick hard prick again, and I'd just keep my head down and let him give it to me hard, wanting him to fuck me until I come, stop fucking around.


He'd slow down, fucking me steady and deep, but nice and easy, and I'd feel him rubbing his fingers around in my pussy, brushing over my clit and making me grunt and shudder, my cunt squeezing his cock. He'd rub my clit a little, until I'd start moaning and trying to fuck him faster, my pussy hot and wet and tight around his dick. Before I can get too close to coming, he'd pull his fingers out of my cunt and rub them over my asshole again, pushing them inside where it's still wet with spit, my cunt juice adding a little more slickness to make it easier. He'd finger-fuck my asshole for a while, his dick pumping in and out of my cunt, and I'd really be getting into it, when I'd feel him lean over me again, and I'd open my eyes to see the flashlight in front of me. I'd lean in and lick it, tasting my own cunt, and I'd lick as much of my saliva onto it as I could. He'd bring it back to my ass, and I'd moan when I feel the rounded plastic head pushing on my asshole. He'd rub it around and push lightly while he starts fucking his cock up my cunt a little faster.


I'd feel him reach a hand around my hip and his fingers would slide into my pussy, rubbing around his cock as it fucks up my hole and then playing with my clit while I moan and squirm and fuck my cunt onto his cock and his fingers. He'd keep his fingers rubbing over and around my clit and start fucking my pussy faster, the plastic flashlight just barely pressing inside my tight wet asshole. He'd fuck his cock up me hard, then just keep it there, grinding a little, as his fingers rub and pinch my clit, and he pushes the flashlight hard on my asshole, making me take it, my ass opening up and letting him force it inside, burning and stretching around it, wet but with enough friction that I'd be whining and wondering if I can take it. He'd push it deep in my ass, then hold it there while he starts fucking my cunt again, sliding his cock in and out of me slow and steady, letting my ass get looser before he starts fucking it a little with the flashlight. His fingers wouldn't really be moving on my clit, he'd just be holding them there while he fucks my cunt and starts twisting and grinding the flashlight up my ass.


My cunt would be so hot, and I'd feel the tension all over, my nipples hard and aching, my spine bending as I'd try to force my cunt back onto his cock harder, take the flashlight up my ass deeper, rub my clit on his fingers faster. I'd want to come so bad my whole body would be shaking, and I'd need him to give it to me harder, make me take it harder and faster. I'd start begging, moaning and whining as I beg him to fuck me harder, give me more.


His fingers would start moving over my clit again, rubbing me fast and light as his dick would start slamming up my cunt, reaming me as hard and fast I can take it, his dick slamming up my pussy with sloppy wet sounds every time he shoves it in. I'd be moaning nonstop, taking it, wanting him to give it to me harder and harder, my cunt throbbing, my whole body getting tighter and tighter. He'd be shoving the flashlight up my ass and I'd feel so fucked, so fucked hard, my ass and my pussy getting fucked open by my roommate, and I'd know I'm going to come on him, so I'd shout, and he'd fuck me just a little bit faster, going wild, slamming me full of his cock. I'd come so hard, shouting and grinding my pussy on his cock, my asshole squeezing tight around the hard plastic flashlight over and over as my cunt spasms and clutches and clenches around his thick hard cock while he slams it up my pussy. I'd fuck him as hard and fast as I can while I come, feeling him take hold of my ass and start pumping my pussy hard. I'd know he's going to come, and I'd feel my heart pounding as his dick shoots hot loads of jizz in my cunt over and over while he shoves and grinds it up my pussy.


Finally, he'd pull out, and we'd lie sprawled and sweaty on his bed. The flashlight would still be up my asshole, but I'd stay quiet, and he'd fall asleep, and when he did, I'd sneak out. I'd go to my room and feel my cunt throbbing and the hard plastic still up my ass as I walk. I'd pull it out and wrap it up, a keepsake from something that I'd be thinking we'd probably never talk about again. At least I'd be hoping so, because I'd still be feeling embarrassed about how the whole thing started. But I'd fall asleep that night feeling anxious that he might not want to pretend it never happened, and then what?


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