Fucked By a Cop After He Catches Me Masturbating   added 7 years ago
  By: easypeasy  Age: 42  Country: United States

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Something that really gets me off lately is masturbating in front of my bedroom window. I'm on the second floor, my bedroom facing a major road and an intersection with a smaller road. Not too far from the road. I can see the faces of the people in the cars as they pass. Sometimes I just finger my pussy, sometimes I fuck myself with a big pink vibrator. Usually I put one leg up so my cunt is spread open. Sometimes I'm naked, sometimes I wear some homemade crotchless panties and a bra that I cut holes out of for my nipples. If I'm home alone, I moan and talk loud about how hot it is to finger myself and fuck myself, and when my window is open, I imagine anyone who was walking by could hear me.

I like to think about people seeing me. I've thought about families driving by, moms driving, kids in the back looking out the window, glancing up and seeing my dark hairy bush, my fingers working in my cunt. Sometimes big trucks go by with people up high in the cabs, a good view over the shrubbery below my window. I think about them seeing me shoving my cunt down onto my bright pink vibrator, and I like to think it gets their cocks hard when they realize they've seen someone fucking her pussy like that. I've thought about teenage boys driving by, getting hard in their cargo shorts when they look up and see me thrusting my pussy at the window and rubbing fast at my cunt. I've thought about a sheriff's deputy driving by, looking up just as I start to come on my hand as I rub my clit, locking eyes with him as I shudder and groan and fuck my pussy hard on my fingers.

I love to think about the deputy turning around and coming back to my house, letting himself in, scaring the shit out of me when he walks into my room, and I'm still naked, lying back with my sticky wet cunt spread open on my bed. He'd pull me up roughly and shake my arm as he gives me a lecture about getting arrested for indecent exposure or something. I whimper a little, and he looks down at me for a second, then he turns me around and pushes my head down on my bed. My ass is up in the air, and he pushes a leg between my thighs, spreading my legs open. I feel so exposed with my wet cunt and ass up in the air, but I'm too scared to do anything but comply.

He puts a hand on the back of my neck, and then I feel something hard and cold running over my cunt lips. It rubs up and down and slides gradually between them. When it rubs down over my clit, I grunt and can't help shoving my pussy back a little. I hear a quiet snort, and he rubs the head of the nightstick over and over my clit until I moan and try to spread my pussy wider open. When I grind my cunt back at him, he pushes it over my hole and starts fucking it up my pussy in hard little shoves, making me take it deeper and deeper. I'm moaning and pushing my pussy back, my clit throbbing and my wet cunt making sloppy sounds as he fucks me harder.

Suddenly he pulls the nightstick out of my pussy witha slick wet noise, and I feel his fingers spreading me open and rubbing over my clit and into my cunt hole. I grunt when he finger-fucks me roughly a few times with two of his fingers, and then whine loudly and squirm my cunt on his fingers when he touches my clit again. "Please, pleeeease...." I whine again.

I hear rustling and the clinking of a belt buckle, and then I feel the hot swollen head of his prick rubbing over my wet pussy. He rubs it up and down my cunt a couple times, and then just pushes it right up my hole, forcing his cock all the way up my cunt in one hard thrust. I yell, and hold my legs wide open, and try to take it. I feel my cunt burning and stretching and throbbing around him, but when he pulls out partway and slams back in, my hole is slick and he slides back in easy. He starts fucking his dick in and out of my smoothly, pumping my hot cunt full of his cock over and over while I fuck back at him, panting and grunting and grinding my pussy on his hard dick.

I'm moaning loud and losing myself in it, fucking and fucking my pussy back onto his cock while he pounds into me hard and steady. Then I feel him slide one hand around my hip and down my belly until his fingers brushed over my clit. I yell out loud, lifting my head and shoving my cunt back hard onto his prick. He starts fingering my clit while he fucks me, and I grind my cunt on his fingers and take his cock hard up my pussy until I come suddenly, shaking and moaning loud, and feeling my spasming, clutching pussy squeeze his cock while my cunt floods with hot pussy juice. He'd grunt "yeah," and start really banging me, ramming his thick cock up my pussy as hard and fast as he can while I come, and when I'm done, he takes his hand away from my cunt and grabs my ass with both hands. I keep my head down and just try to take it as he holds my ass and fucks his dick up my pussy as fast as he can, making me take it so hard until he comes in me, shoving his prick into me hard with each pulse of hot thick jizz he shoots up my pussy.

I keep my head down and let him fill my cunt with his come, fucking it into me until his cock stops spurting and starts to get soft. He slides out of my cunt, leaving my pussy throbbing and burning and hot, sticky wet come dripping out of my hole along with my own hot cunt juice. I feel used and worn out. He slaps my ass hard, and my clit throbs a little. "Stop fucking yourself like a whore for people to see like that. If I catch you again, I'll fucking tie you up and gag you and make you take my cock up your ass until you can't see straight. I'll be watching you." He slaps my ass again, and I whimper, but I don't get up or look at him. I hear him leave, and I drag myself up onto the bed and run my fingers lightly over my dirty, wet, used pussy, feeling how sticky and hot my cunt is, until I drift off to sleep.

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