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Nature: Agressive

I lay bored in my bed, idly tapping my finger on my upper thigh. It was sticky hot outside; the type of hot that causes your clothes to cling to your skin. I lay sprawled out under my fan, trying to keep cool, cursing my landlord for not fixing our broken down cooling system. Even though I was wearing a red string bikini, I was still flushed with tiny droplets of sweat crawling down between my breasts, and I was bored.

The front door slamming got my attention, but I didn’t have enough energy to get up off the bed and see who had come home. It was probably my boyfriend. If that was the case, maybe he could offer a little distraction. At the thought of that my nipples hardened slightly, and my brown eyes began to gleam in anticipation. I heard stomping footsteps up the stairs, but then I heard his voice talking to someone else. I heard a far deeper, huskier voice utter a response, and I lifted my head off the pillow in curiosity.

As I sat up, not realizing my bikini top straps were still down around my shoulders, my boyfriend opened the door and let it slam against the wall as he devoured my appearance. He nodded his head slightly in approval, taking in my flushed skin, the material from my swim suit clinging to the sweat on my skin. My brunette hair fell over my shoulders and down my back, slightly damp around the forehead, and my eyes glistened with lust. He smiled slightly, and stood aside, letting his companion into the room. I stopped breathing for a moment and just stared. The man had a presence, a forcefulness that commanded me to look into his gray eyes, and I did. They narrowed slightly, and then dropped to roam over my breasts, half falling out of my top, before continuing down across my flat stomach and then the nicely outlined mound in my bottoms.

As he perused my scantily clad body, I let my eyes wander from his slightly shaggy black hair across the strong sculptured face, then down his neck to his thick arms and strong chest, enclosed in a wife beater tank top that barely held his muscles in. Not to muscular, which is what I like, on down past his waist and then I noticed he had a growing bulge in his groin and I jumped as though branded. I glanced back up quickly to see my boyfriend grinning at me, and I knew I had been caught. The stranger just smiled in a superior way.

“Hey Elen, looking pretty hot today.” my boyfriend said and grinned at me. I just glared back and pulled my straps up around my shoulders, rising off the bed to stalk into our adjoining bathroom. The two men followed me, and I could feel their gazes watching the way my tight ass moved, then on down the smooth expanse of my long tanned legs, so I threw an extra saunter into my step. I came to a stop in front of the sink, and began to brush my hair, seeing them come to the bathroom door out of the corner of my eye. The stranger was still gazing at me, his eyes a hot brand against my skin, and I felt myself begin to get wet.

“Anyways Elen, before I go back to work I want you to meet Todd. We're lucky we got him at such short notice. He's an air-conditioning contractor and he's going to finally fix our AC today.” He slapped me playfully on the butt and walked away, chuckling softly. Todd didn’t follow; he stood in my doorway, his hot gaze commanding me to turn around without having to say a word. So turn I did, to look into his steel colored eyes, and I became mesmerized. The slamming of the front door and the revving of my boyfriend's truck as he sped back to his job did nothing to break the spell.

Todd motioned me forward with his head, and my nipples turned into twin points of burning need as I slowly laid my hairbrush down on the counter, never taking my eyes off of his. I stepped forward foot by foot, my cunt getting wetter with each inch until I stood almost face to face with him. His eyes, at first cold, got heated and then turned into a gray the color of storm clouds as he leaned forward. I tore my gaze from his eyes and focused on his lips, unable or unwilling to do anything to displease this man. He leaned forward and brushed his soft lips against my ear lobe, making me shudder in anticipation, and I stepped forward far enough that my rock hard nipples grazed roughly against his chest, making me moan softly.

He shuddered at the contact as well, and whispered in that husky deep voice, “I am going to fuck you now, and you aren’t going to say no are you.” I knew this was a command, and a part of me wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but I was powerless. All I could do when he leaned back was to shake my head meekly, and his eyes gleamed in triumph. He lifted a hand up to finger the flimsy strap holding my tits in check, and then slid it gently off my shoulder, never taking his eyes from mine. I shuddered at his touch, my lips parting so I could run my tongue across them in sweet agony. He then took my hand and led me back into my room and over towards the bed.

We walked step by step, the tension between us so thick I could barely breathe. I ached to have my nipples in his firm unsmiling mouth, and my cunt ached to have his hard brutal cock fucking into it. His eyes dipped from my eyes to my mouth, with my tongue running over the lips in constant nervousness and he then leaned forward to place his wet lips against mine in a passionate demanding kiss that left me breathless. He jerked me up against him, until only the tips of my toes were touching the floor, and I could feel his hard cock burning against my soft stomach as his arms swept around me, crushing me into his body. I groaned into his mouth as his teeth nipped at my lower lip, then he proceeded to suck and any reservations I might have had about our encounter vanished as his tongue wrapped around mine and suckled gently.

I was making little whimpering noises into his mouth as he pushed me down to sit on the edge of the bed, nudging my legs open so he could kneel in-between my spread thighs, never taking his lips off mine. As he continued to suckle my mouth he pulled my hips towards him forcefully and snuggled his clothing encased rock hard cock against the soaking lips of my pussy. I jerked in reaction and started to pull away, but he brought his hands up to my face and held my lips against his, making slight deep noises in my throat that commanded me to be still.

He finished his kiss with a light nibble against my tongue, and then his warm and demanding lips were gone. I opened my eyes to see him staring down as he ground his cock slowly against my wet cunt, and I moaned again. His eyes slowly slipped back up to mine, swirling with lust, and then he let loose of my hips to slide the other strap off my shoulder. With a slight tug from his warm fingers the top fell down off my tits to gather at my waist, and my nipples sprung out.

He nodded in approval, pausing to give me a tender kiss, before he leaned down to scoop one into his mouth. My whole body spasmed as his mouth took possession of my nipples, one after the other, slowly lathing them with his tongue, biting roughly, and then circling his fingertip around them before leaning in to taste them once again. I clutched my hands into his tousled hair, overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock against my pussy, grinding against my clit, and his hot mouth torturing my nipples. It was like an avalanche, I was powerless to stop his control of me, and he laid me back on the bed so gently.

He stood, leaning across me biting me on the shoulder hard, before grabbing hold of my hips roughly and jerking them into the air. Once he had my legs braced against his thighs, he ripped my bikini bottom off in one quick rough motion, his eyes savage and demanding. His gaze raked across my cunt, his mouth in a firm hard line. A spark of pleasure showed in his eyes as he traced a fingertip lightly across my shaved mound.

He stepped back and stripped his top off, then began unbuckling his jeans slowly and deliberately, never taking his eyes off my cunt. As his jeans dropped to the ground, I gasped softly when his cock sprang out, slapping firmly against his stomach, the huge round head literally drooling precum. It was thick and long, ending at the base with huge sperm filled balls, snuggled tight against his body, and my mouth began to salivate. At my gasp his gaze flew from my cunt to my eyes, slightly angry at my disturbing his concentration, and I knew I had been bad.

I had startled him, displeased him, and I groaned softly as he leaned towards me, his eyes hard and slightly cruel. When he was inches from my face I felt his hand come down hard on my bald pussy, making me yelp, trying to jump up. One strong arm held me down as the other came down over and over flat against my burning cunt, his eyes boring into mine, demanding that I look at him. I was powerless against him.

He smiled slightly at my whimper of pleasure as his final slap sent a wave of ecstasy pouring like liquid fire through my veins. I writhed, and he leaned down to again take my lips in his, pressing me into the bed with his weight as his finger gently parted my labia to search out my clit, finding it and then stroking it into a fire. I groaned into his mouth, whispering his name over and over, screaming when he plunged two fingers deep into my cunt. His arms were bulging with restraint, and his cock lay against my thigh, moving with a life of its own, burning hot and leaking precum that trickled slowly down my skin to soak into my sheets.

He bit my lip, as I reached my first orgasm, devouring my screams as he drove his fingers into me without mercy, humping his cock against my leg. He grunted slightly, taking his fingers out and stood abruptly, leaving me to shiver on the bed with the aftereffects of the strongest orgasm I had ever had. I was finally able to open my eyes to see him standing above me, twirling his finger against the tip of his cock, playing in his own precum, with his eyes slitted, watching me with a fiery look of total ownership. I smiled softly up at him, blowing him a kiss, and his eyes opened as he frowned down at me.

I became unsure at the violence in his eyes, but before I could rise, he flipped me over like I weighed nothing, his hands steady on my hips. He reached forward and pushed my head down into the bed, grabbing a fistful of my long dark hair, and then snuggled his cock up to the entrance of my cunt. I moaned a low groan, and he chuckled. His low deep laughter sent shivers straight down my spine and I arched my hips back against the head of his cock, so close to entering my aching pussy.

He laughed outright and leaned forward again to murmur in my ear, “Are you my little whore now Elen? Are you going to let me fuck you however I want, whenever I want? Do you like the feel of my cock against your cunt, so close to giving you pleasure, but not quite in? Does it drive you crazy Elen? Do you want me to fuck you?” With each sentence he whispered he pushed slightly harder against my cunt until his enormous fat cock helmet was in, slick and coated with my juices.

I then did something I never did before. I begged. I begged him to fuck me like his whore, I told him he could fuck me however and whenever he wanted, if he would just treat me like his little slut. With each breathy word, he gripped my hips tighter, until I could hardly stand the combination of pleasure and pain. His nails dug into me, and then he thrust his massive cock deep into me, impaling me like a tiny doll. I screamed out loud, never having been fucked this hard before, and he ground his hips against me, mashing his swollen balls against my clit.

He chuckled again, then groaned as I rolled my hips, corkscrewing back onto his dick. I smiled secretly, knowing I could work my hips as good as any hooker, until he reached up with one hand and yanked my hair, jerking my face back and to the side. “I want to watch you squirm as I fuck you, you little whore. Elen is Todd’s little whore, and I will never let her forget it.” With that he withdrew his huge cock, making me gasp at the emptiness, and then began to hammer into me at a brutal pace. I groaned, and moaned and screamed as his cock pounded into me, making wet deep fucking noises that mixed with his grunts.

His hand was a steady pressure against my hair, making my upturned face ache as his eyes bored into mine, and then I felt a crashing orgasm come across me. Every time he thrust in, his balls crushed against my clit, making it even more swollen and sensitive, until my body could withstand his demands no more. My pussy convulsed, and I jerked back against him, milking his cock, begging him to fill me up with his cum until I was dripping wet with it, until it was drooling down my legs to soak the sheets. I screamed as wave after wave came over me, but still his hammering did not stop. The feel of his dick touching my womb was incredible; I was crazy for the sensation of having his thick cock buried so deep inside me I could hardly breathe.

His hand left my hair and gripped the other side of my hips, and his fucking motion stopped. He held me deathly still, and we panted for a brief second while he was completely buried inside me before I heard his low moan and then I felt the hot sperm flashing out of his dick to coat my insides. Once his sperm began to flow, he started humping me the way a dog would hump its bitch, slow and deliberate, making sure his sperm got as far into my womb as it could go. I had another orgasm just feeling this slow deliberate fucking as he came, and once he was finally spent he leaned down to lay his head against my back.

I let my weight fall into the bed and we lay like that with him on top, his cock still buried in my cunt as we gasped for breath. We lay like that for fifteen minutes before he finally started to stir. He slid his semi hard erection out of me, and turned me to face him, to see his cold gray eyes and his firm mouth. I stretched languidly, arching my back so my nipples grazed against his chest, and his mouth turned slightly upward in a superior smirk.

"What about the AC?" I asked meekly. The cold grey eyes darkened again faster than a summer thunderstorm. "I have two more holes to fuck first." he said as he leaned forward to capture me again, his vice-like grip on my head pushing my eager mouth firmly down to his waiting hardness. “Ready for round two, my Elen? My little cock slave?”

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