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I walked through the front door

My day had ended earlier than normal, our offices had closed due to fumigation so, by three thirty, I was home.

Putting my things on the entrance table, I opened my email to check any messages.

That was when I saw the flashing bar at the bottom of the screen.

The night before, I had installed a wireless lipstick cam in our bedroom with the intention of capturing my wife and I enjoying each other. What I caught instead, was something very unexpected.

The camera was motions activated and transmitted its images directly to my PC for recording.

Above my screen was my normal webcam that was also motion activated and it was responsible or the first batch of images.

I grabbed a cold beer for myself, sat down and hit the play button on the first recording.


I watched my wife walk in, straight past the camera, the time stamp registered just after one, her regular lunch hour.

Then, to my amazement and shock, I watched a man walk in after her. I didn’t recognize him. Maybe he was an estate agent there to value the apartment. After all, we were looking at selling sometime soon.


I watched my wife and this man take off their jackets and walk into the bedroom.

My heart began to beat faster, I heard the beating in my ears, my breathing increased and I felt that sudden warmness of the blood flowing through my body.

The camera stopped recording. I hurriedly opened the second recording


I watched them enter the bedroom and my wife immediately closed the curtains. She sat down on the edge of the bed and took her boots off. The man was removing his shoes also. My wife lay down, her hands immediately moving to her tits which she massaged intently.


The man climbed onto the bed with her and I watched her reach for him and pull his face towards hers. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss, hands running over each others bodies.


My jaw was clenched tight, the breath from my nose, loudly audible. My heartbeat was deafening in my ears. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I would never have believed it if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes, the eyes that I couldn’t take off the screen. They were riveted in place.


I watched them removing clothing until there was nothing left to take off. Their naked bodies writhing around the bed, mouths still locked together. I watched him climb off her and lie next to her. I watched him bend his head to her right tit and clamp his mouth over the nipple. I watched her hand grasp his cock and begin to rub its hardness. His cock was long and thick and she relished its size. I watched his hand move down her body towards her pussy and I watched her legs open wide for his approaching hand. He rubbed her pussy in slow circles and her hips rose and fell, pushing against his hand. The high resolution of the camera showed me that he was rubbing her juices all over her skin. The skin that I had shaved for her the night before, the skin that I had licked shortly afterwards. The skin that surrounded the pussy I had fucked less than twenty four hours earlier.

I watched him easily slide two fingers into her and begin to fuck my wife’s pussy.


It was then that I noticed it.

While watching my wife with another man, my cock had hardened to the point that it was hurting, being restricted inside my pants.

I got up and went to close the lounge curtains, I couldn’t have my neighbours watching me jerk off. Yes, jerk off, I needed to do that. I had become remarkably horny by what I had seen. Defying everything that I had thought about myself for so many years, I was actually turned on, watching my wife with someone else’s cock in her hand.


I moved back to the computer desk and continued watching while I stripped off my clothes. As I took off my underpants, I noticed that my cock had leaked a large amount of precum while I had been sitting there. That amount of precum in such a short amount of time bore testament to my state of arousal.


I sat down and glued my eyes back on the screen.

My wife’s face was now buried in the guys lap, hungrily sucking his large cock. Her hands with both wrapped around it and she was jerking him off as she sucked. I used the cameras zoom facility to close in on her. She had coated his cock in a layer of her saliva that was dripping down over his balls and onto our bed. Her saliva was all over her hands as she rubbed the shaft.

She moved her body to straddle his head, she needed her pussy licked. I watched his head lift and her facial expression change as his mouth very obviously found her pussy and began to suck. She returned to his cock and slid it back into her mouth. I had often been in that position and I knew she enjoyed deepthroating my cock this way. I wondered if she would do the same to him and would she succeed. His cock was larger than mine and she couldn’t get my cock all the way down. This would be interesting.


Her mouth opened wide and she began to feed his cock to herself. My hand snaked to my own cock and I began to rub hard. The sight of another mans cock sliding into my beautiful wife’s mouth was intensely erotic. Bit by bit she took it down until she visibly gagged. She lifted her head up to catch her breath and then went back down with renewed vigour. I was impressed, she nearly had his whole cock inside her mouth. She took it out again and jerked him. I timed my own hand movements with hers.


She rolled off him onto her back, opening her legs to receive his mouth again. The camera angle didn’t allow me to see exactly what he was doing but, within minutes, she was obviously experiencing her orgasm. Her hands were grabbing his hair, pulling his face into her before suddenly pushing it away. I then saw something new.

My wife ejaculated a large stream of woman cum high into the air. It came down on top of them and the bed. My hand movements stopped and I paused the video.

I hurried to the bedroom and put my hands on the bed.

The covers were still slightly damp, I wondered of it as her juice, his cum or their sweat I was feeling. Either way, I caught myself smiling as my hand moved back to my cock.


Sitting back down in the lounge, I watched him position himself between her legs and ease his cock into my wife’s dripping cunt. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he began fucking her.

Her hips thrust into his with every motion, her head rolling from side to side, her passion climbing.

They fucked for a few minutes before changing position.

She got on all fours, her ass in the air, waiting for his cock. She liked this position.

He grabbed her hips and quickly slid into her. He began to fuck her hard and fast, her pussy offered no resistance to his rampant cock. Her hand was between her legs, probably playing with her clit or rubbing his balls.


I couldn’t carry on like this, I needed more. I powered on my laptop, accessed the video files over the wireless network, hit play and went to lie down on the bed.

The same bed my wife had fucked another guy on just hours before. I felt their bodily fluids on my skin, my hand went back to my cock and I jerked off harder and faster than before.

I was desperate to cum. I was so horny, my ears felt blocked. The blood was coursing through my veins, my breathing ragged and asthmatic.

They were fucking like maniacs now, I could only imagine how wet my wife’s pussy was. She had fantasized about fucking another guy for a long time, now she was doing it. It didn’t know if this was the first time or not but she was clearly enjoying every minute.


I watched him mouth something to her as he pulled his cock out of her and moved around to her face. She grabbed his cock and jerked him off and I watched his cum shoot out of his cock and splash all over my wife’s waiting face. Jet after jet of cum streamed out of him until it began to drip from her chin. My own orgasm started very quickly after that. Cum shot out of my cock, landing all over me, my pillow, he duvet and my laptop.

I saw her bring his cock back to her mouth and watched her clean it of her pussy juice and his cum.


My head was spinning after that, I had no real comprehension of what was happening, either around me or on the screen. I had flopped down onto the bed, my eyes closed, my breathing heavy. The bed was now a complete mess of bodily fluids, a load of washing would have to be done soon.


I also made a mental not to buy a camera with a decent microphone, I wanted to hear what my wife sounded like while her soaking little cunt was getting pounded my another mans cock.


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