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  By: turtleboy  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Tags: threesome crossdressing TwoFriends Anal strap-on TwoWomen pregnant
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Nature: I will tell you later

I'm going all out with my first post. I don't think of myself as much of a story-teller, but here goes nothing. This could take a while to finish, so stay tuned.


Much like any other Friday night, I came home from work drained. And what better to take the edge off than a shot or two of ice cold vodka. "Ahhh, thats the stuff." I think to myself as the liquor washes my frustrations away. The night wears on and I finally start to relax. Flipping channels aimlessly losses its appeal and my eyes start to close. "BBBUUUZZZZZZZZ" My phone rouses me from my hibernation.

"Hello?" I inquire as I fumble to light my cigarette.

"Hey you" the sweet, soft female voice at the other end says. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing much, having a couple drinks and.....watching dirty movies apparently." The TV was alight with pleasure. Naked bodies writhing as only they can on late night cable. It gave me an idea.

"Ohhh, sounds like fun." The soft voice said playfully. My sleepy haze is drifting now and I realize who I'm talking to. "Cathy" a long-time friend. "You want some company? 'Michelle' and I are soooo bored." She asks. I can hear how big her smile is.

"Sure, its not too exciting here but you two are always welcome." I explain.

"Great! We'll be there in a bit!" And with that the conversation ends.

Minutes turn into hours and still I've heard nothing from my friends. At this point I resign myself to spending the evening alone and remember my idea. A few shots later, I'm immersed in the wonderful nudity offered by the internet. Waking up to "skinamax" left me hornier than a highschooler. As I perused my favorite sites nothing seemed to satisfy me. Until I visited a site dedicated to pregnant women, thats where my satisfaction would be. A couple more drinks and suddenly, a thought. "God, I'm jealous. Hey, I could look like that..." I realized I have some clothes left behind by an ex-girlfriend.

So, I staggered to my closet and start rifling though boxes. "JACKPOT!!!" I said out loud. I found so much spandex. Everything from slips to bodysuits. Right then and there I strip down and dress up in a pair of grey yoga pants and a black slip. A pile of blankets beckons me from my bed. Carefully, I roll up the bedding and slide it under my clothes. I check my reflection see some thing's missing. Back to my closet, I find some old bed sheets and a velvety throw blanket. Again, with special care, they're shaped and put in place. My reflection is complete. A huge "pregnant" belly and large breasts I can call my own.

Another drink and a cigarette later, I'm getting comfortable with my new shape. My search for self-gratification continues in the bedroom with my favorite adult dvd, a big bottle of lube, my big blue dildo and inflatable butt plug.




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