Getting fuck by a librarian or school teacher   added 8 years ago
  By: unknown  Age: 45  Country:

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One of my biggest fantasy is that i get fuck by a 35-45 years old librarian or teacher at a library or a classroom.
When i imagine that, it always goes like this:

Im walking in the corridor to the library when the librarian tells me hi. Then, she tells me that she needs help with something. I follow her to the library and when im in it, she close and lock the door. I ask her wats happening and she starts kissing me. She is very tanned and she has black hair.

She then tells me the most wonderfull sentence a women can tell: Do wat u want from me. Then i tell her to make me a blowjob. It goes on and on untill i wanna fuck her. I lay on my back on the desk, she jump on me and fucks me really fast, then really slow and on and on. I finally ask her to make me come with her hands and then i come all over her face and hair. She then tells me that i can come back whenever i want.


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