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Nature: Humiliating

That morning, when my master woke, Iwas kneeling on the beda t his side, already wearing my leash, my ankle and wrist cuffs, and a pair of black stilleto heels that lace up the calf. Seeing him stir, I began licking his balls and his penis, as I had for the past week. We had both taken two weeks off from work, and that meant nothing could stop me from being a total slave, 24/7. At this point, I had not worn clothes for four days – and then, the last thing I had worn had been a poncho, to go shopping for some groceries.

Master was getting aroused by my mouth, and he soon grabbed me by the hair and pushed me down all the way on his cock. I waited, throat extended and unable to breathe, for a few seconds. He then pulled my nipple, pinching it hard at the same time. My scream of pain as of course mufled by my master’s cock, which issomethig that runs him on a lot. He pinched again, then let me go and let me move my head back. I was gasping, and greatly aroused too – pain in my breasts is a big turn on for me.

He then got up, without talking, and snapped his fingers. I got off the bed and crawled on all four next to him. He took my leash and led me to the living room. Also per his instructions, the table was already laidfor breakfast. He went to pour his coffe while Icrawled under the table. When master sat to eat, I went forward and resumed sucking his cock. He slapped my face a few times shile his cock was in my throat, but otherwise seemed to pay no attention to me.

It was already late in the morning, and some workers hadalready began some refurbishing of the roof of the building - that has been going on for a few weeks. After finishing his breakfast, my master got up after another snap. That was the signal for me to stop sucking him, and wait under the table. He went to the couch, and snapped for me to come to him. I crawled to him, slowly, eyes downcast, head lowered. When I approached, he pointed at his cock. I resumed my service.

- Sweet Nathalie, I think I will go to the movies today. But aht is quite a problem. See, one cannot leave an animal alone in an appartment. It could get stupid ideas. And you, my little bitch, are no exception. So I have wondered what I could do with you. I have to keep you amused, see…

He snapped again, took my leash and led me back to the bedroom. I motionned me onto the bed, and I climbed on it – still on all four.

From the drawers where he keeps our toys, he removed a stubby dildo, and a kind of thick thong – something I had never seen. He turned to me.

— So, I will take you somewhere, to stay while I am away. But to keep you entertained, her is this dildo. I have put fresh batteries in it… Even at full speed, you should have a fewhours of fun ahead of you… Turn around and give me your pussy, whore.

I readily presented mself to him, spreading my knees and lowering my head onto the sheets. The dildo went in very smoothly – master had been denying me most orgasms to keep me alert and eager to please. Once the dildo was in place, he turnedit on and immediately set it to a strong pulse. I bit the sheets not to moan. But then, he began strapping the thong in place. It was indeed thick, leather, and was oddly shaped. I had a sudden idea of what it was, but my master confirmed it soon after.

— There. You have a dildo in your pussy, and a chastity belt above it. Which means i twill stay inside your pussy as long as I don’t unlock the belt. The good news is, it leaves your asshole eposed.

As if to illustrate, he slipped a finger in my anus, which immediately clamped around it. I wanted him inside of me so bad…

He pulled his finger out, and had a sweet laugh.

— Don’t worry love, you won’t regret it for long.

He rummaged some more, and took a satchel. Once the satchel in his usual messenger bag, he went to have a shower, leaving me to endure the vibe on the bed. He came out quickly, got dressed, put on his shoes, took the bag, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and took up my leash.

— Come bitch, time for a stroll.

I was still naked as before, aroused almost to a frenzy, but I still froze for a second. It was nearly noon, and he was going to take me out like this ? Then I did what I always do ; I trusted my master, not to put me in danger – quite the contrary, actually.

He led me outside the apartment, locked the front door, and called for the elevator. Once inside, instead of going down, we went up. When we came out, he led me to another door – I was a flight of stairs, a second door, and then… the roof !

He dragged me onto the roof naked, in plain sight of the workers there.

— Hello, gentlemen! Would you mind doing me a little favour ?

There was silence. Everyone was staring at me. I tried to act my best, and put a slight smile on my face.

— You see, continued my master, I have to leave for a few hours, and I can’t leave my bitch home alone. I’m afraid she’ll get bored. So I though you could take care of her.

— Er… What is going on, here ? asked the man closer to us.

— What is going on is that Ican’t leave my slave alone. She’ll get bored. And if anything, I don’t want her to get bored. I’ve slid a dildo into her, and lockedup her pussy. But I’ll leave her here with you, leave a bunch of condoms too, and you can fuck her ass as much as you want until I come back. What do you say ?

The man who had spoken came closer, and knelt in front of me.

— Miss ? Miss ? Is that true ? I mean, is he making you do this ?

I was at once surprised and moved to be adressed directly. I looked at my master, who nodded his head towards him. I turned back to the man, and replied what I thought my master would want me to say :

— I am his to do with as he wants. I am his slave. I chose to be this, and everything he does is fine to me. Please keep me here and fuck my ass.

— Good girl, said my master. Now remember, Nathalie, be the utmost whore you can be with these gentlemen. I want them to want to use you again and again. You may come too, by the way. So, gentlement where should I tie her leash ?

They indicated a spot, next to a makeshift table they had set up for lunch. Master laid out the towel, folded twice, and made me crawl upon it. HE then fastened my leash to a bunch of steel bars lying there. Still, the workers regarded me with a mix of defiance and bafflement. Was I for real, was I a trap, was there a catch ?

Master then took a small plastic plate from his bag, and deposited condoms in it, and a small bottle of lube. Then, with a final pat on my ass, he went to leave.

— Thank you gentlemen, I really apreciate it.

Then he was gone. The men came to stand around me. I counted five pairs of feet. Five guys, given fee rein of my ass for I didn’t know how long. I was scared, ashamed of what was going on, but I was so turnedon by the previous week, and the dildo inside me, that I mostly wanted it to start. I knew that once the were fucking me, I would forget all the rest. I wanted to come ! And my master had told me to be a whore to them. I looked up at the man in front of me.

— Please sir. Please take me. I haven’t come in days, my pussy’s on fire. Please, take my ass. I’m sure you’ll like it. Please use me…

I had told all that in a conversational voice, a little pleading, but mostly to make them see I was ok with all this. The man went to the roof door and opened it. Came back.

— Er, he’s really gone, guys. I think this is for real.

— Well, only one way to know, said the guy who had talked to me. I rather hope it is, actually. She looks like one sweet ass.

I then heard a zipper open, and heard a condom package being ripped. After a little hesitation, he took the lube bottle, and seemed to apply some on the condom. I felt the tip press on my asshole, and felt myself open up for him. Soon, he was slinding inside me, the head of hiscock was in, and then all the way. I yelped with pleasure. I really did.

Mind you, I was conscious of being taken by a complet estranger, not because I had seduced him but because I had been lent for amusement. I knew I was not there to enjoy, but rather be enjoyed. But that was exactly the root of what I crave. Being used means being abused. I was ashamedof my nudity, of all the things on me that marked me as a slave, a whore, I was ashamed of having been paraded on a leash, of being handed without having my say. But all those things only made me come harder when the man said :

— Holy shit, this is for real. She’s really got something in her, I can feel it vibrating. Fuck, she’s one big jerking machine.

Yes, that was it. I was there for them to jerk with, only they were jerking inside me. Using my ass instead of their hand. The man must have felt my ass tighten, and I’m sure I moaned very loud.

— Look at that, another said. I think you made her come just sliding inside her. Is that right, miss ?

— Mmh mmh, I replied. I was biting my lips, because the man fucking m yass was beginning to move, and I was loving it.

True to what they had been told, they used me. They each came fast, taking turns on me. After coming, they would pull out, and just put their condoms on me without tying the down. I felt their cum pool in the small of my back. Smelled their mixed seed.

After using me once, one said they should probably get back to work, sot they did. I waited there, on all four, feeling the sun onmy back drying the come, little by little. The vibrator inside me was going strong. I felt an orgasm crash on me as one man called to his collegues :

— Look how she’s moving her hips. Ha, I think we’ll have to take a break and give her some more !

— We’ll see about that later on, we have more important things to do, remember ?

So they continued working, not one of them noticing how that remark about my futiliy had made me come.

But use me again, they did. Twice. Even three times, for two of them. The others found this very fuunny, and asked them how long it had been since they’d gotten any action.

— Hey, the bitch isn’t complaining, said the youngest, so why should I stop ?

And he was right. At one point during the second round, I had screamed so hard my voice had given out. I was only making throaty sounds, and almost barking sometimes, when the waves were really hard. The vibe in my pussy had been going for so long, I did not know anymore if it gave pleasure or pain, but the pounding I was getting was making the question moot. M yass had been gang-fucked for the first time, and I was crying with the force of my orgasms. I felt the tears running down my face, and tasted them on my tongue.

A few minutes, probably, after the last one had finished emptying himself inside my ass, the door to the roof opened. I was almost lying down, convulsing with the aftershock of the last orgasm. I had began coming well before he was finished, but that hadn’t stopped him in the least. So I had kept coming and coming and coming all the time it had taken him to climax. I did not hear the door right away. Only when I saw shoes in front of my face did I recognize the voice I was hearing as my masters. He had asked the five guys if I had been satisfying. Then he saw the condoms on my back and said, with a smile in his voice :

— Well, I guess she was, at that. Good girl, Nathalie. Very good. Now thank these gentlemen for taking care of you, and we’ll be going home.

I croaked something, thanking them for filling my ass or some other crude phrase – I know my master likes it when I talk about myself like that, and the humiliation always jolts my clit – and felt a drag on the leash. My movements, to follow, made some of the cum run from my back to my sides and on my buttocks. When the door was closed and we were waiting for the elevator, master said :

— I’m very happy with you, Nathalie. You’re very obedient, I am very proud. Did you like being their ass-slave for a day ?

I could still feel them inside me, I felt like my as was being pumped as we spoke. It was incredibly arousing. I said :

— Yes, master, I loved that they could useme as they pleased, whenever they felt like it, or just leave me in a corner and ignore me.

— Good. Oh, by the way, be careful when you walk. If one of the condoms falls, you’ll have to clean the floor with your tongue, and carry the condom in your mouth.

Two fell in the elevator. I licked the cum and piecked up the condoms in my mouth. My master took me home, and took me to the bathroom. He unlocked the chastity belt, turned the didlo off – I let out a gasp of relief at the quiet returning into my body – and left me to shower. After which he let me take a relaxing bath, and when I came out, laid me on the bed, and fucked my throat until he came hile holding my leash.


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