Sexy Stripper becomes a whore in the back room   added 8 years ago
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It's dark in the strip club when I walk in and see her dancing on the stage. It's still early on in her set, she still has the bikini on as I take my seat. I'm close to the stage, watching as she gyrates around. I pull out a $20 and hold it near the edge, inviting her to come closer. She does, running her hands under her bikini top over her perky B-cup tits. I slide the bill up her leg, into her garter, and she presses my face into the valley between her breasts. I kiss and nibble for a precious few seconds, then she's gone, back to the pole.

After her set, she slinks over in her tiny bikini and pours herself into my lap, asking if I want a private show. I nod, and wrap my arm around this tiny little nymph as we walk to the back of the bar.

 The back room is a tiny space, with a bench against one side, and mirrors on every wall. Once I sit down, she starts dancing slowly, gyrating her hips closer to me. I run my hands freely up and down her legs and sides, slowly slipping her bikini bottoms down. She smiles and whispers to me, telling me that it's $50 to take them off. I look at her, and slide $100 into her garter again, smiling at her as I pull her panties off. I slide my fingers between her slit and move my mouth to one of her covered nipples, feeling teh stiff nub under the fabric. She moves a hand down to my crotch, rubbing my cock through my khakis. Again, she leans forward, whispering to me, "Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to feel that hard cock sliding into my cunt?" as she slowly jacks me off through my pants. "You can, you know. For $150 more, you can slide this hard cock into my wet, tight, naughty, stripper cunt..." she moans into my ear. Without waiting, I free my cock and pull her wet pussy onto my hard cock, sliding in easily. It's definitly not tight and virginal, but it grips my cock just right, massaging me. She's getting off just as much as I am, being a barely legal stripper whore for me.

 I pull her head down to me, sucking on her earlobe as I press my hips harder against her, trying to get deeper. "How many guys have you fucked today?" I ask her, sending my free hand down to her ass. "Three, but only two of them came in my mouth. One came a bit early..." I moan again, knowing that the little slut had just fucked some other guys, and one of them came in her little cunt. "How much to cum in that perfect little cunt, babe?" I ask, feeling my balls tense up, knowing I'm close.

 "You want to cum in my slutty little cunt, baby? You want to fuck your cum in my wet pussy?" she whispers in my ear, driving me crazy, sending me over the edge as my cum jets inside of her in spasms.

 After I come down from the high, I smile at her. "What's your name, and when do you perform, because that was amazing." I hand her $500, and stuff her bikini in my pocket to remember her by.

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