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Categories: Prostitutes, Oral Sex, Masturbation
Tags: sex blackmail BJ
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating
I was so nervous, more nervous than I usually am when I go to a guy's hotel room. I had done a bachelor party for this guy, Bill, and it got a little crazy and he took a picture of me with cum all over myself and was using it to blackmail me. He said he'd destroy the original if I met him in a hotel dressed like a slut and gave him head. My bad feeling about this came from the fact that I can usually say "no" if I want but this time I pretty much had to go along with whatever he wanted. However, I didn't really see many other options.

That afternoon I put on a black corset, black bikini bottoms, thigh-high fishnets, and black thigh-high boots, and then I went over to his hotel. I definitely got some looks when I was walking through the lobby, but that's part of the business sometimes and I don't mind that much any more. I was getting used to thinking of myself as someone who sucks dick for money so having people look down on me as a sex object just doesn't bother me. When I got to Bill's room, I knocked and he let me in.

Bill took a seat on his couch, he had an envelope and a digital camera. He showed me the picture on the camera and deleted it while I watched. The envelope contained the original printout of my humiliation and Bill told me that I'd get it back if I did what he wanted.

"So, what exactly do you want?" I asked, a bit nervous. It was the million dollar question.

"First, you're going to masturbate for me while I get undressed." I started to go over to one of the chairs when Bill stopped me. "No. Over here, right between my legs."

Okay, I thought. I can do this. I knew this was going to go badly for me unless he was totally satisfied so I decided to start getting myself in the mood to do this right. Thinking back to the party, I remembered Bill waving his erect cock in my face right before it spurt all over me. There was no getting around it, I was turned on then and started to get turned on thinking about it now. Feeling my body starting to flush with heat, I sat down on the floor in between Bill's legs and tentatively slid my hand down the front of my panties. At first I looked up at him and saw him staring lecherously down at me as I lightly brushed myself, teasing my own lips open. Soon, however, I was getting into it and I closed my eyes and started to give into the sexual pleasure I was receiving at Bill's command.

He started to get undressed. He slowly undid his shirt, folded it, and placed it on the mini fridge next to the couch. With deliberate slowness, he opened his belt and slid his pants off, again folding them. By this point, I was laying on my back on the floor, my hand fully inside my panties and two of my fingers were tending to my swelling clit. My other hand was cupping my breast.

When Bill was totally undressed, he stopped me by throwing his boxers onto my face. Jolted out of my sexual meditation by the scent of his crotch, I opened my eyes and sat up. "Now you're going to service my cock," he told me as he pushed his erection in front of me. "You are a slut and it's your job to make cocks feel very good, and now you're going to show me what you've learned in your career."

With that instruction, Bill opened the minifridge and pulled out a bottle of beer. He opened it, leaned back into the couch, and spread his legs wide apart. As he took his first sip, I cupped his balls in my hand and started to lick them. My tongue explored the folds of his balls and I lightly sucked them into my mouth. My hand started to get wet with my saliva and I began to massage his shaft until it glistened in the artificial light of the seedy hotel room. My lips moved up his rock-hard cock that thrust upwards from the patch of musk-scented hair around his balls. I licked and kissed his cock, making sure to touch every inch of it with every part of my mouth, and followed that up by rubbing his balls and stroking the bottom of his shaft.

At that point I looked up at Bill. His eyes were closed and he was reclining comfortably back in the couch, drinking his beer while I attended to his cock. Now that he was totally relaxed I took his cock into my mouth. Looking back on the whole experience, by this point I had forgotten that I was being forced into this and had just lost myself in the feeling of kneeling before a cock and attending to it with my lips and tongue. I tried to take all of it into my mouth the first time but it was a little bigger than I was able to handle so I just worked what I could.

Slowly, my head started to move up and down the length of him as I gently sucked his cock. I really took my time on him, giving him a leisurely, relaxing blowjob. My left hand cupped and stroked his balls while my right hand circled and stroked the base of his shaft. Before I started going faster, I took as much of him into my mouth as I could and held my head down as long as I could hold my breath. My tongue stroked along the underside of his cock until I heard him let out a moan. Once I heard that, I started to suck him faster and harder.

Over the next several minutes, I steadily increased the speed of the blowjob. Occasionally I stopped, took him out of my mouth, and licked his cock while looking up into his eyes. I knew he was getting close when he grabbed my hair and pull my head back down onto him. Leaving my hair balled up in his fist, he pumped my head up and down in his lap and started to grunt. When he pulled my head back I got extremely turned on and stroked his cock with both of my hands.

He shot a load of cum down the middle of my face from my forehead to my lips. Immediately he released another load that hit me between my eyes and streaked down the side of my nose, crossed my lips, and dripped down my chin. A third load erupted onto my face and I felt the jet of warm cum sliding down my cheek and cooling as it hit my neck. Still stroking with both hands, I squeezed two smaller loads out of him that fell onto my lips, cheek, and down my neck. I thought I felt some of it hitting my chest and pooling between my breasts.

As I stroked the tension out of him, I saw his body relax back against the couch. I thought he would fall asleep shortly and I could leave, but Bill had something else in mind. I stood up and quietly looked around for my things when he grabbed my hand. "One more task for you, you little suckdoll. You're used to leaving these places with your breath smelling like cock, but today is going to be a little different." He bent my body over the couch so that I was facing away from him and looking into a hanging mirror on the wall. I saw myself looking back from the mirror, submissively bent over with Bill's seed dominating my face. I didn't remember any going there, but small clumps of my black hair were glued together with cum. I caught a glimpse of his grin as Bill grabbed my panties and pulled them down to my ankles.

I tried to turn around and ask him what he was doing, but he pushed my head back so that I was staring in the mirror and then he entered me from behind. "I want you to watch yourself getting taken by my cock," he said as he started to unsubtly ram me from behind. He pulled my hair when I started to look down and made me look in the mirror again. "Watch yourself getting owned. And cum for me."

Bill fucked me hard from behind. My already tense pussy couldn't take too much of that before I started to cum. I let out a few whines as I got closer and made a high-pitched yelp as I started to cum. He grabbed my hair with both hands and kept me looking at the mirror as I watched my cumstreaked face contort in sexual ecstasy. The sweat and cum mingled on my face as he slowly pulled himself out of me and roughly pulled me off the couch and back down to the floor. Looking up at him, he put his cock at my lips and forced his way back into my mouth.

"Taste yourself. I want you to know what a whore tastes like," Bill said as he held his cock in my mouth. "Show my cock the respect it deserves and lick your slutty juices off of me." Closing my eyes, I licked his cock clean and tasted the tangy juice that my pussy makes when I'm really turned on.

After Bill completely took sexual advantage of my body, he had one final humilation in store. He took the envelope with the photo in one hand and a towel in the other. "You oriental girls wear cum so well," he said. "It's like your faces were built for it and your bodies were designed only to service cocks. Someone who wears cum for a living doesn't really deserve to make choices, but you were such a natural on your knees that I'll give you one. You can either have the photo of yourself after six guys came on you or you can have a towel. I'll leave it up to you but you have to choose and then get out of my room."

What could I do? I had sucked his cock, watched him fuck me, and then sucked dried cum and pussy juice off of his dick just to get that photo so I had to take it. Out in the hallway, I tried to find something to clean the cum off my face but there wasn't anything. That was really awful. I quickly walked through the lobby, trying to hide my face from the people down there. It wasn't really all that successful and people stared at me as I walked by. One guy stopped me, grabbed his crotch, and gave me his business card. I tried to look on the bright side and think about the fact that this was going to bring me more business, but the reality was that everyone there knew that I was a prostitute, a whore, a slut, whatever you wanted to call me ... and they all knew that my body could be used any way they wanted in exchange for money. Although I was coming to terms with that, a flush of shame still filled me as my degradation was there for anyone to see.

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