She Came Home for the Summer   added 7 years ago
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For years I had lived in the city dreaming of privacy. The busy streets and congested apartments never allowed one a feeling of seclusion. That was why I moved. That was why I bought this house. Sure, it was small, both inside and out. Yes, the house next door was less than three feet away. Still, the fence that had been built around the back yard blocked the view of nearly everyone. I say nearly because there was one exception. I still had to be careful about what I did back there because the homeowners behind me had a pool. My fence looked tall enough to block them out but I had noticed, on occasion, someone at the top of the water slide who could see into my yard if they wanted to. This is why I was always careful when I decided to lay out in the sun. Nothing, to me at least, was more liberating than lying naked in the sun. Nothing between my natural, muscular body and the clouds but air. It was both comforting and sensual. I felt free knowing I was nude outside surrounded by people that had no idea. It was an exquisite day so I decided to partake in my individual liberation. As was par for the course I sat outside first to ensure no one was using the pool. After about ten minutes I felt assured. No talking, no splashing, no noise whatsoever. I had my isolation. I slipped off my shorts to unveil my body to the world. Sweat had already accumulated on my chest and abs. I leaned back my head, took a deep breath, stretched out my arms and closed my eyes. I felt a Greek warrior bathing in nature after a hard-fought battle. I looked down to see my manhood had become partially erect. Just standing outdoors au naturel excited me. I layed down on my blanket, face towards the clouds, and closed my eyes. My muscles tightened and released rhythmically with the slight breeze. My mind relaxed. This was my meditation. This was when I could let my mind go work, no bills, no stress...just tranquility. The bright sun which was forcing itself through my eyelids began to dissipate. My vision went black. I went to sleep. ...My mind awoke abruptly as I felt a soft yet strong hand massaging my thigh. Fear and excitement filled my thoughts. Who the hell is this? Should I open my eyes? Maybe this is a dream. Well, their not hurting anything so why wake up. I sat still for a few minutes. I could feel the hands sliding freely up and down my legs. My sweat provided the perfect lubrication. I now realized that not only was this not a dream but I had awoken with a full erection. My tool pointed towards the sky with the rest of my body. My curiosity got the best of me and I opened my eyes."Good morning sunshine," She said "it's about time. Usually when I climb the slide you're up and inside before I can take a peak at more than that cute little ass of yours" It was the neighbors’ daughter. She came home from college every summer to stay with her parents. I had seen her before, usually on her cell phone on the front porch. I had noticed her gorgeous body from a distance, passing by the house, but never had I seen her true beauty up close and personal. Her pink and blue bikini could barely contain her radiance. Her thighs were firm and her breasts a perfect C. Her skin was moist and tan...just like mine. Her lips seemed to glow red and the sun complimented her blonde highlights immaculately. "You've seen me before?" I asked. "Of course I have. I've seen you drive by my house and try to hide the fact that you’re looking at me. I've seen you sun-bathe naked out here and book it as soon as you hear me. When my parents are at work I try to sneak out here to catch a peak but damn you have good hearing. I've caught your backside before, great body by the way, but was never able to see that rock hard cock of yours. Finally did today though and am I ever impressed. I couldn't help but come over."All I could do was stare at her body." that I'm here. Can I touch it?""Of course." I whispered, almost instinctively. She slid her hand from my thigh to my balls and began gently rubbing. She slid her other hand to my shaft and began massaging, not stroking, my rod. "I love a man who shaves his balls." She said "It makes them so much more appealing."She bent forward and licked my scrotum with one hand still caressing my dick. What a tease. I felt the pre-cum begin to form on the head. With two fingers she squeezed the tip to force the rest out. Her eyes focused on mine as she rubbed my juice in between her fingers. She toyed with it as if it were gum before smearing it on my stomach. She lifted her head a little to say, "Now that's not enough cum. Guess I'll have to work harder." She leaned back down and slid my member into her mouth. Her saliva was warm and blanketed my throbbing prick. She continued to caress my scrotum as she slowly slid up and down. I could feel her tongue pressed firmly against the underside of my manhood. I was in such a state of utopia I had to return the favor. I reached to my side, grabbed her hips and lead her thighs to the sides of my head. Her back arched a bit moving her barely covered mound closer to my face. I grabbed her thong from the top of her back and pulled it to the side. Her perky ass cheeks, still moist with sweat, were now exposed before me. I slid my hand towards me to uncover the rest of her privates. Her puss was wetter than her mouth and tasted like heaven. I slid my tongue down to the top of her mound, tickled her piercing, then licked up her cooch to her ass. She groaned and took me deeper, a sign that that was what she wanted. I lapped her asshole in unison with her sucking. I could feel her juices collect on my chin. Her arms and lips tightened as she spread her legs further. I pulled her hips towards me to tongue-fuck her deeper. I could feel my dick begin to swell. I pressed my chin against her clit as I continued to lick her ass. Suddenly she moaned, muffled by my cock, and her puss began to splurge. Her cum flowing down my face made me explode. I let loose a flood of sperm down her throat. We came together for what seemed like a lifetime before our bodies finally relaxed. Like statues we lay dormant, still in the sixty-nine position. She turned and smiled, my seed dripping from her chin. "Thanks for the orgasm!" She said. "My pleasure." I responded. "Soooooooo....are you done?" She questioned. "Not even close." I replied. Her smile grew. She stood up, pulled her disheveled hair behind her head and arched her back. Her perky breasts pointed towards the sky. She put her hands on her hips and looked back down at me, her smile now gone."You came a lot. I thought I swallowed it all..." She rubbed my cum against her tits "I guess not. Maybe I should go clean up, I'm all dirty." I reached up and grabbed her cum-covered hand with mine. I pulled her down on top of me and said "I don't mind if you don't." Her ruby red lips cracked a smile again as she said "Not at all."She leaned down and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She kissed so deep and passionately it was if she wanted me to blow her tongue. Her chest pressed against mine and slid easily with my homemade lubricant still encompassing her. "We taste good together." She whispered as she reached down to grab my cock once again. She positioned it against her mound and slid her hips down onto mine. I grabbed her ass with both hands as she began to bounce up and down. She sat up and arched her back once again. As she moved faster I could feel her nails dig deeper into my chest. She bit her lip and mumbled "Play with my ass again". It was still wet from the rim job. I slowly slid one finger into her hole, then another. I moved them in and out in rhythm with my cock. She screamed loud enough for the neighborhood to hear. As she bounced the cum on her face rained down to my chest. As I felt her pussy lips tighten my dick swelled once again. Her moaning became louder and more frequent. "I'm going to cum!" She yelled "Fill my cunt!"There was no holding back. I relaxed and let the spunk shoot from my muscle. "Oh my god yes!" She bellowed "Fill it, fill me up! I want it all inside me!" Spurt after spurt shot inside her. The sperm started to ooze from her hole, down my shaft to my balls and the blanket. The more that flooded out the more I released inside her. I could feel the ejaculate form puddles on my stomach and the ground. I was swimming inside her. Suddenly she pulled away."Oh my god you have to taste me again!" She demanded.Before I could respond she mounted my face. She grabbed my hair, pulling my head upwards while she pressed down with her hips. I relaxed and let her force my mouth against her cream pie. I stuck my tongue out and felt her lips already wide open. Our hot cum drenched me. The more it drained out the harder she pulled my head. Her thighs began to tremble and she came again. Her baby-maker surged our love juice into my mouth until there was no more left. She was empty again. She collapsed to my side. I lay staring at the sun, a cum covered mess. We couldn't speak, we could barely breath. After what seemed like an eternity she finally stood. She looked down at me with a smile. She was as messy and disheveled as I was. She tried to wipe the seed from her body with her ripped bikini but it was no use. A towel couldn't have absorbed it all. " time you hear me climbing up the pool..."I cut her off "I'll pretend to be asleep again." "Good." She said "I'll be looking forward to it."

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