SideStreet - a.k.a. Punk Rock Princess   added 7 years ago
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Categories: Cuckolded, Other men, The Fetishists, Virgins/Young women, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: dare fishnet highs thigh sensual Random rock punk goth Public
Location: A dark back alley
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive
It had been another long, hard day at work. The daily grind...the daily nine to five...the daily crawl towards retirement. As usual I walked the busy sidewalk home avoiding eye contact at all costs. The was black as ash but the neon signs and headlights glistened in the downpour of rain and exhaustion. I usually never looked up from the ground but something shiny caught the corner of my eye that night. The buckle of a black latex boot. It nearly blinded me. I had no choice but to look up. There she punk rock princess. Tucked into her calf-length boots were black thigh-highs with enough holes to warrant immediate surgery. Once the stockings ended I caught a mere glimpse of her voluptuous thighs before her tiny pleated skirt began. Then her belly button...firm, pale and pierced. Her stomach continued for miles until her tight black tank top attempted to hide her beautiful breasts from the world. Finally I reached her eyes and became a statue. Time paused enabling me to appreciate every last speckle of powder blue entrapped within her eyes. They entranced me. I was stuck and couldn't move until..."Could you eye fuck me any harder?" She blurted. Back to reality. My mind raced attempting to peal my gaze from this angel. "I...I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to...""It's fine" She said "You can help me anyway."I stared like a geriatric at a strip club. "My friend and I were just talking about how most guys will stare at your tits for hours but wouldn't look you in the eyes to end world hunger. She bet me $100 that I wouldn't fuck the next guy who looked me in the eyes. Looks like you're that next guy. What do you say?"She said it. I heard it. But fuck me in the ass and call me Suzy if my brain would register what she had just said. I couldn't pull myself away from Medusa's glare. "I'll take that as a yes. Let's go down this ally." She grabbed my hand and dragged me down a familiar road. ally full of stores, concrete and despair. At this hour it was vacant, the last vendor had left hours ago. I glanced inside the window of the coffee shop I visit every morning. They forgot to throw away my paper from this morning. It's still on the table. "Are you serious about this?" I said, almost instinctively. "Sure. I have a condom. I'm young. I'm adventurous. You're cute. Why not?"All I could do was stutter"Don't worry," she said "I'm legal."That was all I needed to here. I grabbed the back of her pink and black hair and kissed her passionately. For the first time this evening her body tensed. I paused and gazed into her beautiful blue eyes again. A slight smile cracked across her lips just before she returned the favor. As she kissed me she slid her hand down my business-casual pants. I gripped her thigh before moving my hand up her skirt to her cotton thong. She was dripping wet...she had wanted this for a while. I rubbed her clit in a circle while she toyed with the pre-cum already emitting from my rock hard cock. I pulled my hand back to unzip my pants...never once did our lips unlock. I pulled my dick free from my pants and pressed it against her mound. With us both exposed I locked my hands into hers and pressed them against the wall. Finally our mouths parted. I opened my eyes to stare at hers once again. "Do you want this?" I asked."Absolutely" She whispered. With that I penetrated her with my cock and tongue and simultaneously. I felt her entire body ease...she relaxed as if she had been waiting years for this moment. Her lips, both pussy and mouth, encompassed my extensions. She sucked me in as I pulled away. And when she released her grip, as if to let me free, I slid back in, only to return to that which I could not escape. We were once again, and for the very first time, entwined as one.

We sang in the rain. Sang and danced. Any and every onlooker would have seen nothing short of magic. A miracle. A meeting of minds and bodies that which has never been seen. It was magnificent.

To be continued...

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