The Punishment of the Wife   added 7 years ago
  By: bogli_ako  Age: 39  Country: United States

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Location: The beach
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I was so pissed off with my wife one time when she called me gay.

The reason is that she got one offline message on her messenger something like
"I can't forget you. I still love you. After all this years. I still love you."

The account that she is using is actually the account I created. And she asked me,

"Who is this KingJohnson?"

Are you gay?

My bloodpressure immediately go up.

I know no kingjohnson. I told her but still press on the issue.

I can't think of who the fuck is that. I thought I have short term memory loss. Anyway, I waited till this fucking johnson goes online and no avail. Until it was very late in evening, I found out that you could view a profile of the YM ID. There it is. I saw the name.

I yelled at my wife and said according to the profile. Then she remembered that it was her niece. Fucking shit. You just ruined my day.

I have to punish my wife for calling me gay. I and decided that I will pay 4 guys to punish her.

I put an advertisement on one forum about guys who are interested in an orgy. Fucking a bitch and punishing her until she behave properly. Many guys sent their interest and in the end only 6 guys agreed and finally I selected four guys who were tested negative on STD's.I did this because I told them that no condom will be used during the game.

I told them that me and my girl will be in one hotel near the beach and every expense is paid.

Unknowingly on the plan, my wife went with me in the beach. I brought with me my digital camera to take some nice pictures and couple red wines. Also, I brought with me some ketamine to put on her drink so she would forget whatever punishment she will have.

I tried to make the evening more relaxing. We swim alittle then have a candle light dinner.

After this we have a nice "red wine".

I prenteded that I am too drunk already and let her finish the rest.

I waited until she feels really drunk. Sweetheart, I think I need to rest. Oh let's have some more.

Exactly, on schedule I heard three silent knocks on the door. And behold, four guys come in. They entered the room slowly.

Hi boys!!! My wife said. You're late for the party!

Mam I guess the party hasn't started yet.

I excused myself to get more wine while the boys played.

My wife is now under the influence of drugs and so drunk already.

The guys carried her in the bedroom and like prisoners who haven't tasted pussy undressed her violently.

I stood at the side and started taking pictures. The lights were on so I can see everything.

Damn, these four guys have huge cocks. I don't know how my wife can take two of this on her pussy!

Her nipples were first exposed. And then her pussy. They started kissing her body all over. One guy kissing her left breast, the other one eating her pussy and the other one kissing her right breast while the other one masterbated on the side while kissing her lips.

They switched positions doing all these. I on the other hand got busy on taking pictures.

She is a real bitch my friend. How much did you pay for this whore? Asked one guy. I said, I paid alot. And make sure that they enjoy.

One guy started to insert his dick on her throat. No, no me first. Ahhh this is great! Fuck, I would like to have her ass. Yes what a tight ass. Another guy slap her breast. Bad bitch!

They carried her and put her on top of one guy and penetrated her ass. They double penetrated her pussy afterwards. Then one cock goes to her pussy. Then to her ass at the same time. Two guys were alternatingly deep throating my wife.

Whole evening they were cumming. My wife was screaaming. Shouting. Panting.

They even tried to double penetrate my wife's ass.

I can see from their faces how happy these men are tonight.

Oh man, this is trully amazing. Could we have another round.

They fuck her. Cummed on her. Let her swallow some sperms.

I can't remember how many time I saw them cummed. They got tired and surrendered until all of them dried up and has no more strenght to fuck.

Then I called my stripper to come and said I have a small job for her.

Laura was around the area and arrived 3 minutes later. I told her that I need her to do something for me. I asked her to suck my dick dry. She obeyed without hesitation. She licks my balls and suck my dick using only her tongue. She swallowed everything.

Then I asked to licked my wife's entire body to clean her up. She swallowed all the sperms.

I paid her and she left.

I dressed my wife and lay her on the bed.

Everthing was aching all over when she woke up next day.

It's only hangover my darling. Don't worry tonight, we will have another drink.

Hey, I remember some guys came? Where are they?

I got nervous and said "Darling, is that the movie we were watching?"

Ah I remembered. Next time I don't want to watch this porn movies with orgies. Sometimes I dream about them and I thought it was so real.

Well, that was lucky, I didn't forget to put that drug on her wine. Otherwise .... I am in big trouble.


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