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As a 28 year old black guy, sometimes it amazes me when I take ladies out on dates and after presenting themselves one way; they soon flip the script on me and become something else completely. Take for instance, what happened back in 2005 when I dated this one girl I met at the mall.


Normally, I'm always bored out of mind when I go out with friends- mainly because they're still doing the same childish BS that they did whilst we were in high school and to be honest, that always strikes me the wrong way. I keep wondering why I'm degrading myself by hanging out with them, maybe one of these days I'll do something about it. On this friday afternoon though, we were all at the mall- obviously messing around with no particular place to be, when we saw a group of young teenage girls in a group approaching us. We could tell that they were from one of the priviledged academies out east neat the city limits, and each girl happened to have on their school uniforms. As we were walking towards them, their group slowly began to hush as we got closer, and then- as we passed them, the girls broke into screams of laughter and the usual schoolgirl stuff. I turned arround to see one of the girls giving a casual glance, and then she turned her attention back towards the group and I kept walking with the guys.

Two weeks later, I was at Sonic's ordering something to eat, and when my food was brought to my car- I realized that not only was the attendant cute- but that I had also saw her around someplace. As my mind became formulating as to where I could have saw her, she suddenly said 'You again'- but with a cheerful disposition. I nodded and then reclined in the driver's seat of my truck and gave the girl a bright smile.

She handed me my food and then she gave me the total for my food. I gave her the money and told her to keep the tip- if she'd give me her number. Smiling, she looked away for a second and then responded that her boyfriend worked at Sonic's too- as one of the cooks. I told her that I didn't care what he did, or who he was- I wanted her number, not his. I grabbed a pen and held out the receipt towards her. She knew what I meant, and quickly wrote her number on the back of the receipt, then she walked off without even telling me to have a nice day. That didn't hurt my feelings though. I just drove off and went home.

I figured I'd wait until sometime that evening to call her and see what she was getting into- it also dawned on me that I hadn't asked her for her name, nor her age.

I forsaw that as a possible problem, then I came upon the answer immediately. I texted her. Hey. Thanks for givng me ur #. Wats ur name an how old r u?

The reply came a few minutes later. Keisha. Im 20.

I texted her a new scenario. U wanna hng out l8ter? I can pik u up.

Her response: I'll drive. Wher u wanna meet?

I replied telling her to come over my house, and she responded by asking for an address. Then she dropped a bombshell on me, by letting me know that she was out with her friends, so it would probably be early in the morning by the time she got around to getting over here to my house. I texted her back to tell her that was cool, and then I took a nap. When I awoke, it was 12:33 in the morning and someone was ringing my doorbell. I slowly got up, cut on a lamp, and then looked out the door via the peephole. Sure enough, it was Keisha- with a bored look on her face. I opened the door to let her in and then closed the door behind her. To my surprise, she was cuter than I had remembered her to be. In fact, now that she was out of her work uniform and in regular clothes, I saw that she had quite a nice body and the skirt she wore could not hide the fact that her legs were flawless and hairless.

Offering her a seat on the sofa, we began to talk- and after awhile, Keisha's attitude towards me relaxed. We talked about her choice of colleges, her job, people in general, and then she started us on that age old discussion of much debate between men and women: sex.

Standing up, Keisha slowly looked down at me while thoughtfully asking me my insights towards sexual tendencies between men and women.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Well- do you think that men like pussy more, or women like dick more- depending on the circumstances?" She asked, with a smile on her face.

Without answering her, I took her by the hand and pulled her back down on the couch- and began kissing her on the lips, neck, and her shoulders. Keisha was moaning softly, and then she took her arms and put them around my neck and began kissing me back. Before I knew it, the girl was undressed and so was I. I grabbed a condom from the secret stash, and we went at it in full force. Keisha was on her knees sucking and licking my manhood, and I was fondling her breasts

with pleasure. As I moaned about how good she was doing, I thought about her boyfriend- no doubt he was probably wondering where she was.

But she wasn't concerned about that, and once she finished sucking me off- neither was I. I just wanted to get into her pussy, and she let me in willingly. She was so warm and so wet that I had to literally calm myself down, otherwise I knew I would cum too soon and I didn't want to do that. Keisha's intensity gave me focus- she was moaning and calling me Daddy, and in response- I was furiously stroking her pussy with everything in me.

Just as I felt my balls begin to tighten up- that surefire sign that it's almost time to cum, Keisha suddenly began moaning furiously that she was going to cum, and I knew upon hearing her say it that I wanted her to do exactly that. In fact, I grabbed her hair and REALLY began pounding her insides. Keisha's moans of plasure intensified and she suddenly just locked up, moaning over and over that she was cumming- and even though I had a condom on and couldn't feel the extreme wetness, what I did feel was the throbbing of her clit as she released the sexual explosion within herself. Just hearing her erupt in such force bought me to the edge too, so without saying a word to her, I pulled out of her and yanked the condom off, pointing my penis towards her face. It wasn't a moment too soon either- because no sooner had the condom left the head of my penis- I spilled so much jizz on her face and neck that she had to close her eyes.

A few minutes later, I got up and went to get some damp towels so that we could clean up. When I came back into the room, I saw Keisha laying on the floor and playing with my jizz. She was scoopingsome up with her finger and putting it in her mouth and then she would swallow it. Watching her literally swallow my cum became too much, and I threw the towels down and started kissing her jizz splashed face. Keisha responded by kissing me and slipping her tongue in my mouth- effectively letting me taste my own spunk. We french kissed for a very long time, and finally settled down. After cleaning ourselves up, Keisha put her clothes back on and I walked her to the door. She stood there for a minute, and we kissed again- then she opened the door and stepped outside. I offered to walk her to her car and she accepted. At her car, I asked her when I could see her again and she smiled with a very naughty grin; then she told me that I could see her whenever I wanted to.

I gave her a hug, and then she got in her car. Right before she left, she dropped another bombshell on me.

Her name wasn't Keisha, it was Kimberley. She was Keisha's twin sister. Keisha was out with her boyfriend having sex, and Kimberley didn't want to be at the house by herself, so Keisha generously gave her my number and they swapped phones.

If that isn't sisterly love, I don't know what is!

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