Dressing Room Threesome   added 7 years ago
  By: robbiel  Age: 55  Country: United States

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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic, The Audience / Voyeur, Group Sex / Threesome, Steady Partner, Other women, Oral Sex
Tags: hot mY drain you helps room dressing load
Location: A store dressing room
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Romantic

You and I are out to buy a suit. You love to rub my strong thighs and tight ass through the fabric as I pose in the mirror. The thought of tonight is making you wet. The busty clerkappears and says for good fit she will need to measure.

She pulls out her tape a measures my inseam. Her hand lingers around my groin and I start to get aroused which you notice. You start rubbing my other thigh and groin area and both of you get hot looking at the growin buldge. The clerk motions for us to follow her and leads us to a private dressing room.

Once the door is shut she pulls off her top and you start to unzip me. Getting my erect rod into the air feels so good. She licks the tip of my head and rubs my balls while you take your top off.

You both work my rod with your hot wet mouths while rubbing my thighs and ass with your elegant hands. The sight of your erect nipples excites me so much that I cannot hold back. I feel the inevitable just as you look in my eyes and tell me you want my cum. My hot load shoots out and lands on her dark nipples. She jerks and points my rod at your tits where I spew more hot cum on your erect nipples. She pops me nearly spent rod back into her mouth where she drains me until I cannot bear it. My knees go weak and I nearly pass out with pleasure.

We make it a point to return to the store every Saturday afternoon for more special attention from our favorite clerk!

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