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Nature: I will tell you later

We’d been dancing all night, our first time too. Our first time making it right through to the morning light, and sure enough the brightening day was glowing gently behind the curtains. We grinned at each other, remembering the electricity of the dancing, and of the E that we’d taken earlier in the night. It’s energy had finally subsided into a gentle sensual hum. I had never seen them look so beautiful. I mean, they were beautiful anyway, the both of them. The same height, Emma with long blond hair, and Rose with short dark hair, cropped and stylishly messy.

They both wore similar dresses, with short skirts and straps holding the flimsy fabric over their breasts. Neither of them wore a bra now, since they’d both ‘popped to the loo’ and removed them. Bra’s, they had informed me, were uncomfortable things when one had been dancing all night. Fine by me, I thought, and glanced slyly at the shape of Rose’s nipples in profile. She had a lovely body, cute little bum, substantial round tits, and a flat stomach. Perfect, really. Emma was heavier, a big arse, but smaller breasts and a cute little pot belly. A lovely combination, I thought to myself, before telling myself off for being so crass.

Smiling to myself, I sat down.

Emma, my girlfriend, sat on the couch, and lounged back into the soft cushions. She put her feet up on the coffee table, and I could see almost all the way up her short skirt. Emma always wore her thong knickers on a night out, and I was sure I could see them disappear into the crack of her arse in the shadows between her thighs.

“My skin feels amazing” she said, as she ran a fingertip along her forearm.
“Mmmmm”, sighed Rose by way of agreement, as she flopped down on the couch next to Emma. Their arms touched.

Rose ran her fingertip along Emma’s forearm, and turned to me.

“Roll us a spliff, darling”

I grinned. Spliff rolling is something that I am very definitely good at. The rolling kit was across the room, and I took the opportunity of looking down Rose’s top as I passed the couch. She has lovely breasts, round and firm, and I’d never seen them free of support. Au natural. Emma and her go swimming together quite a lot, and Emma sometimes describes Rose’s body to me later in bed to get me in the mood. It always works. Emma has a gift with words, and with material like that… well.

The spliff occupied my attention for the next five minutes, and I heard Emma and Rose debating the relative merits of the many dancing bodies we’d seen during the course of the night.

“…Her top, my god, I swear you could see her nipples right through that fabric…”
“…She moved like a breeze…”
“…I saw those two fucking later on, in a dark corner…”
“…You looked gorgeous, everyone was staring at your tits…”

Well, that sounded interesting, but the click of my lighter interrupted their conversation, and I passed the lit spliff over to Rose. She took a deep drag, and exhaled.

“Thanks, darling. A work of art as always.”

She passed the spliff to Emma, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Here you go sweetiepie, this is from your boyfriend.”, she kissed her cheek again.
She turned to me, “Put some tunes on, Honey”

I stood up again, and chose something halfway between dancy and sexy. After all, you never know.

“Hmmmmm”, breathed Rose, “I love this…”.
“Hey Rose, sit on the floor, I want to give you a massage” said Emma.

I smiled to myself, watching Emma massage Rose has to be good. Perhaps the music is working.

Rose did as she was asked, and sat on the floor between Emma's legs. Now I could see right up Rose’s skirt too, and when she lifted her knees I could see that she hadn’t even bothered with knickers. Or perhaps she’d removed them along with her bra. I could see a nicely trimmed patch of hair, and cunt lips in shadow. Right there, right in front of me. I started rolling another spliff to keep myself occupied, to stop myself from staring.

“My god Emma, that feels beautiful”

Emma’s fingers had been gently massaging her shoulders, and her fingertips were straying further down her front, closer to her breasts. Rose leant back, and sighed. Things were definitely getting interesting. Rose pulled the straps of her top off her shoulders, and taking the hint Emma's fingers moved further down. They disappeared beneath the fabric of her top and stayed for a moment, playing with her nipples.

“Emma… What are you up to?…”
“I’m playing with your gorgeous tits, darling Rose, and your nipples are getting hard.”
“Mmmmm, they are aren’t they?”

She pushed the top of Rose’s dress down over her beautiful tits, and I saw them for the first time. Big and round and firm, with dark brown nipples hard from Emma’s fingers. Rose shrugged the straps off her arms, and stretched upward. Her breasts rose too, a breathtaking sight. She pulled Emma’s head down, and kissed her full on the mouth. When they broke the kiss, Rose said to Emma, all inhibitions lost in a delicious haze of pot and E,

“Darling, I want you to fuck me.”

Then she stood, let the dress fall to the floor, and turned. Emma was still sitting on the couch, and her head was at the level of Rose’s cunt. She leant forward, placed her hands on Rose’s perfect tight little arse, and pulled her cunt toward her face. Rose gasped,

“Lick me. Stick your tongue in my cunt.”

Oh my god. This was unbelievable. I watched as Emma pushed her face into Rose’s cunt, as her fingers squeezed her arse cheeks. Rose groaned and sighed, and I just got harder and harder. The spliff, forgotten, smoldered silently in the ashtray. Emma dropped back on the couch…

“You taste perfect”, she grinned, her face shiny from Rose’s cunt juices. She licked her fingers, “But I can’t get my tongue all the way in from this angle”. Emma poked out her tongue, which is almost freakishly long, and extends a good three inches to it’s tip. Emma stood, and Rose climbed onto the couch, bum in the air,

“I want you to lick my arse, too”
“Really? I think my boyfriend is feeling left out, by the way.”
“Do you want me to suck his cock for you?”
“Perhaps you should ask him?”, and with that Emma knelt on the cushions behind rose, poked out her amazing tougue, and pushed it up Rose’s cunt. I saw it slide between her lips, all the way in.

By way of an answer, I moved over to the couch, knelt down by Rose’s face, and kissed her. Our tongues touched, and then fought in our mouths. I ran my hands over her back, and round to her tits, squeezing gently and pulling on her nipples. I could feel her body shaking as Emma’s tongue pushed her closer to orgasm. Rose pulled back from the kiss, nibbled my ear, and whispered between breaths

“She’s… not playing… with my arse. Perhaps you could do that for me?”
“I can’t think of anything I don’t want to do to you”, I whispered back.
“Do it while I suck your cock”

Well, that sounded a little tricky, but anything to get my cock in her mouth. I pulled my shorts and boxers down, and kicked them out of the way. Her hands were busy holding her up, so I maneuvered my hard on into her open mouth. She immediately sucked me all the way in, and I would have come as soon as my end of my cock hit the back of her throat (I love women who can do that), but the E was still working on me, and that beautiful drug doubles your sensitivity and your stamina at the same time. It was a slightly awkward position, but Rose isn’t as tall as me, and using one hand to balance against the back of the couch I could lean over and start to rub some of her cunt juices into her arsehole. Rose turned her head,

“Push your finger into my arse, and fuck my face, you darling dirty bastard”

I obliged, sliding my cock out and all the way into her mouth, I pushed a slippery finger into her arse. Or as far into it as I could get, as I had to hook it around to get it in. Emma was still thrusting her amazing tongue in and out of Rose’s cunt, until she gave up, and grinning at me she continued her attentions with two long, slender fingers.

“Fuck… Emma… More… Harder…”

Emma squeezed all four fingers to a point, and buried them deep into Rose. I pushed deeper and harder too, until suddenly she let my cock go and started to shake.

“I’m coming… coming… oooohhhh”

I took the opportunity to move around, and get a better angle for my fingers. As her body arched I pushed my finger all the way into her arse. Emma was practically fisting Rose, her fingers pushing into her cunt as hard as she could…

“Fuuuuuck”, she wailed, and collapsed onto the couch, breathing heavily. Emma dropped back onto the soft cushions. I pulled my finger from her arsehole with a slight pop, and Emma licked her fingers.

“Mmmm… Yummy. You taste lovely, Rose”

Rose, unable to speak, rolled off the couch and onto the floor. She crawled over to the ashtray, her cute little arse wiggling. She lit the spliff, and turned around to face us, leaning against an armchair.
“That was fucking incredible”, she breathed out smoke, “but now it’s your turn, I want to see how you guys fuck”. She giggled. “That’s if you don’t mind me watching”. She reached over to a small wooden box by the chair, and took out a slim dark red dildo. “And maybe playing with myself a little bit too”.

“You’re insatiable, Rose”, Emma said as she stood, and shrugged her dress to the floor. She turns to me.

“How about it?”

God she looks hot, I think to myself as she stands naked but for a black g-string, her pink nipples hard atop those irresistibly cute little tits. I lose my shirt, and sit down on the couch, cock pointing at the ceiling.

“Sounds good, Em…”

Emma loves a show, although we’ve never had an audience before. She smiles her filthiest smile, and slowly pulls down her knickers. Two fingers disappear up her cunt, and then into her mouth.

“Mmmm. I taste good, too”, she grins. She closes her eyes and starts to dance for us, running her hands over her tits, twisting her nipples.

And then she jumps on the couch, and sits on my cock. I gasp as she starts to slide up and down, her arse slapping against the tops of my thighs. We’ve been fucking for years, Emma and I, and we know exactly what we like. And I know she likes it rough. She likes to be pinced, bitten, pushed around. I suck her small tits into my mouth, and bite firmly on her nippes.

“Fuck… yes… harder…”, she manages to say between strokes. I reach my hands around to her arse, and push a wet finger into her arsehole. She loves this, loves me to play with her bum. But she’s never let me push my cock up there, unfortunately. Experimentally, I slide in another finger.

“God… ugghh… yes…”. And she pushes her tits into my mouth again. “Bite me… fuck me…”

She bounces up and down on my cock, faster and faster. I hold my hand still against my legs, and my fingers slide in and out of her arse as she moves. I rub my teeth against her nipples, and I can feel her coming, feel her cunt ripple around my cock as her orgasm takes the breath out of her. She always comes quickly and silently, but her whole body bucks and shakes, and she finally pushes herself hard down on my cock, and both of my fingers are pushed all the way into her arse. She arches her back, trying to get them in deeper, until she drops forward against me, and I taste the sweat between her perfect little breasts.

“Jesus christ, I never thought it would feel like that, with your fingers in my bum”, she mumbles, “It must be the drugs… “, she laughs, and turns to Rose.

“Did you like that, gorgeous?”

Rose is leaning back against the chair, her slender legs spread apart, and her little fuck toy poking out of her shining cunt and buzzing gently. She’s got both hands on her breasts, and is obviously enjoying herself immensely.

“Fuck yes, I never knew you were so hot”

Emma turns back to me, “Darling, I want you to come now, it’s your turn”, she’s feeling pretty fucking debauched, and she twists back around to face Rose.

“Rose, do you want to see him fuck me in the arse?”
“I’d love to… come over here”

Emma jumps up, and my cock pops out of her. She kneels on the floor in front of Rose, and turns to me.

“Fuck my arse”, she demands. “I know you’ve always wanted to, so before I change my mind…”, she turns back, and starts to kiss Rose’s gorgeous tits. I pause for a moment, taking in the scene. Emma’s big arse in the air, her cunt shining, and her tight little arsehole winking at me. Rose looks me in the eyes, and then closes them as Emma sucks her nipples. I can see Rose’s cunt between Emma’s legs, see her pushing the dildo deeper into her cunt, in and out. She pulls it out, rubs its blunt end over her arsehole, and then slides it back in.

Enough staring, I get up, kneel behind Emma, and position the end of my cock between her lush arse cheeks. I push, building up pressure until I feel her sphincter open and feel the head of my cock pop inside her. Fuck, she’s tight.

Emma lifts her head from Rose’s tits, “Ow… stop…wait…”, she says. I feel the pressure relax slightly. “Go on. Push it in.”, Rose says. “Fuck her arse. Let me see”. She quickly crawls around, and pulls Emma’s arse cheeks apart. “Push”, she says, and bends down to run her tongue along my cock. “Push that fat cock right up, right in.” I’m a good boy, though, and I wait for Emma’s say-so. Intead of talking, she pushes her bum back against me. “Good girl”, grins Rose. I start to push again, and Rose watches, fascinated, as my cock starts to dissappear up her arse. “Wow…”, says Rose, and licks my shaft again. Emma’s fists clench and unclench, she talks from between her teeth, “Rose, play with me”. Rose lifts her head, kisses me on the cheek, and lies down underneath Emma. She pushes herself along the carpet, until her face is level with Emma’s cute little tits. She sucks one nipple, and then the other.

“Bite them”

I can’t see, but I gather from the noises that Emma’s making that Rose has taken the hint. My cock is all the way in now, and I start to fuck her. There’s a lot of lubrication, and I slide easily in and out of the tightest place my cock has ever been.

“Fuck… fuck… Rose, play with my clit. Where’s that little dildo?”

Rose giggles.

“Inside me. Do you want it inside you?”, without waiting for an answer she pulls it from her cunt, and slides it quickly into Emma. I feel a hand fucking her against my balls, and finally my orgasm begins to build. Emma is almost crying with pleasure, and with pain, as my I push my cock in and out of her arse, and the pressure builds until I start to come. The sensation starts in my toes, and rushes up to the end of my cock. And amazingly I feel an orgasm in Emma too, just as I start filling her bum with my come. I drop back, and see that Rose has abandoned the dildo and is fucking Emma with three fingers, while she bites and nibbles at her tits. Emma’s orgasm makes her whole body shake, and Rose nearly jams her whole hand into her cunt.

Spent, Emma collapses onto Rose, and they lie there, kissing each others faces in the afterglow. I lie down next to them, and tickle Rose’s bumhole as she closes her eyes.

“Let’s sleep”, she sighs.

And we do.

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