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I have always wanted to see a girl getting her mouth really filled up before swallowing ;)


The slut is kneeling in the middle of a plush room in the middle of a ring of couches. Her eyes blindfolded, she doesn't quite know what she's gotten into all she knows is that needs something inside her. Any hole will do, she just wants it now. She wouldn't have agreed to come back to the hotel room with the two men if her pussy hadn't been almost dripping at the thought of finally getting laid. She reached down to her knees and felt the fishnet stockings she had on and leaned back, resting her butt on the backs of her high heels. Her perky breasts stuck out from her chest topped by equally erect nipples. The


Sound. A voice,


"Open your mouth you slut, stick your tongue out so we can see what we're going to be filling up."


She opened her mouth and motioned her tongue toward any invisible cock that might be out there.


"Good, now put your hands behind your back and keep them there."


She willingly obliged. There was the sound of movement towards her, and she could feel the heat of bodies near her. She licked her lips, and moved her mouth to her left. A stiff prick filled her mouth and put her tongue to work caressing its length. Obscene slurping sounds came as she moved her mouth up and down over the head. The man took her ponytail in his hand and forced her mouth down to the base...she loved it when they twitched in her throat. Gasping for air she turned to the right and found another cock waiting for her. This one was much larger and despite her best efforts would not fit down her throat, but she tried anyway. One of the men pulled off her blindfold,


"Time for your surprise."


Her mouth still full of cock she looked around the room. There were four other men sitting on the couches in addition to the two she was servicing.


"You're our fuck toy tonight. Do you understand? We're going to do whatever we want with your holes and you're going to like it."

She quickly nodded, barely concealing her delight. Her pussy was already dripping down her leg asking to be filled up. Crawling on all fours she made her way over to the first seated cock and grabbed it in her hand. Her tongue found its way to his asshole and she slowly worked it up inside, jerking him off at the same time. The cock got harder with each thrust of her tongue, she started sucking again willing the cock to rigid life. One of the men came up behind her and oiled up her puckered asshole,


"Time to plug you up"


He slipped the butt plug into her hole, she let out a yelp and then a sigh as she felt her muscles start expanding to fit the new toy. Her pussy started throbbing from the new tightness of her holes, she crawled around the circle repeating the same treatment, desperate to have the men ready to move on to fucking her. They would not budge, content to have her continue her rounds. The slut couldn't take it anymore, she got up on the couch on all fours and arched her ass into the air and, spreading her pussy with two fingers pleaded,


"Please fuck my little pussy, i'm your whore, your slut, please just slam a cock into this hole. Please....."


One of the men was more than happy to help, another quickly moved to her mouth. They buried themselves to the hilt in both ends of the slut and pushed her back and forth between them. Her throat bulged with prick as her pussy got fucked. Another cock appeared at her mouth, she opened wide and suddenly found both jammed in with her tongue flicking back and forth in between them. All six of them took turns in these positions, her pussy came over and over while she gasped desperately around the two cocks muffling her screams of ecstasy.


She didn't even notice that the butt plug had been popped out of her until she felt one of the cocks twitching deep in her ass. Her hole was tightly wrapped around its base and she could feel the balls resting against her butt. A hot, little tingle started in her pussy, it grew the cock pulled out and then slowly worked its way back into her ass. One of the men moved under her and positioned his cock to complete her double fuck. The two men pushed themselves all the way into her holes and her body collapsed from the orgasm.


The next hour was a blur of the men switching places as they fucked her senseless. Cocks found their way into her every hole and she gladly serviced them. Her nipples were bitten, hair pulled, ass smacked, but she kept on cumming, dripping juice all over anyone who was inside her at the time. Two of the men passed her mouth back and forth, taking turns using her mouth like a cunt. At the end each one in turn grabbed her hair to keep their cock in her throat and came directly down it. Both her holes being slammed and a cock in each hand she hardly had the energy to resist if she had wanted to, instead she stuck her tongue out and licked their balls while they shot their loads down her throat. She would choke if she still had a gag reflex.


After a while she found herself on her knees again, two by two the men came to her mouth.


"Open up slut."

She opened her mouth as widely as possible. The two men shot streams of cum into her mouth at the same time.


"You don't swallow until we say so."


As the next pair came foward the two who just finished moved to the side and had her jerk them back to hardness. More delicious cum for her slut mouth, she bounced up and down, anxious for more, her mouth was already half filled with cum. Two more loads and she was aching to swallow, she closed her mouth about to down the salty load,


"We're not finished yet slut, don't you dare swallow that."


She looked around and several of the guys were already hard and jerking off again. One of them pulled her ponytail back to open her mouth and reveal the growing pool of cum inside. They started to shoot off again, adding to the collection and stringing her face with cum at the same time. When they had all had a second chance to fill her up, her mouth was filled to the brim with cum. With her head looking up the cum came up to her lips with her mouth open.


"Now swallow that before we make you wait some more."


She opened her throat and willed the entire sticky load down into her stomach. After all that she could only think of getting the cum off her face back into her mouth.....


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