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Categories: Cyber Sex, Oral Sex
Tags: internet meeting stranger sexual encounter
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I walk slowly up to the door of your house.... you had given me your address over the internet - it helped our fantasy... you knew I would never come, it was absurd, but again and again we imagined over the internet what it would be like. My heart was now in my mouth as I stood outside your door - I knew you were alone.... I was now outside your front door and you knew nothing of it..... I stopped just before knocking and listened.... I could hear your voice - the window was open to the side of the house - it was a hot summers afternoon and yes, there it was again a sigh....

I creep around to the window and nearly gasped when I saw you....

You were in front of the computer, almost how I would have imagined you... but you had obviously found someone else to fulfill your needs... your legs were spread wide, your top open as your hands slowly caressed your naked breasts.... I could see your nipples hard and erect as your fingers gently rubbed over them... you paused to type something into the computer... then reading the reply you shudder as I notice your other hand gently moving up and down against your body.... I am so excited.... I should tell you I am there but I cannot... my hand moves to my cock and gently rubs over my trousers feeling my cock grow as I watch....

I cant help but stroke my cock watching you play in front of someone else, then you glance over and I am caught off guard....

I walk to the front of the house and enter, we stare at each other and without a word, we know what we both need...

We kiss passionately, your fingers slowly tracing a winding line down my body, pausing only to stroke my nipples. Down your had trails towards the rising bulge in my shorts. My body jumps as your groping fingers finally find, and gently stroke my cock through the material of my trousers, feeling it grow harder with your touch. We kiss deeply, our tongues entwining, exploring each other's mouths.

Finally you slide down my trousers and wrap your fingers around my now hard cock, your hand slowly stroking up and down the length of the rigid shaft. You grip me just a little harder and your stroking increases in pace as we continue to kiss passionately.

Your clothes are still only just pulled across your body, your long blouse open, your skirt still slightly crumpled up..... In response to your caresses, I let my hand wander inside your blouse, seeking out the soft skin of your body. I find the curve of your breasts, holding them in my palm and running my hand down your side, over your belly and around the curve of your hips and back again to your breasts. As I rub my thumb over your nipples, I feel them grow hard. You arch your back slightly and let out a soft moan as I continue to roll your nipples between my finger and thumb. Pulling your blouse open to expose your body, I bend my head to take a nipple between my lips, sucking it into my mouth, flicking the hard little bud with the tip of my tongue.

You moan in response to my mouth and stroke my cock harder and faster, pumping your fist up and down the shaft.

"I want to feel your cock in my mouth," you say sliding down my body.

I watch as you hold my cock an inch from your face, and with your tongue, trace a line down my cock from the head down to my balls. You take one of my balls into your mouth, licking and sucking then move to the other one, all the while gripping me in your closed fist and stroking up and down. After a little while you lick your way back to the tip, curling your tongue around it and lapping at the sensitive spot under the head, teasing out small beads of pre-cum, which you spread all around the head with your thumb making it glisten.

I shudder as you then part your lips and take the first two or three inches of my cock into your mouth, sucking gently and circling the head with your tongue. Your hand continues to stroke the shaft as you wank me off into your mouth.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good.” I murmour.

Slowly, you take more of my length into your mouth, sucking me all the way into the back of your throat. Then, more slowly still, you slide your mouth back up the shaft till just the head rests between your lips. You repeat this movement several times, speeding up each time as you greedily suck on my cock.

My hips start to buck a little, my legs shake as I lean against the wall. I try to push my cock deeper into your mouth. By now my breathing is getting harder and faster and I know I am not far away from cuming. To add to the already amazing sensations your mouth is giving me, I feel you graze the underneath of my balls with your finger nails. I definitely can't last much longer.

"Stop, stop, if you keep this up I'm going to cum."

You don't answer, but instead increase the pressure of your sucking, as if to say that you want me to cum. Your mouth is now all over my cock. Your lips, slightly parted, rub along the shaft while you pump your hand up and down. Every now and then you curl your soft tongue around the head, lapping at it like a cat lapping at the cream.

Finally I have to stop you and bending down I pull you up my body.... undress me I plead - and you slowly unfasten my shirt.... we kiss, your mouth still warm and tasting of my cock..... When I am naked you slide your own skirt off and I pick you up and walk you over to the couch... I look down into your eyes and lean in, gently kissing your eyes, nose, and mouth.

I fall to my knees beside the couch and slowly move my way down your throat and chest with kisses, pausing at your breasts. My tongue finds one nipple. I gently suck the nipple between my lips, flicking across it with my tongue sucking it till I feel it grow hard. I use the tip of my tongue to circle each nipple coating them with saliva. At the same time, my hand starts to move down over your stomach, stopping when I reach the soft downy hair between your legs. I use my index finger to trace the outline of your pussy lips. You are already very wet and my fingers easily slip into the moist folds of your delicious pussy.

Still sucking your nipples, I push my fingers deeper into you while my thumb presses against your clit. I then work my way down your body with my tongue, leaving a wet trail from between your breasts, over your smooth belly and into your soft pubes.

I move around the to end of the couch so that I am now lying between your open legs, which I now spread, one leg over the back of the couch, the other on the floor... With my fingers I open your pussy lips and work the tip of my tongue into you, swirling it around in a circular motion. Again I slip two fingers into you, palm up and move my lips up to your clit, teasing it out of it's hiding place with my tongue. You begin to moan softly as you force your hips forward pushing your pussy into my face and my probing fingers.

You are now getting really turned on as you place your hands on the back of my head, pulling me further into your pussy, thrusting against my tongue as I lap at your clit. I move my fingers inside in a ‘come here’ motion, rubbing harder and faster against your G-spot. You are really moaning now and your juices are flowing freely over my hand and face and down between your thighs. With one finger of my free hand I rub the juices into your puckered arsehole, using them as a lube before slipping the finger inside.

Almost at once you start to cum, your breathing became rapid as the first tremors rack through the lower part of your body. I feel a fresh flood of juices against my face as I suck and finger fuck your pussy and arse.

"Hmmm, oh god yes, I'm gonna cum, don’t stop, oh I’m cuming," you cry out as you reach the point of no return. “Ohhhhh fuck, yes, fuck yessssss.”

I feel your pussy contracting as all the muscles in your lower body tense, and then you clamp my head between your thighs as my tongue and fingers continue to move inside of you, and then I feel it, the force of juice sputing into my face, I open my mouth and drink it in, again I feel a warm jet of your liquid hit the back of my throat as you buck your hips and your legs spasm against me, and wave after wave of pleasure course through your body as your orgasm fully takes hold.

My hands, fingers and face are slick with your juices and I eagerly lap up the sweet cum. I savour the delicious taste as you cum over my face. Slowly your thighs relax their grip on my head as your climax subsides and I move back up beside on the couch. Once again we embrace and kiss deeply.

You sigh and whisper "that was amazing".... But I am not listening - I am not finished with you.... you suddenly realise this as you feel the head of my cock start to throb once more by your side.... You moan "no more, no more" but I am already between your legs.... I take your legs in my hands, and push them up my arms, my hands reach under you to your cheeks and lift you to me.... your legs are pushed high, opening your soaking pussy for me..... then my cock is at the entrance.. and with a slow movement I enter you.

You cry out, your pussy feels so tight, so wet, it is still throbbing from your orgasm as my cock starts to move inside you, deeper and deeper, I push myself inside you, you feel me against your pussy and as my pace quickens you cry out, "stop, let me".

You swing your leg over my body as I get onto my back. Straddling me and grasping my hard cock you squat down over me, lowering your wet pussy onto my cock. I raise my hips to meet you and you sit right down into my lap, burying my cock deep inside your pussy. Slowly you begin to ride me, rocking your hips back and forth, your hands either side of my head.

You lean forward, your hair falling across my face as you wave your head from side to side in total abandon. I reach round to grab your arse cheeks, pulling you down onto my cock. Then you start to slide your pussy up and down my shaft, using your feet for purchase, rising up till just the head is nestled between your pussy lips, then plunging down the shaft until our bodies meet. Your body rises, up and down, up and down and you clamp your pussy on my cock. I can feel that you are on the verge of another orgasm as you continue to grind down on my cock.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, I'm gonna cum” I moan.

“Cum inside me, fuck me, fill me up.”

I feel my balls tighten and my cock expand. I drive my hips up into you and as I erupt again and again, I feel the force against the base of my cock, the cum streaming deep inside you and for a second time, you cum. The sensation of my cock pulsing inside you and the warmth and stickiness of my cum filling your wet, hot pussy must have been enough to set you off. I can feel your pussy muscles spasm around my cock as we both cum together, gloriously, both of us screaming out loud.

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