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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

I was command to come on here today and tell give all my readers an update.... As of May 19,2008 my pussy belongs to my owner Master Ed and his girlfirend Mistress Kate. I live with them in a one bedroom apt. Everything is well... Here is my first true story with my new owners

I meet Master 3 years ago when i was looking to get fucked never did i think i would see him again. On may 18 someone was knocking at my door i got up and answered it. It was master and mistress. Master came in and pulled me by my hair and told me he said last time to never answer the door while standing up he pushed me on the ground and ripped off all my clothes. While Mistress came and sat on my face and forced me to eat her pussy. I was licking back and forth and shoving my whole tongue in her pussy while Master took out his dick and started to rubb it on my pussy he asked me if i wanted his dick i tried to say yes but mistress shoved her pussy into my face.

Master than went back to my pussy and attached clips to my pussy lips than he gave mistress something in her hands and told her to have fun with me, that i can take anything she would give out to me. she started hitting the button and it sent a shock through my pussy first it was soft and than harder and harder it got as she pushed it more. this had my pussy soakinh wet and i was screamming like cazy she was sitting there laughing at me. She than got up and turned around. Mistress started to play with my pussy in between each shock. She had me cumming in no time. Mistress than took off all of the clamps. She put her tongue into my soaking wet pussy she was eating my pussy like no tomarrow had me moaning very loud she than started to bite on my clit and just before i was about to cumm she got up and told me if i was to cum it will be a very bad thing.

She than continued to eat my pussy and she started to finger me as well i was begging her to let me cum my whole body was shaking but she would not let me. Master was looking at me with please. mistress started to go faster and faster i was at my highest point when master came over and stop her she got up and laid on top of my while master shoved his dick into my pussy while doing that mistress started to bite on my clit. I could smell mistress sweet pussy and i tilited my head up and started to lick her pussy again i started off very slow and picked up the speed as master went harder on my pussy. Master and mistress where using my pussy for everything that i like it to be.

Master told mistress to stop and just enjoy the show while she was being eatting he started to fuck my pussy so dam hard i could feel it in my stomach. i was moaning very loud while eating mistress. Master asked me if i wanted to cumm i plead yes yes i want to cumm. He than said after he was done cumming in my pussy he would let me cum on his dick.

he started to pound my pussy so hard it felt like i couldnt breath than i felt his hot cum all in my pussy he said go ahead you whore cum on my dick i let it all go and it felt like i was in heaven.

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