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Categories: Force/Rape, Anal Sex
Tags: rape
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive

It was a warm summer night, and my apartment was sweltering. I paced around my apartment with mounting restlessness, seething with frustration and anger. For most of the day I had managed to not think about how cynthia had left me; how she had flown off on a trip with a man she'd barely met. It was typical of women, though -whores that they are, each of them, all of them.

I had tried distracting myself with tv and beer but I couldn't sit still any longer. I got dressed, putting a tee shirt over my broad torso and pulling it down over my flat stomach. I grabbed a light jacket and ran a comb through my shaggy blond hair and then stepped out into the night.

The air was cooler, though still too warm and being nearly midnight there was almost no-one along the trail. I walked a bit through the winding trail paved through one of the city's larger parks, my mind lost in thought, my eye unthinkingly resting on the girl walking ahead of me.

At first I barely noticed her, lost in my own anger as I was. But the way her hips swayed as she walked, the way her pants outlined her asscheeks with just the right amount of outline mesmerised me. She was smaller than I was, a good half a foot shorter than me, but she was just the right build -thin, but with very definate hips and a pert, round ass. Before I knew it was imagining myself on top of her, and wondering what she looked like -not having seen her face- and then my thoughts turned violent.

I've always loved rough sex, but I never thought of forcing a woman before -but the alcohol, the isolation and a sudden rush of desire took me over the edge. I walked closer to her, she was wearing a white blouse which -as I got closer, I could see barely covered her breasts. She had on a pair of headphones, and her raven black hair barely fell to her shoulders.

She had no idea I was there, but adrenalinie now pumping through me I knew our surroundings -and it was just me and her. She jumped, startled as she saw me approach from the corner of her eye but by then it was too late. Approaching her from the side I reached one hand up, grabbing a fist full of her soft black hair, ripping the headphones from her ears and with the other hand drove my fist into her flat stomach. Her lips formed an 'o' as the breath was forced from her. She started gasping as I drove a kick into her stomach and then stepped closer to her, wrapping my arm around her neck.

"I can kill you here, or I can fuck you back there." I hissed, I had no intentions of killing her -but I could see from the way her eyes went wide that she didn't know that "buh-back th" she stammered "good choice, you're a smart little bitch after all.." I pushed her back from the trail once...then again as she regained her balance. I stepped closer to her and then kicked her legs out from under her and watched as she fell to her stomach.

I pounced, laying on top of her my hands reached for her blouse, quickly pulling it down, exposing her firm breasts to the rough, gritty dirt. she instinctively pushed herself up and I reached a hand up, grabbed her hair by the roots and pulled her down. I jabbed my hand under her hips, under her stomach and my fingers forced open the button to her pants, tore them apart, breaking the zipper. It took several rough tugs at her pants, my fingers in her hair clenched tight, pulling her roots as I yanked. The whole while she blubbered, and honestly I barely remember what she said -she begged for her life, and tried to plead with me to let her "do anything" because she didn't want to be hurt.

I ignored her as I got her pants and panties down past her crotch, and then brought my fingers to my lips, spitting on them. She looked wide-eyed and puzzled until I forced my now-wet fingers between her asscheeks. "God now, please...god please don't..." she pleaded as I pushed my finger into her tight, unwilling asshole, silencing her as she grunted with discomfort.

Having lubed her ass I frantically worked on undoing my pants, and it wasn't long before I had pulled my own hard, thick cock out and had the head pressed against her asshole, and then with a rough shove pushed myself inside of her with one thrust. She howled as my cock ripped open her ass and I rested briefly inside of her -she was sobbing uncontrollably now and I began to thrust my cock in and out of her ass, driving her bare hips into the gritty rocky dirt of the woods. I reached my hands up and grabbed her wrists, pinning her down as I used her tight ass to bring myself to a quick, but deeply satisfying orgasm.

Satiated, I pulled myself out of her with a wet noise and grabbed her blouse and cleaned myself off before standing up. She curled up and sobbed quietly as I stepped over her and, fastening my pants, walked back to the trail to continue my walk.

After that night, I know I'll never look at woman the same way again.

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