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Leslie had pulled Amy's dress up and her panties were around her ankles as she rubbed her clit. The two women were still kissing passionately when Leslie started to drop to her knees. Amy smiled lifting her dress up for my wife as she began to play with her own breasts. My wife leaned in and began thrashing her tongue around Amy's pussy. Amy was steading herself by holding my wife's head with her hand as she raised a leg for her. The scene was getting hot and by now someone had left the door all the way open. Leslie licked and fingered at Amy as Amy rubbed herself on my wife's face all the way to orgasm. When she had finished Leslie stood up and they kissed as she dragged Amy into the bathroom. Enter your story here...We had spent the morning lazing on the beach, sipping Pina Coladas and Planters Punch. Every now and then, I would steal a gaze at your beautifully bronzing body, glistening with a mixture of sweat and tanning oil, the sun highlighting each curve that peered out provocatively from your bikini.

After lunch, we had opted to rent a boat and take it our over the reef, we wanted to explore the multitude of uninhabited islands that dotted the ocean around our hotel. There must have been twenty or thirty of them, no trace of human intrusion, but close enough to our hotel to make them worthwhile.

For about two hours we had drifted in and out of the islands, motoring up channels in between the white beaches, slowly chugging along inspecting each one in turn.


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