A special treat for the birthday girl   added 7 years ago
  By: Nathalie  Age: 30  Country: France

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Categories: Oral Sex, Prostitutes, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur
Location: Other
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

For my birthday, my master had said we would be going out to a restaurant, to celebrate in style. When that evening came, I put on the dress my master had selected for me. A long black cocktail dress, with a bare back accross which ran six rows of small-linked silver chains. The cut was low enough that it showed the very beginning of my buttocks. That, and the feeling of the chains accross my back, was very erotic. Of course I was wearing my collar – I never take it off anymore. That, and a pair of black hi-heel shoes, clasped at the ankle and locked in place by a tiny silver lock. All in all, quite the submissive, in style as advertised. Master had put on a suit, of dark grey, on a deep blue silk shirt. He likes the dark colors.

When I was done getting ready, we went out. A limousine was waiting outside our building. The driver saw us, opened the door and let us in. He then got inside and began to drive.

There was a minibar in the car, with a bottle of champagne. Master took the bottle, began opening it. Once the cork popped-out, he pourde two glasses, put the bottle down and told me to strip. I cast a nervous glance towards the driver. The partition was down, meaning he could see but not hear. I proceeded to taking off my dress, and laid it down on the seats nearest to the driver.

I saw him look at me in the rearview mirror, and smile an appreciative smile. Then he pressed a button on the dashbord, and the partition came up. My master and I were alone.

He told me to come back to him on my hands and knees, and I did. He handed me a gla of champagne, and stroked my hair while he drank.

— You are a good slut, you know. I am very happy of the way your training turned out.

— Thank you, Master.

— I was not sure how you would react to being exposed to other people, paraded or even lent, but you seem to have fun with everything I make you do.

— Yes, Master. I would not have thought so either, actually, I never would have suspected.

— Well, for your birthday, I thought of something in between. It’s a surprise I have been waiting to give you. But we have some time before getting there. I wanted the mood to be right, first. Stay on all four, and turn around.

I did. My back was to him, so I did not him raise his hand to slap my butt. But he slapped it, and hard. I yelped, and immediately groaned as I felt a familiar heat radiate in my belly. Again and again, he slapped my ass. Then, I felt a pressure agains my anus, and felt a rosebud slide into me. It was big, heavier than the one he usually used.

— That alos is new, for your birthday. It has a black semi-precious stone at the end, and sets your cheeks aparts slightly so that I can see it right. You’re beautiful.

I moaned and stetched my butt towards my master a bit, aroused and moved by his words. He then slapped my ass a few more times, then let his hand slide between my thighs. The touch of his fingers made me gasp, and I grinded my hips a little, pressed myself against his hand. I heard a mechanical whisper in front of me, a bit above, and raised my head to see the skyroof slide open. The warm evening air carressed my body and made me shiver.

— Go stand in the skyroof, my master said.

I crawled beneath it and stood. I had thought only my head would be outside, but my breasts were actually a bit above the roof.

— Massage your tits, I heard my master say from within. Keep your eyes open.

I lifted my hands and started fondling myself, pinching my nipples, pulling on them a little. All the while, I could see cars around us, as we were driving through the streets. People on the sidewalk. It was late already, but not quite dark since it is summer. Anyone whod turned his or her head towards the limo was sure to see me. And many did. The attention, the look of surprise on people’s face, the look of lust on many a man’s face – none of whom bothered to look at my face, I was a pair of boobs on wheels to them – was beginning to make me horny. If the only knew I was naked below too…

— Nathalie, sit.

I immediately stopped and came to sit, or rather kneel, at my master’s feet. I as very much aroused, and I am sure he saw it the way I was looking at him.

— See that stool ? Stand on it to sit on the roof next time the car stops. Sit on the roof, legs inside the car, and masturbate. Of course, you can’t come.

Oh my god ! Everybody would see me, at my sluttiest! Sitting naked on a car, masturbating as I was driven around. All the while, I was sure my master was observing the people around the car, and seeing what attention I was getting. Soon enough, the car stopped, probably at a red light. I promptly did as my master had asked. Up on the warm metal roof, thighs apart, I begin slipping a finger between my labia, already apart and eager to be touched. There is a bus along our car. I gasp at the faces watching me. I felt shame rush me as I realized I had almost come. I continued fingering my clit, flicking it up and down, rubbing it, while savoring the attention this slut was getting, all to please her master.

The car was a long time starting again, and then we lost the bus, but other people saw me go by. I could not say how long I stayed up there. Minutes, five, fifteen, thirty? Really, I don’t know. I know I felt my wetness run on my thighs, drench them, I knowmy pussy was throbbing so bad I felt it like bass on a dance floor. I heard catcalls from men, invitations, suggestions, insults. I loved them all. I heard orse from some women, and got the most wonderful smiles from them too.

After a while, my master called me back in. I dropped back inside the car and knelt at his feet. The touch of my high-heels against my labia sent a shiver through my body, but still I managed not to come. I think I was moaning aloud with each breath, though.

— We are almost there, bitch. Get dressed again.

I was buzzing, litterally buzzing with arousal, I could hear the blood pulse in mye ars at each heartbeat. I gathered my dress from the floor, and put it back on.

Soon enough, the car stopped. The driver came round to open the door, and we got off. Master told him to wait at the parking, and he would be called when we left. The driver nodded.

We had stopped in front of the entrance of a restaurant. I had a vague idea where we were, but it seemed a quiet neighbourhood. From inside, someone opned the door for us. Master said we had a table booked for two, under my name.

— Indeed, sir, you have. If you care to follow me…

Master did, and I started after him. But master turned around and told me to wait there. I was surprised, but I did. I watched him go through another door, and could not see him anymore.

A few minutes later, a womand emerged from a side door.

— Nathalie ?

— Y…yes ?

— Please follow me.

She started through the same door she had just came in from. I went after her.

— Do you know where you are?, she asked.

— No… At a restaurant, I think.

— Yes. Your master did not tell you what kind of a restaurant, then.

My master. She had called him my master. She knew. She knew… and did not seem surprised in the least. That was a concept, or a lifestyle, she was used to. I understood then that since I had been brought here by my master, I was to obey what I would be told to do.

— Very well, Nathalie. This is a restaurant for people like your master. People who like to use other people. It is your presence that is unusual. But there, llok for yourself.

In the short corridor we had been walking in, we had come to a sort of window, or rather – by the colour of it – a one-way mirror. I could see the dining room. At first, nothing seemed unusual. An elegant setting, a chandelier on the ceiling, fine plates and cutlery, smartly dressed people… well, smartly dressed men, more like it. And then I sawit. Under the tables. In front of every man, there was a more or less naked woman, kneeling between his feet. Some were sitting on their heels, others… well, the others must have been busy sucking their customer. From the ones kneeling back, I could see a metal collar, and a chain linking them to the diner’s seat.

— Yes, now you see. But usually, patrons come here and enjoy one of our girls’ attention. Your master never does. He brings other people, who use our specialty, but he doesn’t. And today, he requested that you service him while he eats.

I felt my stomach clench. I was to be tied between my master’s legs and suc khis cock while he ate, in a restaurant ? Another glance confirmed what I tought : all the tables were placed so that patrons could watch the girls being used under the tables.

So, that was my surprise. I turned to the woman.

— OK, I understand. Well, how does it work ?

— First, you come with me, and we outfit you. Obviously, you cannot go in that dress of yours.

— Let’s go, then. Let’s not make master wait.

She led me to a small vestibule with all sorts of clothes and items hung from the walls and on tow racks. I chose a simple leather harness the basically enhanced the fact that I was nude. After putting it on, I watched the woman – who had not left hte entire time – and said:

— Pardon me, but am I allowed a request?

— Yes, yes, tell me.

— If you have a small grease pen, I would like you to write something on my back.

— Like what?

— « Nathalie, property of Master C… » I would like everybody to know that this is not what I do, it’s what I am.

She smiled.

— Not a problem. Turn around, and I’ll write that.

I felt the tip of a pen on my skin, and a few secondes later, she said she was done.

She then told me to get on all four, tied a chain to my collar, and opened a door onto the dining room.

— Walk with your head high. Let them look you in the eye.

The people next to me and whom I passed on my way to the table turned their heads, watched me crawl on the floor to where I would be used. I was some look me in the eye and hold down the head of whoever was sucking them. One of them mouthed some dirty words while looking at me, and I saw the girl between his thighs drool cum in a cup next to his feet.

Inally, I arrived at my master’s table. The woman handed him my chain, on which he pulled until I was positionned between his feet, head near his crotch.

My master looked me in the eye with love, fastned the chain so I could only move back a little, and said :

— Happy birthday, whore. Take out my cock and suck it.

I did, and kept at it all thgouh his meal. He told me afterwards I had spent an hour and a half with his cock in my mouth, without ever letting it out completely. I managed to make him cum twice, and each time he had me kneel back and let the cum drool on my breast. I kno by the end, I was madly aroused. In the beginning, I had caught other people watching me suck my master off, slowly, tenderly, with all the love I could put in those movements. But soon, they didn’t matter anymore, only my master’s member in my mouth.

I was drunkon this, the servitude, the willing humiliation of me, the way I was used as another entertainment to go with fine wine and food.

After his coffee, master stood up and left, presumably to pay. The woman came back to fetch me. Still on all four, I crossed the dining room again, fresh cum sticky and wet on my breast. She led me to the small room I had « dressed » in, and told me I could stand a few minutes. I did, happy to feel the pressure off my knees. But soon, whe told me to get back on all four again, and said I was to be returned to my master. She went behind me, told me to spread my knees. When I did, I felt something press on my labia. I felt the dildo slide inside me with almost no resistance at all, and felt the woman rearrange the two straps on the harness so that it would remain inside me. With a « click », she turne dit on, and I felt vibrations pulse though my womb. The feeling was incredible.

She opened the door on the room again, and led me to the door where my master was waiting. I was lost in the wolrd that was my womb, and the waves going crescendo in my pussy. Walking with a dildo inside me is always a strong experience, and even more so on all four. Seing my master, I was reminded that we were in a public place, and I imagined I could feel all the diner’s eyes ont my pussy filled with this toy. It made my pussy clench on the dildo, and I moaned.

The woman handed the chain to my master, thanked him for the visit and said the car would soon be there.

— No problem, he answered. We will be waiting outside.

He opened the door and went out, dragging me after him.

We waited a few minutes, an eternity to me, naked and on a leash, with cum on my breasts and a dildo vibrating away in my pussy. I felt the shame and fear tighten my pussy, which only made the vibe seem stronger. I was going mad, I wanted to come, and still my master hadn’t said a word to me.

The car arrived, the driver came out to open the door and saw me. He actually stopped mid-step. Looked at me, looked at my master, looked at me again. Master looked back.

— Nathalie. Sit on your knees.

I did, revealing my cum-sticky breast. Pushing up against my heels, the dildo was shoved deeper inside my belly, and I moaned aloud.

— Don’t worry, my master said to the driver, this is not abuse, she wants to be my bitch. This was my treat for her birthday. If you want to pet her behind, go ahead while she climbs in.

The driver nodded, opened the car door, and I felt his hand on my buttocks, oh solightly, while I climbed in.

When he was seated, my master told the driver to take us where he had picked us up, and rolled down the windows. He then told me to face the window facing the traffic, and proceeded to fuck m yass until I could not scream. When I finally crumpled to the car floor, torn between breathless gasps and shivers from the intense orgasms, he whispered in my ear :

— Happy birthday, whore. You did well.

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