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From where we left off...

I was following Kelly on her way back to her home after I had persuaded her to allow me to complete my final wish which I was unable to fulfil when I was still alive. It was a fib and well, I seemed to have pulled it off pretty well.

Kelly walked on slowly and I was just a few steps behind her. I came up right behind her and reminded her that I was following her as per her agreement earlier on. She nodded her head and proceeded to walk back to her house just a few blocks away.

She reached home and opened her door gingerly and as she stepped inside, I followed her very closely. I snuck past her and stood behind her as she stood in the doorway looking back at the empty street. After a few seconds, she closed the door and locked it tightly before she proceeded to walk up to her room. The whole house was pretty quiet and I somehow suspected that her family was out at work or probably at some appointment.

She had just changed quickly back in the swimming pool and was in a white t-shirt and a pair of black shorts which showed off her long legs beautifully. Now in the privacy of her room, she threw off her t-shirt in one pull and stepped out of her shorts, leaving her naked as the day she was born. She didn't bother to put on any underwear earlier on it seems, and she siddled to her bathroom with her clothes piled on the floor.

Following her movements, I crept inside the bathroom as well and observed her as she lathered her hair and soaped herself slowly from top to bottom. Kelly's tummy was flat and led down to her mound which was lightly furred on the top. She had been trimming her lower regions to ensure that the hair was not showing out from her swimsuit. And her pussy lips was full and closed up like a clam. Even when Kelly was washing her nether region, her lips opened only very slightly and closed up immediately after her finger slid out.

After her shower, she dried herself with a big fluffy white towel and wrapped herself in it before she proceeded back to her room. Once inside her room again, I allowed her to sit down on her bed before I alerted her to my presence in the room.

"Hi Kelly, I am here with you."

"Huh! You were with me all this time?"

"Yeah, right from the time you entered your house til now."

"You mean you saw me bathing and all?"

"Yup. Nice body, I really like you."

She blushed a crimson red and turned her head down slightly. Man, I just love it when little girls do that. It makes them look so pure and desireable. Looking up around her, she inquired

"So how can I address you?"

"You can call me Mike."

"Mike, my parents are out of town for this weekend and I am all alone in this house anyway. I think this is really interesting now after considering about it for a while. I mean, who else would be able to say that they had an encounter with a ghost?"

"Yeah, true..." Inside me, I was laughing away, coz so far, at least 3 girls would be able to relate to that. Hehe.

"So how did you die? Was it in the pool?"

"Well, I died in a freak accident. I fell down while walking around the pool towards a beautiful girl. I was about to approach her to chat her up, but I slipped and fell and hit my head against the metal bar. I did not know what else happened, but apparently from what I heard. I had suffered an internal injury which made me black out and the internal bleeding which was not obvious had been the killer. I died in a few minutes before anyone could do anything about it."

"Wow, that's one sad story."

"Yeah... And I am still here due to that unrealised dream."

"Aw... poor thing."

"Kelly, earlier on I had already seen your whole body. So can you remove that towel and show your nice beautiful body to me again?"

"Am I beautiful, Mike?" her voice was hesistant, unsure.

"Yes, you are even more beautiful than any of the girls I have met so far."

She undid the knot in her towel and pulled it open slowly. And her boobs came into view as the terry cloth came off her. I helped by tugging on the towel slightly and it came off her body a couple of seconds later. Now she was totally naked as before but she was so shy and coy now. Her legs crossed to cover up the view of the pussy and while she did not cover her boobs with her arms, she kept looking downwards.

"Don't be shy, Kelly. You should be proud that you have such a beautiful and sexy body. I mean, a lot of girls would kill to have such a nice figure."

Her mouth turned up into a smile and she looked up towards my voice but managed to only stare into blank air.

"Just trust me and relax. I'll show you how good you can feel."

Nodding, she looked around again but couldn't see anything other than her familiar room. I crawled up onto her bed as well and pushed her down onto her bed. Lying down, she closed her eyes slowly and allowed herself to relax.

When I was totally above her, I kissed her. Lightly at first, then with increasing vigour. She began to kiss back and opened her mouth slightly, time for me to push on. Using my tongue, I licked her, around her lips at first then inside her mouth. The feeling of a young teenage tongue against yours is really a great feeling. And while she was still pre-occupied with the kissing part, my hands started roaming around her body. Sliding my right hand up and down her side of her body, I could feel the shape of her body and her soft smooth skin.

As I french kissed her, my right hand moved up and cupped her breast. Her boob was soft and yielding, enthralling me with my every touch. I broke off from the kiss and allowed my lips to latch onto her pink nipples. Sucking them softly, they responded quickly by stiffening into little nubbins. Flicking my tongue across Kelly's nipples, she moaned.

"Oh God, what am I feeling? I have never felt like this before even when I played with myself!"

"This is only the start. You will experience more than this later on..."

I didn't realise this earlier but fondling someone while you're invisible is a very weird and interesting experience, after-all you can't see your own hands on the person but you know your hands or body parts are there. I bet she's feeling the same too, unable to know where I would touch next or which part of me is touching her at all.

Continuing to suckle her, I laid down on my side and allowed my left hand to reach over to her other breast and play with it. My right hand reached downwards to her treasure box and cupped her pussy mound. Thoroughly stimulated on all ends, Kelly was aroused rapidly and I could feel her pussy juices leaking from her pussy slit as I squeezed her gently. My middle finger dipped in and dived into her thick outer labia moving up and down sloshing her juice all around her vulva.

Switching over to my index finger, I started to rub around her clitoral area. Going in circles around the clitoris hood, her voice was quivering and I could feel her body reacting with shakes and shivers. As soon as my finger got into contact with her exposed clit, she came immediately.

Her body spasmed uncontrollably, "Oh god... oh god... ahhhh...hhh..."

A few seconds later, " I never felt an orgasm like that ever before."

"Well, I can show you even more. Just relax."

Her mouth turned up into a bright smile, "Maybe meeting a ghost like you isn't so bad after-all..."

I leaned over and kissed her. Now Kelly was responding and learning fast, she began to kiss back with her tongue. Massaging her breast with one hand, my other reached down and began to caress her vulva region. It's time to bring her up to the plateau again. Her body was quick to react once again and I twiddled her clitoris a few seconds later, getting her to moan with pleasure.

My middle finger came into play again and dived inside her vagina, finger fucking her slowly and not reaching in too deep. Her surprised face was a strong indicator that she has never quite done such acts before. So I worked on both her pussy as well as her clit with one hand and her breast in the other.

By now, my cock was hard and stiff and just waiting for the right moment to get into action. Kelly's breathing gradually increased in pace and I knew the time was near. Her body wound up like a coil of spring and tightened up in anticipation of the release which would come soon. Her breaths were very shallow and quick now, almost like a fish out of water gasping for the precious air.

I lowered my lower body and angle my cock towards her pussy. Using the classic bait and switch, I changed over from my middle finger to my dick and began to stroke up and down her pussy with my hard cock. She probably didn't even realise it yet but I carried on with her stimulation on all avenues.

Both her hands grabbed hold of the bedsheet and she orgasmed with a series of moans and cries of joy that was almost unintelligible. At that exact moment, I pushed down on my hips with a hard thrust and stabbed right thru her hymen. Her eyes went wide open and her pussy muscles clamped down tightly to prevent the intruding member from entering further. But as she was very well lubricated, I was able to penetrate her slowly until my hard stiff cock was all the way inside her.

She gasped from the new intrusion but her orgasm was still fresh on her mind. Her mind was still on the good feeling and her pain wasn't registered as strongly. I only moved after her spasms had ended, taking my time to fuck her slowly. Her blood had covered my cock and it showed when I pulled out more than halfway out. And since she was lying back with her head tilted back, she didn't realise it yet.

Her amazingly tight pussy was such a tease, gripping me all around as I pushed in and out of her. Understanding that I was not going to be able to make it long with this kind of pressure, I continued with deep and fast strokes. With a few more thrusts, I pushed in hard and began to spurt out long thick strings of cum inside her just-deflowered pussy.

Kelly still had her head facing up to the ceiling of her room, basking in the nice feeling she had from the multiple orgasms she had in the last few minutes. Quickly, I withdrew and cleaned my cock off against her towel. With my cock cleaned and invisible again, I used the same towel to clean her blood covered pussy before placing it under Kelly's butt to prevent any further leakage of blood to stain her bed.

Moving back close to her face, "Thank you Kelly. You have made my final wish come true. Thanks once again."

"Thank you too for such a good time and making my first time enjoyable too."

She laid back down, eyes closed. I pulled her blanket over her and made sure she was covered properly and walked out of her house quietly...

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