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Have anyone thought about what they would do if and when they are invisible?? Just like in the movies, the Hollow man, would you want to go scare people or do something that you wouldn't be able to do normally?

Well, I have found my way to be invisible and this had given me the chance to play around like never before. Here are my chronicles of my adventures.

I had been a normal lab technician for years and it was during my working time in this job that gave me this miraculous powers when an industrial accident involving radiation and some chemicals changed my life. To the world, I have been considered dead or missing as there was no traces of my body whatsoever. But I was still around looking at all the on-goings when they cleaned up the lab and hushed up the whole affair.

Immediately after the incident I was pretty confused and tried to figure out what had happened but I couldn't see my limbs nor body. And I thought I was dead too like what the others said. But I was able to pinch myself, so I was even more confused. Heading to the changing rooms, I wanted to see for myself in the mirrors. Just outside the door, I remembered that the ladies changing room had bigger mirrors which stretched from the top to the bottom. And if I were dead, why not sneak a peek in.

I pushed the door open and it squeaked a little as it swung open. I peered in and there was no one inside yet. Perfect. Walking up and down in front of the mirror, I can't see any image of myself at all, yet I know that I had to push the door open to get in and not walk thru it like what a ghost would do. Hmmmmmm... what heppened? As I was still trying to get my train of thoughts in line, the door opened and the young hottie technician who was recently attached her entered. She was probably off her shift from the other lab room and came in to change.

She probably didn't hear about my incident yet, which is just as well. One less to share in the make believe grief of my demise. This girl, Denise was a very friendly lady and pretty popular here as well, afterall there wasn't much girls around in this company. She quickly stripped off her lab coat and placed it on a hanger. Then she took off the white long sleeve shirt which was regulation wear in this company. Her black bra contrasted strongly against her pale skin and she hurriedly undid her pants and pulled it down. Her matching black thong came into view next and I was standing pretty close to her. I could even sniff her sweaty scent of her warm body.

She used a towel to dry off her excess sweat and applied some powder to mask her scent and threw on a black dress. Must be hurrying off for a date somewhere. What should I do next? It seems like I'm still in this world but no one else can see me even when I'm just inches away from them. Time to explore the world more, I believe.

Walking out directly behind Denise, I waltzed out of the building. I dun think I'd be able to take any public transport in this condition, so I started thinking of the facilities around the area. And I recalled that there was a junior college around the area just minutes away, should I go take a look in there.

With that decided, I walked slowly toward the school and planned my next course of action. The first place all guys would want to go to voyeur would be the toilets, so that's here I ended up. Waiting inside, it didn't take long before a pair of girls bounded inside and headed directly for the stalls. I peered in under the cubicles and was rewarded with the views of their bare cunnies urgently peeing away. Just watching them wasn't very satisfying after-all and I soon started planning my next move.

The next place I visited was the infirmary and I struck gold there, for there was a teen sleeping on one of the beds, probably resting away from the school stress or some other illnesses. I decided to tease her first and tested her reaction level. I touched her on her shoulders lightly and waited for her reaction. There wasn't any and I proceeded to pull off the sheet covering her. Her school uniform consisted of a white blouse and dark blue skirt which ended above her knees. Lifting up her skirt, I looked up and spotted her pink panties mounded over her puffy mound. I gulped, trying to recall when was the last time that I had the chance to play with such a young girl.

Even after I had unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up to reveal her white bra, she was still sound asleep and did not react at all. Seems like school girls love to wear racer back bras, just like this girl here, which was good for me. I reached down to the clasp and unbuckled it easily. With another motion, I lifted both cups up and away to the sides and exposed her small boobs to the cool air of the room. Noticing a small label at the side of the bra, I took a quick look at it and realised she was a 34B.

To ensure that I wouldn't get any further trouble later, I went thru the drug section and found something which would be very good for my use. Apparently someone had misplaced a bottle of cholorofoam in the dispensary thinking it was a useful drug. The application I know which should be for school use would be in the technical department where they use this to glue acrylic pieces together. Well, this is going to be very helpful for me anyway. I found a gauze pad and liberally dosed it with the cholorofoam. Covering her nose with it, she inhaled a few times and fell into a deep sleep.

Now with her knocked out, I hiked her skirt up to her waist and eased her panties down off her legs. Now she was almost naked save for some garments under her and around her waist. I slid my right hand under her waist and lifted her up and pushed a pillow under her butt. That would give me a much better penetration angle. Scooting down to her young pussy, my eyes were glued to her young tender vulva. Sticking out my tongue, I tentatively licked her tasting her. Spreading her labia apart, I examined her closely and found her hymen still intact. Score! Here is a young virgin totally out of it and ready for me to do anything I want with her.

I played with her clitoris and fingered her just short of penetrating her hymen to get her wet and ready. Her body reacted just as it should and lubricated her love canal, her juices almost overflowing. Already naked, all I had to do was to get onto the bed and position myself just in front of her. Sliding my hard cock into her wasn't easy considering that she was very tight and her hymen was still there. The crown of my dick managed to squeeze inside her pussy after some pushing with a loud plop. Man, she WAS tight. Once inside, I just slammed it into her, after-all she wasn't conscious. With a deep thrust, I broke thru her hymen easily and reached in to her womb.

I fucked her royally and enjoyed myself tremendously with this round of sex with a young virgin. Her tight pussy was holding me tightly like a satin lined tunnel which applied pressure on my member all around. I couldn't hold out any longer after a few minutes and I gave her a few more thrusts before I released all my cum inside her. Seeing her vagina gaping with my invisible cock inside her was a real interesting experience. When I pulled out, I could see her hymenal blood coating my transparent cock. And the sperm started to flow out in a while mixing with her blood.

I was considering to clean her up and dress her up when the door suddenly opened...

(to be continued...)

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