To Bi or not to Bi   added 7 years ago
  By: jc17642000  Age: 66  Country: United States

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Nature: Romantic

I came close to fulfulling this fantasy when stationed in Spain. I met an older, great looking and built woman who asked me to dance with her. As we danced she rubbed her body against me causing a hard on. We went out side and began to make out, she had unbuttoned her blouse and was braless with great boobs and erect nipples. I sucked and fondled them and she unzipped my pants taking my cock in her mouth. I slid my hand between her legs and found her pantyless cunt, god did she feel great so silky and soft. She said she wanted to take this to her van, and I almost dropped a load right there. When we got into the back of her van it was like a large bed with soft lighting. We went into a 69 position and she was cumming in only a few seconds, I was not far behind but then she got off and started to kiss me.

She had such a great tongue and was holding my head, when I felt a hand on my cock and then a mouth sucking me hard, not thinking or worring about what was happening, I came and came. She rolled on my side and there was a cock hard and only inches from my mouth. I sat straight up and said I don't go that way, her husband was the one to suck me off and wanted me to return the favor. I wanted to but my macho said no. She told me that if I sucked him off and let him cum in my mouth we could continue to have fun the rest of the night at their place. I said I could not do that so she took his cock in her mouth and sucked and swallowed him in front of me. She then gave me one more chance to suck him off and I declined. Here I sat with a hard on twice the size I have ever seen on myself and she told me if I did not let her get off watching me suck I had to leave. I pulled on my pants and got out of the van and went back to the club. Now 20 years later I still wish I would have sucked him, I have sucked only 2 other men and enjoyed it, I wish I would have done it then or that I would have a chance to relive the experience again.

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