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Categories: Identified partner, Steady Partner, Masturbation, Anal Sex
Tags: horny nice seduction fuck couple romance Love
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

So... I open this door and I step into the room seeing you sitting there as per usual, t-shirt and thong at a guess, closing the door behind me standing there leaning back against it dressed as though out for the night and I dress up, clean up pretty well or so I am told hardly original but here I am yes my skin is pale I don’t tan I turn two colours white or red I usually settle for white the lesser of two evils I think you will agree. Looking at you catching your eyes with mine, standing dressed in a black shirt with some graffiti style pattern in grey across the front of it long sleeved unfastened at the cuffs rolled up once no jewellery can’t stand wearing it, from waist down dark blue jeans loose on the bottom tight on the top and brown leather shoes and of course yes smelling like a million bucks or more. Moving from the door towards you to stand in front of you chuckles softly as I pause and turn once slowly for you on the spot I hope you approve I lack in originality perhaps but I do make effort when the occasion is right.

Watching you watching me thoughtfully, that familiar tilt to your head until I hold out my hand to you and you take it. Pulling you gently up onto your feet, gently but easily taking your weight lifting you without apparent effort and immediately stepping closer to you my body moving in tight against yours my arms moving around you, hands resting on your back stroking gently up and down either side of your spine looking down into your eyes with mine, me a little drunk? Yes perhaps just a touch. I look down into your eyes smiling slightly as I do, saying nothing just looking my eyes not leaving yours as I lower my lips to meet yours tilting my head to yours breathing in your scent knowing your nose is filled with mine as I press my lips against yours. My lips straddling your bottom lip sucking on it firmly, biting at it playfully tugging on your lip leaning my head back before pressing my lips more firmly back against yours. My hands slightly chilled from outside I slide them down and under your t-shirt to cup your ass squeezing it firmly, grinning playfully feeling you jump at the touch of my cold fingers where they press against bare flesh, yes me is evil, but you are just so damn warm mhm hot even.

My hands sliding over your ass cupping it squeezing it in my hands, pressing your cheeks together and pulling on your ass, your hips pulling tight to mine as I press my lips against yours bowing my head more my lips parting and my tongue sliding out running lightly over your lips licking slowly over them tracing them before pressing my tongue between your lips and dipping it inside your mouth my tongue sliding over yours and into your mouth rolling my tongue lightly over yours teasing your tongue with mine, as my hands move over your ass clenching tight squeezing my fingers biting into your flesh my nails leaving crescent moons in your flesh as I squeeze so firmly. Pulling one hand away sliding it up between us to capture your breast taking it in my hand squeezing it strongly, firmly, in my hand dragging my thumb in almost roughly over your nipple.

My tongue sliding in and out of your mouth when your tongue follows mine I lightly close my lips around it teasing squeezing it and sucking on it so firmly as your tongue enters my mouth, my hand on your ass sliding up over your ass over your back to the back of your neck urging your mouth onto mine as I slowly rock my hips against yours grinding lightly my body to yours. Pressing your mouth onto mine as my tongue strokes over yours wriggling over it around it fucking slowly in and out of your mouth even as your tongue slides into mine my hands moving from you to your sides stroking down to your waist gripping your t-shirt and lifting it up slowly inch by inch revealing you to me inch by slow inch, your stomach, your breasts, your throat, as I lift it over your head and toss it to the floor. Stepping back into you moving with you your back hitting the wall now, grinning wickedly slightly looking down into your eyes murmuring quietly ‘nowhere left to go’,

My hands moving between us to your breasts, cupping, squeezing them strongly, tightly in my hands pressing them together lifting them even as I lower my head my eyes not leaving yours as up at you. Parting my lips as you watch sliding my tongue out and circling your nipples with my tongue first one and then the other if they were not hard already they sure as hell are now as I press your breasts together and lower my mouth capturing both your nipples inside my mouth, opening it wide and sucking firmly strongly almost painfully so on your nipples and teasing them inside of my mouth with my tongue. My hands closing tighter on your breasts squeezing so tight so hard as I press my lips to yours once again, the back of your head against the wall unable to move as I press my lips against yours and thrust my tongue between your lips deep into your mouth while pressing with one leg grinding it slowly firmly between your legs forcing you to part and open your legs around mine. Tearing my lips reluctantly from yours leaning in towards your ear chuckling softly to myself and whispering, ‘mhm yes you know what is coming don’t you, feel me my thigh between yours’.

Pressing between the heat of your thighs, my thigh tight against the crotch of your thong against your sex pressed tight to you even as you lift onto your toes as though to ease the pressure only to inevitably move down onto it again as the strain grows to much I raise my leg increasing the pressure not letting it ease just rocking grinding my leg against you. My thigh pressed tight to your sex rocking, grinding, against you even as you grind down onto it I move it higher pressing it tighter against you as one hand moves from your breast and presses down behind you over your back and down to your ass cupping and squeezing one ass cheek so tight so hard and sliding my finger beneath the crotch of your thong and begin pull on it slowly. Smiles as I lean my head back enough to look down into your eyes feeling how your thong pulls deeper between the cheeks of your ass and knowing how it pulls tight against your clit and slides in exposing your outer lips so that they are pressing rubbing directly onto the leg of my jeans immediately as I do feeling wetness already seeping through your thong now spilling freely from between your outer lips soaking into the fabric of my jeans through to my skin.

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