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Categories: Oral Sex, Prostitutes
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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

The end of a semester is always a rough time for any college student, and I was no different. Money saved up over break had run out and we were all so busy getting ready for finals and finishing up papers that there was just no time for working. I was in that situation one year until I got an email from a guy who was looking for a girl to come to a bachelor party. He had some pretty specific requirements, most notably that the girl would have to come dressed like a maid (apparently that was a fetish of the groom-to-be) and she couldn't be afraid to "get dirty knees." We emailed a few times and I agreed and, for an added fee, I would let them cum on me at the end, too. He really liked that idea and we set everything up. He told him that his name was Bill and the groom-to-be's name was Steven.

Quickly enough, the day of the party came around. I went to the hotel and changed in a bathroom. The outfit had a lacy hairband, a tiny black top with white frills, and a very short black skirt, and I brought my own pair of black high heels. There wasn't much left to the imagination, but I guess that was the point and at least it looked good with my long black hair. My heels clicked down the hallway as I approached their room. Knocking on the door, a guy opened it up and let me in, introducing himself as Bill. He led me into the bathroom where he gave me an envelope with the money, which I stashed in my bag with my clothes.

The room itself was large and the beds had been pushed out of the way. There was a chair in the middle of the floor and a sheet curiously hung up in one corner. I wasn't sure what they had in mind for that, but I was fairly certain I would find out. There were six guys in the room, all wearing boxers and t-shirts and they brought out a seventh, presumably Steven. He was also wearing boxers and a t-shirt but he had a blindfold as well and they led him to the chair in the middle of the room and told him that they got a surprise for him for his bachelor party.

I went over to him and took his cock out of his shorts. He nearly jumped when I did but I leaned forward and whispered "I heard you wanted your cock sucked by an asian maid," into his ear and he calmed down a bit. I could see him grinning as I get down on my knees in between his legs. Taking his rapidly hardening cock into my mouth, my lips slide down to the base of it and back up to the tip. The other guys in the room started to cheer and took off Steven's blindfold as I closed my eyes and started to suck his dick.

"We got you an asian whore," one said, followed by "yeah, and we're going to bukkake all over her face." I think the most common name I got called that night was "suckslut."

It was difficult, but I tried to pay attention to the blowjob despite the verbal degradation. One of my hands cupped Steven's balls and the other was twisting along his cock while my head bobbed up and down in his lap. I could feel hands groping my breasts and then pulling my top down until they spilled out of my outfit and were exposed to the group of guys gathered around me. They cheered and I could hear them talking about where they wanted to cum on me but I tried to stay focused on sucking cock. I have to admit that the thought of these guys getting turned on just by watching me give head really made me wet. I took my hand off of his balls and let it stray between my legs. This got a loud cheer from the guys in the room and they said "Take her to the hole!"

I looked up and the guys were all moving over to the sheet, which they unfolded as they helped me up and walked me over to it. When it was undone, I could see that there was a hole in the middle of it, about waist high on all the guys. It dawned on me that I was going to be the girl behind the glory hole for tonight. The thought of sucking anything that they put through the hole was hot. Very hot.

Pulling the sheet aside, I got behind it and got down on my knees. Someone was apparently faster than me because there was a hard cock pushed through the glory hole before I even knelt all the way down. Excited, I took it into my mouth and sucked it as hard as I could. Opening my eyes, all I could see in front of me was the white sheet and the pubic hair that was tickling my face. Nothing else. I had no idea whose dick I was sucking, what he was thinking about, or whether he even cared who was servicing him at the moment. All I knew was that there was an erect, engorged cock and it was for me to suck.

And suck it was exactly what I did. I worked that cock until the guy pulled it out of the hole. I was surprised because I never felt him cum and I like to feel that satisfying burst of cum when I give a blowjob, but I didn't have much time to dwell on it before the next cock came in and I could get back to pleasuring someone with my mouth. I don't know how long I was there, on my knees, blowing every cock that came through the hole. It was probably about half an hour or more. My knees were starting to hurt and my jaw was getting sore but that wasn't as bad as the aching between my legs. I don't know how many times I sucked each cock but it felt like every time I was getting somewhere it pulled away and a new one pushed into my space.

Finally they pulled the sheet down. All the guys were naked and rock hard. One of them grabbed my top and pulled it until it snapped off of me. I was kneeling on the floor, topless, exposed, and hornier than I had been in a while. Steven was the first one forward. He stood over me, knees bent, and jerked his cock as fast as he could go. At this point, no one was talking because we were all too horny to make any coherent thoughts. I looked up at him and my hands slid down into my panties and I started to play with myself.

That set him off. A jet of cum burst out of his cock and hit me right in the middle of my face. It must have been a thick load because it didn't even start sliding down my face before the next burst got me. Again his cock spit cum onto me as other naked guys looked on, sex, power, and dominance in their minds as they watched me get humiliated by cum. I closed my eyes as a third and then a final load of cum hit me. I tried to open my eyes but they were glued shut. I could feel it starting to slide slowly down my cheek.

By this point, I was so turned on that I had slid a finger into myself. I gasped as I did and I could feel another guy standing over me. The wet sound of him stroking his cock filled my ears followed by a low grunt. The next thing I knew, I was getting hit in the forehead with a blast of cum. The warm feeling started to slide down my face as he came again and then one more time on me. This second load quickly slid down my face and onto my neck.

I heard him step back and almost immediately felt a cock touching each side of my face. There was a guy on each side of me and they both came hard. Hot jets of cum hit my cheeks almost simultaneously. I had no idea who was cumming on me because my eyes were still tightly shut. The thought crossed my mind of just how anonymous this was. For over half an hour I had sucked cocks without even being able to see the owners of them and now I couldn't tell who was cumming on me. I just had to kneel on the floor, eyes closed, and take whatever these guys' cocks had to give me. I was so turned on.

The next guy stood behind me and came down the middle of my face. Some of it slid off of my chin and landed on my bare breasts. The last two guys tried to both cum on me at the same time. They made a game out of it! It would have been almost silly if it weren't for the fact that what they were making a game out of was my complete sexual objectification. For the whole night I had just been a pure sexual object. They had watched me suck a cock, they anonymously fucked my mouth, and now they were turning me into a plaything as they were completing their domination of my body.

I couldn't help it any more. I orgasmed as the last two guys jerked off on my face. It seemed to take forever, my body clenching down on my fingers as spurts of cum hit my face and slid down my cheeks, neck, and chest. Exhausted, I sat back against the wall, my face and chest dripping with cum, my hair starting to matt to my face with sweat and semen, and my panties wet with my arousal at being used so abjectly.

My body started to recover after what felt like a few minutes and I could feel the cum starting to dry on my face, although it was still sliding down my chest. I couldn't open my eyes. The guys said they'd give me a towel in the bathroom and turned on the shower for me, but they said they'd only help me there if I crawled. What could I do? I couldn't see anything so I had to do what they told me so I crawled, on all fours, to the bathroom. I took a shower and cleaned the cum off of myself and left afterwards. A few days later I received an email that contained a photo. I was horrified to see that Bill had taken a picture of me with cum absolutely drenching my face and my hands down my panties. There was so much cum that I barely even recognized myself in the picture of the kneeling, masturabiting, bare breasted woman completely covered in cum. My humiliation and degradation were complete that night and they were forever recorded in this picture. The email said that he'd destroy the photo in exchange for a blowjob. Now I was really in trouble!

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