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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Once a year my work sent me up to Maine to do a job in York, a small town on the coast that during the summer is a lively location but in winter is the equivilent of a ghost town. The one way, two lane road turns into a two way street and you'd swear not more than 10 people lived there. The job always came around in February and I didn't mind because I prefered the peacefulness, at least for one night.
I always stayed at the same hotel and made sure to get one of the two jacuzzi suites. They suites were back to back and were mirror images of each other. The one I usually stayed in opened to a large room, king size bed, TV in the corner next to the window that overlooked the back parking lot. Next to the bed was the door to the other suite. Also next to the bed was the door to the bathroom, an enormous room that had a large jacuzzi tub, seperate shower with a seat, and a beautiful tile floor. There was also a TV up in the corner and a long counter with two person sink. I loved the room and when my work was done I always looked forward to a night of relaxing in the comfortable bed watching TV, writing on my laptop, and later sliding into the hot tub with a glass of wine and a good book. When I felt like treating myself I stopped at the grocery store one town over and bought bubble bath. I also took advantage of the seclusion by taking a trip out to my car and smoking a little bit.


I finished my job around 5 and got to the hotel shortly after 5:15. As usual the lobby was empty except for the receptionist who checked me in. I parked my car out back and took notice of the other vehicle in the parking lot. Surely there wasn't someone else staying here. It was a Tuesday night in February, if anything it was something working in the hotel, or perhaps a new employee. Much to my amazement though when I stepped off the elevator on my floor I met a woman in the hallway. She stood about 6 feet tall and had a large yet feminine frame. Perhaps it was the smooth black dress she was wearing, along with the heels. Her hair was brown and slightly below shoulder length, big yet controlled. Her eyes wear a dark brown and her lips were petite. Her figure was overall big, especially in the stomach and hips, and the bust. Her legs were thick and soft, but smooth. I smiled and she smiled back. Never seeing another person in the hotel I thought I would engage her in some light conversation. Her name was Sandra and she was staying in the other jacuzzi suite and had been sent up by her company to take a class the next day. After a brief talk we nodded politely and parted ways.
After dinner and a beer I decided to go out for my smoke. Luckily when I got to my car I could see that the light in the room next to mine was off. Sandra must still be out somewhere. I lit up and sat back, listening to some music while enjoyed the smoke. Halfway through I saw the light go on in her room, I quickly ducked down in my car (yeah paranoia) and put the blunt out. Perhaps it was time to go inside. I returned to my room and could hear the TV on in the next room. At least I got to smoke a little bit. I decided I'd go back out later when she was in bed. My next move was the hit the jacuzzi.
I fired up the tub and went in the other room to wait while it filled up. All of a sudden I heard the bath turn on in Sandra's room. Guess she had the same idea. When the tub was filled I turned it off, got undressed and jumped in. It was so comfortable. I layed back and let out a huge sigh. This was heaven. A couple minutes later I heard Sandra's bath turn off. The hum of the hot tub jets provided a perfect hum.


At first it sounded like she was talking to someone. I could hear a muffled voice through the wall and figured Sandra was on the phone, but sounded drawn out, like one constant sound instead of a conversation. I turned the jets off in my tub and suddenly it started to come in clearer. It was moaning. Sandra didn't mention being here with anyone so could it be possible she was pleasuring herself in the hot tub, and if so did she realize I could hear her moaning. I didn't know what to think so I got out and started draining my tub, drowning out the sound of the moaning. I went in the other room and got into bed, but when I reached for the remote on the night stand I could begin to hear the moaning again. She had moved from the tub to the bed. She was only a few feet away from me, albeit on the other side of the wall, masturbating. Maybe it was the wine, or the weed, but I felt my penis start to move, slowly lifting upward until there was a bulge in the sheets. I was hard, and so I slid my hand down and grabbed my cock, pulling it out from under the blankets so it could breathe freely. Her moaning started to get louder and louder. At this point I could only assume that she knew no one else was in the hotel except for me next door and that she was trying to get me to hear her. In a bold move I decided to stroke a little harder, with more force, so as to make some noise. Along with that I let out some moans of my own. After a couple moans she went silent. I was terrified. Did she hear me? Was she freaked out? Was I caught? The next few seconds went by in hours, until I heard a knock at the adjoining door. Unable to hide my hard cock I positioned myself behind door and slowly opened it. What was waiting for me on the other side I could never have imagined in even my best dreams.

Sandra stood there, completely naked, arms down to her sides. Her breasts wear big and floppy, both drooping off to either side with a big gap in the middle. Her aerolas were huge and dark, with even darker nipples. Her boobs rested on her equally as big belly. A big mound of flesh it was sitting on her hips, light without any stretchmarks. What I could see of her vagina, slightly visible under her hanging belly, was shaved and smooth. Her thick legs supported quite the upper half. The only curves she didn't have wear in her ass, which although sexy and big, was flat. For me she was absolutely stunning. I walked out from behind the door and let her see me naked, my cock pointed straight in the air.

She wasted no time dropping to her knees and gobbling up my dick. Then she stopped and stood up quick.

"Do you want to fuck me?", she gazed into my eyes, obviously enjoying a little buzz of her own.

I looked at her and replied, "Yes but why start at the finish line?"

She walked past me and went into my bathroom. She bent over and turned the tub back on. From behind I could see her ass jiggle, and her breasts hang down low as she felt the water to get the right temperature. I stood and watched, again finding myself stroking my rock hard penis until she turned around and saw me.

"Aw let me do that for you sexy....we got some time while this tub fills"

She walked over and grabbed my cock with her left hand, looking right at it as she played. Her right hand moved down chest and over her big belly, down underneath to her pussy. She spread her lips and dug in with two fingers, then pulled them out and put her hand toward my face. I leaned in and sucked her fingers, licking her juices off.

The tub was full and she got in, the water level rising significantly from her plopping in. My dick twitched, she began rubbing her breasts. I stepped in and sat down on top of her, positioning myself to put my dick in between her melons. She wrapped her tits around my cock, completely hiding it in her funbags. The water made it smooth as I pumped back and forth. It had been a while since I was with a girl and after almost 30 seconds I could feel myself about to shoot a load. I sat up quick and let her know what was coming.

"Well don't stop, cum all over these titties"

I obeyed, shooting a stream in between her tits and rubbing the excess on her left nipple. She forced my head down to her nipple and made me lick it off. Then she took her finger and rubbed down her cleavage, licking my cum off her finger.

"I think we should get out of this tub and into bed", she said with a sexy grin.

I couldn't agree more, and with that we got out, put on towels and headed into the other room. She must have noticed the drawer slightly open when she was drying off because she questioned what anyone needs to put in a drawer in a hotel for a one night stay. I blushed and she immediately opened the drawer and saw what was in there. I had a little toy. She questioned what I was doing with something like that and I figured why the hell not tell the truth.

"Sometimes when I masturbate I like to stick that little thing in my ass, and it is especially good in the hot tub".

Her face lit up. She told me to take my towel off and bend over on the bed. I did so and she got up and flopped her tits down on my ass. They smacked me hard as they were so huge and between tit drops she smacked my ass with her left palm. After a little bit she begin to move the toy around on my ass, getting closer and closer to my asshole. Then she opened my cheeks and slid it in, I arched up and moaned, she smacked her tits against my ass again. I decided to turn around and lay her down. I got on top of her in a 69 position and started licking her pussy, the juices filled my mouth and I found her clit and started nibbling on it. She licked my balls up to my cock and pulled it into her mouth, sucking hard on my dick. I was in deep but I wanted to get deeper. I pulled her closer to me and moved my tongue further down her pussy, until I found her asshole. She did the same, licking down my balls until her tongue grazed my hole. At the same time we both stuck our tongues in, shivering together as we ate each others assholes. A couple minutes later I moved out of her ass and back to her pussy, licking in all directions as she moaned.

She sat up and pushed me off. She scooted towards the edge of the bed and ordered me down on the floor. She layed back and opened her legs up, I stuck my head inside and she closed them. I ate her pussy while she grabbed her tits and screamed. When she started to quiver I dug deeper and deeper, until my face was hit with tons of juices while she came. When it was over she layed back started fingering herself intensely, squeezing her left breast with her other hand hand so much it looked like it was going to explode. I pulled her hand out and inserted my cock, her whole body shot back. She sat up and got me off, but told me to sit on the edge of the bed and she would ride me. I sat up and she straddled me, sitting gently on top of my dick. She took her tits and smacked the against the sides of my face, over and over while she rode me. I put my hands around her and grabbed what little I could of her ass, pulling it toward me as she fucked me.

"Make sure you tell me when you are going to cum, I want to jerk you off"

I made sure to listen and when I felt it coming I motioned for her to get off. She got up on the bed and sat next to me, thrusting my cock back and forth through her hand, pointing it at my stomach until my load shot out all over myself. She didn't waste anytime bending down and licking it off my chest and stomach, her titties pressing against me, absorbing some of the cum. When she sat up her left tit had some cum of it, she picked it up and put it towards my mouth. Like a good boy I fed on that breast, again licking my own cum off her tits.

"I'm really glad you stayed her tonight," she said, "and maybe I'll see you here again sometime. I need some sleep though".

I told her I only came up this way once a year and she smiled and said...

"Well then I guess I will see you next year......"

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