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Categories: Force/Rape, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: slut BJ oral
Location: An office
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
There I was sitting at work behind my desk looking up at the clock smiling to myself as I saw it would nearly be time for her to show. Maria her name the office cleaner she was new and she was Hispanic and did not speak a lot of English at all but my god what a body and one I would love to see and feel. She was about 5ft tall with a nice curvy frame with some large breasts but the best feature of her was her eyes, damn they were sexy they were dark and so shiny always showing a little glint in them when se looked at me. Well tonight I would make my move and see what happens.


Sure enough the door opens and in she comes moving over to the other desks in the office always leaving mine till last just me and her alone in the office. She bends over the desk leaning out wiping it down and I can do nothing but stare at her my eyes wandering over the tight jeans she was wearing running my eyes over her tight arse wishing it was my hand or even my tongue. As always she looks over at me knowing the effect she has on me as she smiles cheekily at me carrying on cleaning the desks. Before long she is standing in front of my desk waiting for me to move to the side so she can clean it right her goes I think.


I slide my chair to the side of the desk right in front of the bin on the floor as I watch her lean over my desk. Her breasts hanging down as she leans into the desk pushing them down upon the desktop, watching her she turns n smiles at me and I feel a stirring in my trousers, my cock starting to harden as I smile back at her and point to the bin. She nods and moves to stand behind it in front of me as she lowers her body down her legs spread wide around the bin her eyes locked upon mine as she gazes into me my eyes fixed upon her and her every movement. She empties the bin and is just about to rise up when I tell her to “STOP” in a firm commanding voice. “Stay like that” I said to “don’t move” as I reach over and slide the bin from between her parted legs. I look at her a small grin forming across my lips as I see her breathing has got faster, watching her large breasts heaving faster and faster, as she slowly wets her lips in excitement. “come here” I say as she starts to stand “NO” I command her “knees maria knees on your knees” I tell her she looks at me a little confused, so I reach out a hand and place it upon her head forcing her body downwards onto her knees as I take her hair into my grasp and pull her towards the char and my open spread legs. I hear a soft gasp from her as I pull her as I see the look upon her face one so soft a look of a little pleasure so I was right I thought.


With her before me on her knees I undone the zipper on my trousers pulling out my semi hard cock just inches from her mouth as she gazed upon it a smile coming over face, her tongue running softly over her lips as she takes in the view of my cock which only starts to make me harder. Maria lifts her hands up and runs the tip of one finger along my soft but hardening shaft making it twitch as she does. I take her hands into mine and place them down upon the arms of the chair “NO” I say to her “ just your mouth nothing else” so with a large smile across her face she places the head of my hardness in her mouth and sucks me just the head of my hard cock, her teeth running over the tip of my cock, her tongue flicking upon the back of the head when my skin meets, sending shivers up and down my spine all the while keeping her eyes locked upon mine as I let out a few “oh my gods” in a hoarse whisper. Slowly maria then starts to lick me from root of my shaft to the tip teasing me and tasting me ,never stopping licking for a moment, my groaning and sighing getting louder she rolls her tongue around my girth and then she resumes her wet sucking , the sound of her wet mouth on me is more than i can take , As I raise myself up and start to fuck her mouth. Hearing her gag a little as my shaft hits the back of her throat I place one of my hand firmly upon her head. “ That’s it maria my lil slut tonight you ARE going to suck my cock and I am going to fuck your mouth till I cum” Suddenly I pulled my cock out of her mouth and lifted her head up to face mine seeing a large smile on her face her eyes alight with fire, passion and wanton desire. I smile as I reach forwards running my hand over one of her breasts feeling the hardening bud of her nipple underneath the material of her top and bra. “Your top” top I said, “remove it my lil slut, I want to see your tits, to feel them” With which maria reached down and pulled off her top. She was wearing a white satin bra which was tight upon her large mounds with floral designs around the edges. She then reached back and undid her bra and the most finely shaped, taught breasts spilled out. Her nipples were fairly large and medium-brown they were all-natural. I reached down and began squeezing her fantastic breasts taking her nipples between my fingers as I pinched them, rolled them between my fingers as maria reached forwards and started jerking my cock.


Maria running her tongue up and down my shaft, teasing me playing with my peephole with her tongue, using one hand to start tickling my balls, the other one still occupied with my cock with me in heaven that I forgot she was not to use her hands. I could feel her drool running down my shaft towards my balls the slurping sounds as she sucked my cock and I fucked her mouth exciting me even more. With maria every now and then lifting up her breasts placing my cock between them fucking them with my cock, running the tip of my cock over her nipples watching them glisten with my precum over them.
“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I said with that maria kneeled down on the floor and began rubbing her breasts teasing her own nipples as I jerked my cock some more and with a loud grunt and sigh I released the largest amount of cum I ever had It hit her in the mouth, her chin and then started to run down her neck across her breasts. As soon as I was done my cock finally finished twitching, her mouth, chin and breasts covered in cum maria grabbed my cock and sucked the rest out of me, licking my cock clean. Then keeping her eyes fixed upon mine she scooped the cum up off of her breasts and sucked it off of her fingers as I got some tissues and helped her clean up.


Needless to say for a while my office was not cleaned that well and it was a shame when they had to let her go even more of a shame when she was replaced by a male cleaner but hey ya never know !!!!

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