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  By: sorin27  Age: 35  Country: Romania

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Categories: Masturbation, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists
Tags: outdoor teasing
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I`m 28 m and my fantasy sounds like this: At noon in a park (5-6 ppl walking down the park) I sit on a bench to rest and then a girl comes and sits just next to me and gives me "that look" but I pretend that I don`t see it...and I look away thinking "nasty girl I should leave because she is turning me on very fast and I will have a "problem" and she will laugh because of that" And when I prepare yo wake up she asks for a light, I say I`m sorry I don`t have one and then she came tight to me and suddenly puts her hand in my pocket and grabs my "head". I don`t have time to react but I like that move. So I stay to see what happens next pretending that nothing happened. She just sits like that for abt 5 min..when I am getting bored she starts rubbing very slowly my head and I am getting very excited now.

Suddenly see tow girls passing by and I tell her to stop but she continues to stare at me but continues to do her thing. Next I don`t have time to realize what happens until it is too late....she squeezes tight by balls and one of the 2 girls pushes me over the bench and the other is tying my arms and legs down under the bench while pulling my P... out and inserting it between the boards of the bench. So there I am tied up at the disposal of 3 of them puts something under my head and a blanket over me (and tell me to pretend that I sleep..or else) and all three of them get under the bench. They let me "calm down" a min or two and then start: pinching my head and rubbing and squeezing my balls until I`m "hard" again....they start kissing it and suck until I am nearly finished (in abt 3 min from the start) then they stop.

After that they get "out" of there and leave. Living me like that despite of my prays. After 10 min of thinking what t do ( I can`t move) they return......with ice-cream :) Under the bench they paly like this : One sucks it up (warming it) and other is putting "it" in the ice-cream. And so on and so on until they see that I am almoust finished and just abt then they stop playing. I do finish (without an orgasm) and I sense their tongues on the tip of my p.. After the finish they start rubbing especially the head (YOU KNOW IT HURTS BAD) and laugh. Must I say that ppl start passing by? :) So I must stop my yelling. After the finish all 3 of them just get up and leave. so me (being a little shy) don`t dare to ask for help from ppl passing by and fall asleep. Untill evening...when I am waked up by a whisper "wake up wake up" Guess who is whispering? ;) They give me something to drink ( how should I know that what they gave me contains an powerfull aphrodisiac?) Well after that you know the story..under the bench.....teasing teasin teasing STOP.....all night long ;)

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy and I want to hear what do U have to say abt it. Cheers!

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