An odyssey into the extreme   added 7 years ago
  By: Jello  Age: 42  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Fetishists, Oral Sex
Tags: threesome mature Plump
Location: My House
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I shouldn't be here. I know this because I have way too much to risk. Way too much. But all I can think is "fuck it", "fuck it" and that alone puts me onto a higher plateu than I have ever been before.

This is not the average risk. The consequences of being found out are not the usual. This time, if I get caught, not only do I lose out on everything I have worked marriage, children, work, house. This could also create great embarrasment and humiliation with everybody I know. My friends, my family and eventually my kids.

But still I think fuck it.

This is all I have ever wanted.

Two drunken, middle aged, horny, over-weight sluts.

Everyone has left the party. I got left behind accidentally. Passed out. Everyone assumed I had left the party some while ago but really, I had simply passed out, upstairs. Now I am awake and nearly every one has gone apart from these two drunken, middle aged, horny, over weight sluts.

I can sense that this is my chance. What I have always wanted. Right here, right now.

One of them is black and the other white. I discover them firstly in my sleep. I hear them talking about fucking in my dreams and I slowly arouse. Not sure what to do as if I move or make a noise, they discover that I am also in their room, listening to what they are saying. After a while it gets too much and I think about my next move. My chance.

I spot them through the curtain that divides the room. Both of them are in their early 50's, both fairly large in every way...their tits, arse, thighs, calves, lips, hair, stomachs. All nice and big.

They keep laughing, stumbling, messing and then I give the game away. The noise I make is not intentional but now I have been discovered but I carry on the charade and make out I am asleep.

It's too late though as the curtain is now opened and a temporary silence is broken by drunken laughter, the stench of cigarettes, booze and plenty of perfume.

Eyes closed I lay there, fully aware that my cock is now fully extended in my trousers and that this is obvious to them. I lay still, cock throbbing. I feel a subtle hand rubbing my cock and when I open my eyes I don't feign surprise.

Both of them are at it and soon enough my trousers are undone and the full extent of my muscle is wrapped around their hands. I move up and push them both away. The black woman starts rubbing at her own crotch, I put my tongue in her mouth and feel delighted at the taste. Stale alcohol, cigarettes, lip stick. This tuns me on even greater degree. I take her tits out and rub my cock on her dark and rather large nipples. I grab her hand and stick it down her warm crotch, filled with thick pubic hair. I don't let her touch me.

The white woman is already feeling herself. Muttering the words "fuck me" "fuck me". She is perhaps the older of the two, mid-fifties. She is also the larger of the two. I can wait no more. I pull her under sized panties down and go straight for her maturing asshole. Firstly I stick my finger up there, it feels easy and larger than I expect but also warm. I follow this by inserting my tongue up her hole, whilst fingering her now dripping shaved fanny. I can smell piss and a bit of shit but this just turns me on even more, so much so that I can hold on no longer. Grabbing her head, I shove it into her mouth and very briefly fuck her mouth until I spew more than I have ever spewed in my life.

I grab the black girl and get her on all fours, moving her on top of the bigger white girl. Black tongue in white gaping pussy. I watch but cannot resist the thick big black butt. I lick it carefully as if it where a delicate pudding. I lick her arse clean and hear her moans and groans. FIngers fully immersed in her bucket sized pussy. I

"piss on me" I hear myself repeating, over and over again. The black girl gets up, fat drooping from her stomach and covering her pussy. She lifts this layer up and exposes her very large clit. I feel the warm spread of piss over my body. I grab the white girls legs and spread them close to breaking point and rub her old smelly fanny as fast as I can. The black girl has without my consent, inserted her fingers up my arse. I'm not sure I like this but relax enough to not care. I can feel the rush of blood to my cock again and can see that I have now inserted 4 fingers up the white girls cunt.

I spot a candle and stick it up the white girls arse, in and out. The black girl now has my cock in hand and is rubbing very very hard. I push her away and spit on her and order her to sit on my face. I can hardly breathe and can smell shit and piss and sweat. The white woman wanks me of with her feet which I occasionally shove in my mouth.

I cannot take any more, I push them both back and spunk my load in their faces.


I hear a noise in another room and now relieved, i panic. I run away and worry that I may have been caught.

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