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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic
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Location: A swimming pool or hot tub
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Nature: Romantic

I’m the type of guy you see every day. About six feet tall, about 200 pounds. Reasonably muscular. Square jaw, all that. Hell, I’m average. I even have an average sized cock. The only outstanding thing about me is my likely insatiable lust for a girl I’ve known for years, yet never managed to take a shot at her. I remember meeting her the first time, being transfixed by her eyes – as cheesy as that sounds it was true. Stricken at first sight. She’s much shorter than me, I’d call her svelte if I wanted to sound pompous. She was a certified hottie, with perfectly shaped legs and a tight ass. She kept in shape with skating and dancing. Her tits were perfect – I always did like my girls small and perky. Her skin was smooth and naturally tanned all over. She had light brown hair and big doe-like brown eyes.

We became fast friends, but never more. She was just about always taken, and knew I’d only have one shot for the foreseeable future. I didn’t want a relationship, I just wanted a taste. I’ve got a slightly off side, maybe kinky from a certain point of view. I don’t know, maybe that’s not the right word. I have an intense desire to please my partner in every way. And I like to delay my own little explosion as long as possible with a cock ring. It was in my pocket the day I ran into her at the store. To make a long and awkward conversation short, I told her about moving, and asked her to dinner. She declined dinner out, suggesting we meet at her parent’s house – apparently they were out of town. It had been really hot lately, she said she’d rather order some Chinese and chill with me in her pool. Sounded good to me, we made the date for the next night.


The house was beautiful, and the pool was shaped sort of like a kidney bean. There was a small pool house next to it, containing a bench and table, and a shower stall. I stood for a moment, looking into that water like a zombie. She said my eyes looked like I was far away. I had thought ahead and worn my shorts so I wouldn’t have to mess with changing anywhere – there was always a chance I’d lose the nerve to make a move, or that we wouldn’t be alone. Neither was true. She slipped away into the pool house to change, and I could hear the rustling of clothes and the drizzle of the shower water. I snuck inside, to catch a glimpse of her backside disappearing into the shower stall. That in itself was enough to get me hard. I crept around toward the wall, as silently as possible, until I could see about half of her back.

Watching the water running down her naked body, I slid my shorts off and fastened the ring around the base of my engorged cock. Not quite ready to move in, I ducked back around the corner as she turned slightly. I decided to wait until she was out of the shower. A few minutes later, she obliged me and gingerly stepped out of the stall. Grabbing a towel, she began quickly drying herself. Once done, she began looking for her other towel, the one she’d use by the pool. I stepped around the corner, and offered it to her. She didn’t really scream; it was more of a squeak. Her horrified expression softened into a smile as she saw it was me. Her eyes trailed down my body – the pecs and abs I’m so proud of and settled on my cock. Taking the towel from my hand, and then taking my hand, she pulled me across the room through the other door, giggling. When we were standing out next to the water and the lounge chair, in full view of any neighbors that might have been looking, she pulled me toward her. I leaned down and kissed her gently.

After a second “gently” became “forcefully” and our tongues became intimately acquainted. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and began stroking my cock. Her hands were unbelievably soft. She realized how hard I already was then, and felt the metal at my base. Looking down at it, and up at me, she only smiled with an idea of what was to come. She dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. It was hot and wet, just like the cliché says. And she was good. Taking my cock into her mouth and down her throat, she gave me the most phenomenal blowjob I’d ever had. I wished then and there that I hadn’t put the ring on so soon. I touched her cheek and took her hand to pull her to her feet. I pushed her down on the bench behind her, and got on my knees before her.

I looked down at her pussy and paused. I leaned toward her, and she places her legs on my shoulders. Her lips were pink and perfect. I’d been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever – and probably would have been. I leaned closer, letting her thighs balance my weight a bit, and reached up slowly to her chest. I hadn’t even felt her breasts yet. I fondled them now; they were perfect and soft, but her nipples were rock hard. I rolled them between my thumbs and fingers, tugging a little. I couldn’t wait any longer, and dove – not literally – in. I started at the bottom, licking her lips up to her clit. She was already somewhat wet, and soon her lips were parted, hanging easily on either side of my tongue soft as silk. I sucked on each of them, listening to her intently.

I didn’t have a long tongue, but I always made due. I pushed it into her pussy, and drew it up across her now exposed clit. I sucked it carefully into my mouth and attacked it with the tip of my tongue. She ran her fingers across my head, and I released her, attacking her pussy with my tongue every way I knew how. I wished she’d teach me some new tricks, but she was too busy – breathing hard, making some girlish noises, trying to direct me without words. A few minutes later, I knew she’d had her orgasm. I could feel it in her body. I kept gently lapping at her pussy, savoring her taste until she pushed my face away.


I stood, admiring her dripping wet pussy, and licked my lips. She sat up, and pushed me backward, toward the pool until I was right near the edge. She tried to push me in, but I sidestepped and tossed her in first. I waited until she was up and alright before jumping in behind her. As soon as I hit the water, I grabbed her from behind, enjoying the feel of her wriggling against me. I snaked one hand down her body and between her thighs to slip my fingers into her pussy. I realized as she was kicking in the water than she couldn’t touch the bottom, while I could stand easily. I whispered in her ear that everything was alright, and I wouldn’t drop her. Felt her body relax in my arms, and resumed fingering her as I began kissing her just behind her earlobe

. I slid my fingers across her pussy, with one finger on either side of her clit, occasionally pushing one deeper into her. One soon became two, and she was trying to grind her hips against my hand. I withdrew my fingers and helped her turn around. Our lips met once again, and she hung her arms around my neck and shoulders. I could vaguely feel the tip of my cock brush against her – more from the heat her pussy was cranking out than anything. She wrapped her legs around me, locking them as best she could behind me, drawing her in. My God, she was tight. My cock head slowly but surely entered her, and a few moments later I was in. She felt so good, all wrapped around me so tightly. And the warmth radiated into me, down to my toes.

I held her in place and slowly began to thrust. I could feel her pussy gripping my shaft as I was on the outstroke and wished again that I could just let go and cum right then and there. After we’d grown accustomed to one another, I picked up the pace, stretching her tight little pussy with each thrust. For those few seconds or minutes, I was a single minded machine focused on getting it all in. She was nuzzling into the soft spot on my shoulder between my neck and the bone, making a not-quite moan with every push. Thankfully, the water slowed down my momentum, preventing me from trying to emulate the porno-jackhammer that everyone’s familiar with too soon. Or at all. Eventually, we synced, and her not-quite moans got louder and more insistent. I began thrusting harder and faster at her urging, until I was past the boundary of “making love” and on to “fucking”.

I felt her moving with me as I reamed her pussy, as if she was pushing “down”. I was too distracted to take note or do anything except loosen my hold on her so she could get where she wanted to be. I kept at it, and from the way she arched her back and clenched around my cock, it appeared she’d been working on angling everything for me. It gave me a warm sense of fulfillment knowing I’d made her cum with both my tongue and my cock. I would have been able to more fully enjoy it, if not for that damned ring and the throbbing in my cock and balls. She asked me to let go, and motioned for me to follow her as she swam to the nearest wall.

Turning her back to me, she grabbed hold of the ledge and allowed her ass to float up to about hip level for me. I stepped between her legs, and held one of her thighs for leverage as I felt her reach down and guide my cock into her once again. I began thrusting into her, this time reaching around her hip with my free hand to play with her clit. Finding her preferred rhythm once again, I fucked her good and hard while assaulting her clit with my first two fingers. I felt her buck under me as found I was better able to fill her in this position. Her breathing grew heavy but I couldn’t hear her well because her mouth was under water.

She bucked against me again, and I could feel her orgasm shake her entire body. She made no move to stop me, so I kept fucking her right through it, rubbing her clit as hard as I could manage. Shortly thereafter, she came again and my sense of satisfaction returned. I needed to cum so badly I couldn’t think straight, but managed to pull out of her and let go. Panting, she hauled herself up out of the water, and lay on her back. I climbed up after her, and lay beside her, utterly spent aside from what I’d been stockpiling all night.

We hadn’t talked much that night, beyond the typical dirty talk that often goes along with such behavior. She suggested maybe it was time to take the ring off, reached down, and did so. She insisted on doing the work this time, for a price. When I asked the price, she sat up and straddled me. I needed to calm down a bit to last, she’d said as she moved up along my belly and chest, to place her pussy at my chin. Leaning forward a bit she began grinding against my mouth, my tongue reaching out to lick her some more. She pushed forward a bit more and my lips locked as best I could onto her clit, beating on it inside my mouth with the tip of my tongue. I reached around behind her leg to slide two fingers into her pussy.

I noticed she wasn’t as wet as she had been when we started, and understood her intention – I needed to fix that so we could move on. I was always a hard worker when given a purpose, and was soon rewarded for my efforts. She slid her once again dripping pussy down until she’d settled onto my cock. I reached out to fondle her breasts as she rode me; she was playing with her own clit this time around. She slid up and down on my cock for only a few minutes when I told her I was about to cum. Her response was to clench slightly and sliding down hard. I couldn’t hold back any longer, and exploded inside her. Cumming inside her pussy felt amazing.

She rolled off of me, and lay there with her legs apart. I looked over at her, watching as my cum ran back out of her, between her ass cheek and dripped onto the ground. She pointed at her purse next to her towel, telling me there was a camera in there to take a photo. I snapped one of her just like that – spread eagled and dripping, smiling right at the camera. We spent the next half hour showering together, talking, and laughing. None of what we said was important, though she persuaded me to reconsider my “one shot” plan.

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