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Enter your story here... My dream relationship would involve a wife who to all outward appearances is a respectable and law abiding citizen.Her family and friends would all know her as an angelic,innocent,virginesqe good Christian girl.No one would ever expect that behind closed doors there wasnt anything she wouldnt do.That in the bedroom and in private conversation with her hubby she had no limits to what she got pleasure out of.

She would be giddy and become wet when we would have discussions on how she could go about wrecking the home next door,having affairs with married men and taunting their wives with it in little ways.Even tempting young boys in the neighborhood while i sit by and watch from an undisclosed location.Allowing friends of mine to have their way with her while i enjoy watching and directing the action.

Some of my hottest fantasies would have her befriending a man or woman and having their trust in a way that no one ever has and in the end taking them by suprise by having sex with their spouse or even their children. Then her and i would disappear to the next town or state and she could start the game all over again.

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