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Tags: young teen Drunk rape
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

Me and my girlfriend fulfilled one of our fantasies last night and I thought I would share it!



Every weekend in the park opposite our house, groups of teenagers gather to get drunk.

Late on my girl went out when they were all staggering home and found one who was on her own...falling everywhere!

She brought her in and put her into our bed; she was passed out and didn’t have a clue where she was!



We started undressing her and she was trying to talk...saying stop and no but she was too drunk to stop us!!

When she was naked we started kissing, touching and licking her.....she was moaning and trying to push us away but couldn’t!

She was really cute and young with tiny tits and no hair anywhere on her body!


My girl then started sucking my cock...getting it really hard!

I then turned the girl over and slid my cock into her bald tight pussy. She was soaking guess it must have been involuntary lol!

I started sliding in and out watching as my cock started glistening with her young wet pussy dew!


My girl then sat at the top of the bed, spread her legs and grabbed the young girl by the hair and started grinding her face into her soaking pussy.

We could hear her moaning trying to speak but it was muffled as my girlfriend was really ramming her face into her cunt while I was fucking her long and deep!



My girl then got her strap on out, fastened it and lay on the bed I lifted the young girl up who still didn’t know where she was and put her on top of my girl.

We slid the strap on into her and my girlfriend started fucking her really hard!!

I went round behind her, lubed my hard cock and slid it into her cute little asshole.

She started struggling but we had her pinned! I lay her down onto my girl and she started licking her face...saying she was a drunken little slut and that she loved it!

I was ramming her ass deep and hard and I could feel my girlfriends strap on in her cunt- she was that skinny!!



After a while we threw her onto her back and I jumped on my girlfriend, fucking her hard till I exploded my hot sticky cum into her pussy.

She then got up, sat on the young girls face, squirted my cum over her and rubbed her pussy hard into her face.

Jumping off we moved over her and started licking our juices from the teenagers face!!



After dressing her we took her back outside, placed her on the ground in the park for her to wake up later when she had sobered up!!

Left confused and maybe just a little bit sore!!!

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