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A while back I started a new job. Whilst the job is really good and the pay much better than my old position I have to commute much further to work now and I can’t really afford to move closer. I have always been a keen swimmer since being in a team in my school days. I find it a great way to keep fit and to de-stress. However the new job meant I was finding it difficult to find time to keep going regularly. I mentioned this to a mate of mine on the train to work one day.

“Why don’t you go to that new one by the park near you?” He asked.
“That’s just one of those leisure ones, wave machines, kids jumping about and all that. I prefer fitness pools where you can swim in lanes” I replied with an air of superiority. He clearly knew little about “proper swimming” I thought.
“Well I was there the other weekend with the kids and they had something up about lane swimming on Saturday mornings before 9am. It’s worth a look at least”.

He was right at that and on the Friday I phoned them up to enquire. The answer was that part of the pool was designed to be split into two lanes that were roped off and available from 7:30am to 9:00am on a Saturday morning. I decided to go along the next day.

Getting up at 7:00 or 7:15 on a weekend isn’t that much of a burden when you are a commuter who normally has to be up at 6:00am on the dot to get into the city. When I got to the pool it was roped off into two lanes – a fast and a slow lane. The slow lane was full of older women and a couple of blokes who were all chatting away and swimming so slowly they could just have been drifting in the current. The fast lane had a handful of folks in doing laps and I got in and set off.

Afterwards I got my stuff from my locker and went to find a cubicle in the changing area. Like many of the modern leisure pools this was a unisex area with family sized cubicles and single people ones all together. As I was getting out just as the lanes shut the changing area was full of kids and parents all coming in for the inflatable fun session that would start as soon as the lanes were cleared away. I did find a free cubicle in the end and got changed. On the whole I thought it’s not the best pool or facilities but this will have to do. So it was set then Saturday morning would be my swimming time from then on.

Over the next few weeks I began to realise that there was a regular group of us normally in the fast lane. We all were on nodding terms with “hello how are you?” type conversations as we passed each other.
My fellow regulars were a guy called Dave (I gathered this from one of his tattoos anyroad). Now Dave could piss you right off! He was probably 65 but as fit as a fiddle and at times the quickest in the lane. I could tell from the tattoos and the limited conversations over the weeks that he was an ex-Marine and therefore I shouldn’t feel too bad about being regularly trounced by a guy old enough to be my Dad!

The other regular two men were who I’d nicknamed “Baldy” – he had a shaved head. Who was okay but would insist on doing some lengths of Butterfly that set up a tremendous wave in the lane. Also there was “Smiler” again my nickname as the guy was so miserable. Both these seemed to appear about one every other week.

The other two who were normally there every single week were two women. “Red Hat” as I called her because she always was wearing a red hat who was probably late 20s, had shoulder length long brown hair when she took off the hat and a pretty face not unlike Fiona Bruce off the TV news. Also there was “Sun”. I’d called her this as she had what looked like a tattoo off a sun on her lower back but I could only ever see the top part of it depending what costume she was wearing. Sun was older than Red Hat probably in her mid 30s had short hair and always seemed to have a tanned expression, as though she always worked outside. She looked a little like one of those hippy types you’d always expect to go to Glastonbury every year for the experience. She had about four earrings in each ear, an eye brow piercing and also a nose stud.

Week in week out it was normally us in the fast lane with maybe one of two interlopers. Every now and then some young couple would appear clearly with some “we must do something athletic on a weekend” motive and try to join us in the fast lane. But where as we were all seasoned lappers these “amateurs” who didn’t have trained strokes and wanted to stop every other length soon got out and we never saw them again. Just once in a while though this led to a really nice figure in a skimpy bikini adding some interest to the laps. No doubt these couples realised the next weekend than rather get in our way in the fast lane if they wanted some exercise on a Saturday morning they were better off with a quick bonk.

Now it wasn’t that that Sun and Red Hat both didn’t have great figures. Red Hat’s boobs were perhaps a little smaller than ideal but nothing that detracted from her being a very good looking young woman. However they both regularly wore competition like swimsuits which did show their figures but do cover a lot of flesh. Red Hat and Sun often talked more than the boys did and Sun often would be showing Red Hat how to tumble turn or some other aspect of swimming.

One Saturday I headed for the pool as usual. When I got to the lane it was Dave, Red Hat and Sun already in there, which wasn’t uncommon. I did my laps as usual and we all got out just as the 9am lanes deadline came to an end. Having retrieved our belongings from the lockers we were all looking around for a spare cubicle which typically wasn’t easy as the families and kids sent off to get out of their parents hair for an hour or two had all arrived. We were often like this waiting for a cubicle to become free and the usual half embarrassed nods and mutterings of “we should have a set of cubicles for us” comments ensued.

A door of one of the larger “family sized” cubicles opened and a swarm of kids rain out followed by a lady who clearly wasn’t going in the pool came out with several bags hanging off her. There still was no other cubicle free and Sun went to go into the cubicle then turned and inclined her head at Red Hat who slipped into the cubicle and they shut the door behind them. Just then a cubicle further down nearer to me became free and I went in there. I wasn’t that shocked about Red Hat and Sun sharing it was not that unnatural but my mind was wondering off thinking. “Maybe Sun is a Lesbian? Maybe they both are? They are quite friendly”. I dismissed it as simply that it was a quick way to get changed and out. I finished up and left thinking no more of it.

The next week Sun wasn’t there which was unusual but Red Hat, Dave and Smiler were, along with one of our interloper couples. A girl with a stunning figure in a small string bikini that hardly covered anything. I couldn’t help but look from time to time as I passed her or turned whilst she and her boyfriend were waiting at the end. 9am and we were all getting out to face the usual cubicle wait.

After I’d got my stuff I found myself waiting near the family cubicle from the week before. There were lots of people milling about as ever and I could only see Red Hat standing dripping just along from me. She had removed her hat and was wringing her hair out. She caught me looking at her and smiled back. Just then the family cubicle was emptied as a family all left and headed for the pool.

Red Hat moved forward and pushed the door open to go in. She stepped in and then turned back to me. “Quick come in here. We can share”. I stepped in. In fact noone would think anything there were so many people coming and going we just could be a couple sharing a cubicle.

Once inside I closed the door and locked it the put my stuff on the farthest end of the bench from Red Hats bag. She was standing looking at me I turned to her.

“I saw you eyeing up that girl in the bikini. What’s she got that I haven’t?” she demanded standing with her hands on her hips, although she was smirking a bit indicating she was just winding me up.
“Nothing. Well it’s just you know it was all a bit on show wasn’t it” I said feeling a bit like a schoolboy who’s been caught with a dirty magazine by his sister.
“So what I have needs to be more on show does it?”

Oh dear I thought this is going to become a feminist bashing I’d better get out of here now.
“Well then lets start by showing you these”. Red hat slipped her arms out of her costume and pulled it down to her waist. Her breast freed from the restraining fabric were actually not as small as I’d thought. Also they were very well formed. They were quiet perky and she had small nipples that were quiet pink and also hardening by the second as she stood there.

“So how are those” she asked.
“Very nice” I stammered. Which I instantly knew was a bit of a rubbish reply.
Red Hat hooked her thumbs into the rolled down top of her costume and began to edge it down over her hips. But she stopped after an inch or so.

“So you’ve got to see these” she glanced down admiring her own boobs. “Seems a bit unfair for me to simply show you the rest before I’ve got to see anything of yours. Don’t you think?”

I was still in a bit of whirl as to what was actually happening here. The girl who I’d probably said less than 100 words to before was standing there semi naked and about to complete the deal but clearly was demanding that I drop my speedos before she did. Well what the hell was there to lose now I thought to myself. I pulled at the drawstring around the waistband of my trunks and loosened that. Then whilst looking Red Hat in the eye began to lower them. She help my gaze for a couple of seconds then looked down as my, by now, enlarging penis emerged from the trunks which I dropped to the floor and stepped out of.

“Now that is a sight I don’t normally see on a Saturday morning swim” she said. She still had her thumbs inside her costume and she wiggled her hips as she lowered it down. She exposed a very well maintained area of pubic hair – she clearly regularly shaved and clipped it as there was only a small patch of short hair above her lips, which were a similar pink to her nipples and quiet prominent between the tops of her thighs.

She smiled. “Now isn’t that a better sight than that girl in the bikini?”
“Oh yes” I said “definitely”.

She stepped forward and reached her hand out gently brushing my still rising manhood with the tips of her fingers. Before I could say or do anything she dropped to her knees and taking hold of me in her hand began to run her tongue around the very end of my knob which was already beginning to leak fluid betraying my excitement. She looked up at me as she guided her lips over the entire bell end and gently sucked. By now my erection was beginning to impress even me. She rhythmically moved her whole upper body in and out several times whilst her tongue was winding around my dick. This girl certainly knew how to give a blow job.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood up.
“We would have much time and we’ll have to be quiet” she said as she gently pushed me back onto the bench with a hand on my chest. Once I was sat on the bench she pulled me forward and straddled me. She lent forward into me so her breasts pressed against my chest. I reached a hand up and began to fondle one, teasing the nipple gently between my thumb and finger. Both of us were still wet from the swim and her wet breast felt even more sexy for that.

“I’m already wet” she whispered and I knew she didn’t mean just from the swim. With that she moved forward and reached down with one of her hands to guide me into her.

She was very wet and I glided into her easily. She had a nice tight pussy and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back for long. She soon started to gyrate her hips back and forward. This position had the tip of my dick rubbing against the top of her perfectly and with only a few strokes I reached both my hand around her grabbing the top of her arse and pulling her closer towards me as I shot my load into her.

We sat still entwined for a few moments then she lent back and gently kissed me. “That was very very nice” she said.

“Yes thank you” I said.
She slipped off me and grabbed her towel and started drying herself off. I stood up and did then same turning away from her. A second later I felt her hand wrap around me and pull me back to her. I could feel her breasts against my back. “I mean it that was really lovely” she said. I turned and kissed her gently on the mouth.

We then finished drying and getting dressed in silence. Once she was nearly ready just pulling her t-shirt over her head she said. “You’ll be here next weekend?”
“Yes I suspect so”
“Good see you then.”
With that I put on my shoes and bundled my clothes into my bag and we slipped out of cubicle just as a man with three kids was coming past. “Quick you lot in this one” he said as I held the door for him. He never gave me and Red Hat a second glance no doubt we were “just a couple” to him.

The next week I arrived as usual and got the pool side to see that Red Hat was there already and so was Sun. Dave was thundering up to turn as I jumped in and Baldy was adjusting his goggles. “Alright” he muttered.
Red Hat came up to turn, she paused. “Good morning” she said and kicked off on her next length.
I enjoyed the swim that week. Every now and then I would catch Red Hat looking at me and sometimes I’d look at her as she turned etc. I kept thinking about that lovely body underneath that costume and wondered if I’d get to see it again sometime soon.

9am and we all got out as usual. And again as usual I was walking down the line of cubicles looking for an empty one as I approached the end where the family ones were. There was no sign of Red Hat which made my heart drop a bit as I’d half expected her to be waiting for me. Maybe that had been an expectation too much. I almost didn’t notice Sun right behind me as I reached the end of the line and turned to head back for a second search. She stepped across me and as I looked at her pushing open the door to the family cubicle next to the one that Red Hat and I had used the week before she smiled and said. “Why don’t you come in here with me. Michelle tells me you were a rather good cubicle buddy last week”. I was stunned!

I followed her into the cubicle and locked the door like last week. I turned around. Sun was beaming a smile.
“Michelle “ (I presumed that had to be Red Hat’s real name) “is sorry but it’s her period. Anyway we’re quiet into sharing things and so when she told me about you I wondered if you’d like to share some of what you gave her last week with me?”

“She told you about that?” I said.
“Oh yes we girls often tell each other our little secrets” As she said this she was pulling her arms out of her costume which she pulled straight to the floor. Sun might be in her late 30s but she really has looked after herself. A full pair of boobs slightly bounced as she straightened up. The left one had another piercing with a small gold ring hanging from it.

“You like piercings I see” I commented.
“There are more” she smiled pointing to a small belly button bar. “And.” She raised her foot onto the bench and exposing her completely shaven pussy to me pulled her lips apart to show me a small ring through a piercing in her clitoris.
“That must have hurt” I joked not really sure what else to say at this point.
“Well then, you should kiss it better for me”

I knelt down and as she continued with both her hands to pull her lips wide apart gently kissed around the ring. She chuckled. “You should lick it more with your tongue”. I needed no extra encouragement and started to lapped away all over her clit with my tongue. After a good couple of minutes of this she stepped back and looked down at me. “So show me your peircings then?”

“I haven’t got any” I replied feeling a bit foolish.
“Really – I’ll have to prove that” she reached out and pushed her hand down the front of my trunks grabbing my dick quite forceably. I pushed them down as she began to wank me vigourously. “You’re quite right I can’t find any there. I would really like you to take me from behind” she stated stepping back and spinning around in an exaggerated almost dancer like way.

Sun is a fit and supple woman so she bent forward and rested her hands on bench – she was bent in quiet a shape and with her legs apart her smooth pussy lips were ideally presented to me. I ran my fingers over them and she shivered a little. I pushed two of them inside her and felt just how wet she was.
“Enough of that” she said “I want that dick of you in there”

I moved forward and pushed my head against her lips which readily parted and I slide all the way into her. I began to move in and out of her trying to not make too much noise as I slapped against her buttocks. I reached round with one hand and found the ring in her clit which I carefully tugged on a few times which seemed to make her clasp her pussy muscles around me. It was too much on about the sixth or seventh time and I pushed in fully and ejaculated into her.

Sun quickly pulled forward releasing my dick but turned quickly dropped to her knees and began licking around my knob as it began to go limp.

“Nothing like the taste of me and a man’s cum all mixed together” she said.
After she stood up I picked up my towel and started to dry myself off. Again in near silence as with Michelle the week before we dried and dressed. Just as I was pulling up my jeans she spoke.
“My name is Sally and my friend who you rogered so well last week but failed to even ask her name is Michelle. It would be nice if we knew the name of our cubicle buddy?”
“It’s Martin” I replied. “But I prefer Marty”.

She stood up and put her hand out for a formal handshake which I responded. “Nice to make your acquaintance Marty”.

We left the cubicle together and again in the crush of Saturday morning swimmers we were un-noticed. We walked into the car park together and there stood leaning against a small hatchback was Michelle. We walked over towards her.

“Hello you two. You took your time getting changed today.” She winked at Sally.
“Well something came up that we had to deal with. This is Marty by the way”.
Michelle held her hand out and I shook it looking into her pretty brown eyes. She smiled back. “So next week Marty, swim as usual?”
“Yes no doubt” I said.

“Good – I think it’s my turn next week for a cubicle buddy isn’t it Sally. You’ll have to wait your turn again.”
“Fair enough Michelle” Sally laughed and turned to go to her car but then stopped and looked over her shoulder. “You might want to ask him to go down on you love he is very good with his tongue”. With that she walked off.
Michelle reddened slightly and look at me. “Sorry she really is too much at times. It was her who bet me that a) I’d never do it with you b) you’d never do it with me and once that was over was then confident we could organise this sharing arrangement. I hope you don’t mind”.

“No I certainly don’t mind at all. Any chance I could get your number and perhaps we could go for a drink some time” I pulled out my mobile ready to enter the number.

Michelle and I have had some amazing times both at the pool and elsewhere now. Sally is still my cubicle buddy on alternate Saturdays if we can do it. She is actually bisexual I’ve now found and has a female partner so this arrangement works well for all of us and Michelle likes me to receive some “coaching” from Sally at times about how to use my tongue and fingers and other things that means she gets the benefits of later.

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